Garon - The Breathening

I'm just wondering about what breath people will use for him, I can see three options for him personally

1# Breath of Blight
16 mt, he comes with it and the main selling point is the anti-anti dragon effect. Can make him pretty useful as falchion and naga counter (Nowi has the problem that she often dies if she doesn't OHKO)
Problem is that the AoE effect really doesn't do much. It activates once, late in the fight with little effect. Decent range though (3 tiles)
Another problem is that no refine really hurts for Garon, 5hp and 4 def or res can really help him

2# Lightning Breath
Probably going to be the most standard breath. He'll be able to counter mages better than the tiki's with a breath A skill and a res refine.
The lower might and longer special aren't really that bad.

3# Water Breath
A pretty rare to get breath and often overlooked in favor of lightning. And while it's true that it hurts some of Garon's fighting potential, it's great for his mixed defences.
It has a little extra might compaired to lightning, no special penalty and most of all 4 def/res when defending.
Especially compaired to breath of blight, he can have 8 more in one and 4 more in the other defencive stat in the phase it counts.
This breath can work to bait enemies in range of your whole team (if you use cavaliers/dancers) or to focus on fighting melee units, with a res tank helping against mages.

I'm going to try using breath of blight for now, just hoping Silvia can give him mirror stance, aside from that I'm using deflect magic to have him survive the faster mages.
Garon really makes nice use out of the buffs in dragon emblem teams, so he's a real solid choice if you don't want to merge up an Adult Tiki.

Asked by Sir of Coffee2 months 3 weeks ago


If I were to build him, I'd probably stick to Breath of Blight because I can't afford to give up Nowi or A!Tiki for Lightning Breath+ (I still need to +10 the both of them) and I have never pulled F!Kana for Water Breath+.

It also just feels wrong for me to replace his weapon, even if he could use a different Breath better.


I often feel like units should just use their unique weapons. There are a few exeptions, like how Joshua, Ayra and Mia look pretty alright with slaying edges.
For Garon it's similair, a breath just doesn't feel as much of the unique weapon part, it's the dragon form that's their weapon.

Personally I'm planning on using a male Kana for the water breath.
I'm usually very stingy with free unit. They need to have a really good skill to be offered up instead of keeping their merges (like Marisa), but Kana.. I just.. eh..
Gonna keep a male Kana around of course, but not to merge him up


If I had an extra corrin I would use dark breath, it was his breath weapon originally and I've always been a fan of the aoe debuff effect.


If I had to build him, I'd still go for as much def/res I could get.
And because def or res smoke are rare, you could go for a ploy skill.

So dark breath with a res refine to make use of the ploy. Def might be better with panic ploy
A: If you have it, steady/warding breath or DC. But failing that, close def, any def/res boosting stance skill or even fury.
B: Guard (renewal could be useful with fury)
C: Res/def ploy (panic as budget)
Seal: Close def or a smoke skill.


Water Breath was given for free with M!Kana, so its not that rare.
I have WB+ pair with Warding Breath on F!Kana and it is realy good combo.

I just dont know if he is good enought hero to highly invest into him. Especially, thath I have +7 A~!Tiki


Well, rare as in; only one 5* and limited units.
Compared to the other breaths it's rare.

If you have a +7 A!tiki I'd say probably not.
It's a case of Raven vs Linus.
At the same amouth of merges, Linus is just better, he's Raven with better atk and def.
But at merges Raven can be +10, Linus only +2.

Compairing Tiki and Garon; Garon has 6 more bst, which mostly results in way better res and better hp, at the cost of a little atk/def. Overall better, but adult Tiki has merges and a better weapon.


Breath of Blight makes him the ultimate dragon sword counter. He can tank and kill Alm, Brave Celica, and all the rest with like Steady Stance + Swordbreaker.


Actually, im a big fan of using the weapons or skills that the units come with, since thats the thing which makes them so unique after all.

On the other hand, i only do that if it really helps the unit to shine, and there are units here and there where it isnt necessarly the case.

Garon for example, like you already said his area effect comes pretty late, and isnt that effective i would say. Maybe if you combine it with fallen takumi it could be worth though.

So, the huge Plus he has is having that 16mt and also the anti dragon effect. I was surprised that you said it neutralizes the effectiveness effect against falchions and naga tomes.

For some reason, i thought it would neutralize the buffs from other dragons, like dull ranged does for example. But, i think you are right about it . Didnt do his map yet due to time reasons i have to admit.

Personally, i think he really needs the addional 5 Hp and 4 def or res. His low spd already puts him in the postion of being a tank, rather than a player phase unit. Beceause of that, i wouldnt consider water breath since its a player phase breath in my opinion.

Its great on both kanas, especially with a spd refinery. They can double the units while getting enough bulk during their attacks. But, since Garon cant double while attacking, it doesnt make much sense i think.

So my plan is:

Garon with Lightining Breath+/def refinery
Quick Riposte/2 or 3
Panic Ploy
HP Seal

If he gets Fortify Dragon along with ally support and his Distand Def he would have 51 def and 46 res.

For melee units it would be still 45 def and 40 res if you dont use the close def seal which is still ok.

His atk would improve from hone or goad dragons. Hone dragons for example 53 atk with ally support.

He gets very bulky and can still counter all the units from the distance.

His Hp is a bit low for panic ploy, thats why i would give him the seal, at this point alot of seals are already reserved to other units, but this isnt most likely the case with the Hp seal. So he would have 53 Hp at least.

With that, at least all the tome users gets ployed which is good for the res which is a bit lower. Also other units might ployed as well, basically most distance units.


You do know what water breath does, right?
It's 4 defence and 4 resistance in the enemy phase, meaning it's fully meant to be a defence weapon.
If you don't need garon to fight mages too much, it's accually pretty great.

Still, I'm not fully sure if it's smarter than going for lightning breath. With lightning breath he could make use out of the distant defence he comes with.