Help with Blessings.

I Have so many blessings and I always see them put on units but there is something I just don't understand about them
Dont the +effects like hp spd etc only apply when the unit goes into combat with the legendary unit?
So im guessing people only put it on their units in arena for a score boost?
Any further explination would be great haha

Asked by Shigino8 months 1 week ago


The effects only apply during that elements season. For example, now is the earth and fire season. If you use Marth with a water blessing alongside Fjorm in battle, the blessing effects won't apply because is not water season.


by Daily 8 months 1 week ago

It doubles SP gain, even out of season and without the appropriate Legendary Hero.


The thing I don't like about the blessings is that they're temporary. While I'm using Donnel with V!Ike now, so I wouldn't mind putting the Earth Blessing on Donnel, but if my understanding is correct, the stat increase is only in effect during the Earth season, meaning once it's not Earth season, the stats are gone. He doesn't need any more SP because he's fully built, not to mention he has more than enough SP already in case I wanna give him more skills.

I dunno, maybe I'm just thinking too much into it.


I think you’re over thinking it a little, the blessings are a bonus when they’re in season. When they’re in effect it’s like a low level spur skill really.


Yeah, when in season. Once the season is over, then the buff is done. While the whole point of the blessing system to actually equip it on a unit, I don't think I'll be doing that until I know just what IS is planning with them.


by James5 8 months 1 week ago

Yeah the requirement is kind of a hassle but it is a nice bonus that you can dedicate a whole team to it like Armor, Horse, Flying Emblem, there is Water Emblem, Earth Emblem, Wind Emblem, and eventually "Fire Emblem".

Since the core requirement is they always need to be with the legendary heroes. Sort the units you want to give blessing based on whether or not they pair off well with Ike, Fjorm, and Gunnthra. Or you can also start by deciding if the unit get benefit from +2atk, +3spd, +4res.


by TG15 8 months 1 week ago

I think the best thing to do is wait. There is a special even coming out where only blessed heroes can participate in it, so I’d wait and see what that new event is before going crazy.