Grinding HM in Tempest Trials

Is it efficient? Considering you'd have to have really good units to grind the level 40 map, you don't get as much HM per battle. Is it worth the Stamina it costs? Or is it just better to wait for the GHB maps or Grind them instead?

Asked by PurpleMonkeyzzz5 months 4 weeks ago


I've always found it to be a reasonably efficient way to grind HM as long as you're running one bonus unit and build a complimentary team. From a pure stamina efficiency perspective, the GHBs are obviously better since the cost is 0; but the TTs require slightly less babysitting and offer more SP through add'l enemies and more potential feathers through the rank reward.


I always get lots of HM through TT. I'm going to max out all the bonus units I have. Nino is already maxed. Now I just have Canas, Linus, and Karel left. I maxed all my healers in TT. I have all the healers except Elise, Myst, and Lyn.