Gray Area

Has anyone found any decent use for Gray and / or his Zanbato? I've had one taking up space on my bench forever and could stand to free up a slot. My best idea at the moment is to give Sword Valor to one of my Olivia's to support rapid SP grinding on my other swords.

Asked by GiantDwarf3 days 18 hours ago


Give Olivia Sword Valor, it's Gray's only use. I've summoned 2 of him and they went to infantry and flying Olivia. He'll be happy giving his life for a pretty woman.

Happy as a dead person can be. :)

But think about the epilogue! Tobin will become a depressed alcoholic without his buddy around. :(

I mean if I'm being honest with myself your idea is probably better than mine. But You could give wind boost 3 to a unit that actually appreciates it. Maybe someone with high HP could run watersweep 3 alongside it for an interesting build.

Or in the alternative, you could go buy Fire Emblem echoes, play it, realize how awesome gray is, and fodder someone else. :P

Don’t fodder his valor skill
His wind boost and zanbato are exclusive to him, fodder those instead

His Valor skill is exclusive to him too, right? I mean, I agree with you though. Valor is a waste of a c slot especially now that you get over a thousand SP leveling up to 40.

Wind boost is, in my opinion, almost completely useless. I haven't really come across any uses for Zanbato unless it becomes useful in the context of future GHBs; but I'm open to ideas if anyone has a good suggestion.