Greil Budget Build

What is a good Budget build for him? I don't have too many bold fighter or distant counter fodder and idk what to do. He is all neutral if it matters.

Thanks whoever answers!

Asked by waffles1236 days 21 hours ago


You can hange his A skill for Atk/Res bond so make him tank more, this also has synergy with his weapon. As Fury and Wary Fighter have absolutely no synergy what so ever, only if you have a healer on your team then that Fury/Wary Fighter is not that bad of an option.

I’d keep Wary Fighter as it’s just too good, also his Def and Res are quite high, so I wouldn’t see the need to change his B skill.

If you’re planning to use him on a Armor team then you can keep Armor March, if not then you can go for a drive skill or something else. It’s pretty much flexible.