Granni's Shield

If Camus has Granni's shield equipped (which neutralizes "effective against cavalry" bonus damage,) will cavalry specific buffs such as Hone Cavalry, Ward Cavalry, etc. still work on him?

Asked by daisyj20111 months ago


yes it'll sill work

basically would make falchion not effective against dragons or bows not on fleirs. Hope this helps, cheers!^^

No, there are three differently named 'shield' skills for the A slot and they are alll specific to Flier, Armor, and Cavalry. None of the dragons can inherit such a skill so none of them can ignore Falchion's passive damage boost.

The only things it applies to (so far) are

* Wolf tomes
* the new anti-cavalry weapons from the last two banners

If they keep going in that direction there might be more weapons like this in the future. But so far the shield is not really an interesting option in my opinion

Yes. So Granni's Shield just neutralizes bonus damage from anti calvary attacks, so that it calculates damage normally. Hone Cavalry, Ward Cavalry, etc. aren't "effective against" cavalry, they are buffs. Buffs are not normally detrimental, not to mention damage reduction and applying buffs are not the same thing.