Help me fix this Charlotte!

So, long story short, back when the OG brides banner was out I managed to pull a Charlotte. Now, I honestly don't know what was wrong with me back then, because this set is wacky as hell. However, lately I've been trying to clean up my Five stas a bit so I want to fix her up a bit. I'm willing to spend lots of feathers if necessary, as long as she looks better than... whatever that is, I'm willing.

Edit: Forgot to add picture at first. I believe she is +Res -Hp but I am not sure.

Asked by PurpleMonkeyzzz10 months 4 weeks ago


Oh god that looks like a build I would make back when I started Xp

I would run a vanilla Slaying Lance+ kit with either Fury or Life and Death


I dunno much about Charlotte, but maybe Brave Lance+ isn't the best option for her? Excluding everything, she has a base speed stat of 32, maybe it's not best to make her speed stat even worse with a weapon that decreases it by 5, especially since her defense isn't necessarily the highest (24 base def and 22 with Res boon).


I would probably make her a specialty unit, give her a Ridersbane+ and lance/sword breaker. For A skill Fury is probably her best option.

If you like L&D, I would do a Firesweep+ lance, Drag Back, and any Spur or Drive skill for a C slot