Gaius A-skill

Looking for a better a-skill for Gaius. He is a monster since refinery. Gave him Smoke Dagger+ (SPD) and Desperation, Savageblow 3 and the same seal.
With his IV and LD2 at the moment he sits at 45/45 offensive stats and 15/15 bulk. He can take ONE* hit and from then on run heavy hitting Desperation. (*he isn't doubled or used wrongly)
In Terms of BST I'd like to replace LD2. Would not like to sacrifice a second Hana just for LD3 on him. Was thinking about DB3 or Swift sparrow.
As a player phase unit skills for Initiation should do well. DB3: 47 atk / 41 SPD or Swift: 45/45 on Initiation but higher value than LD2 and 19/19 bulk

Asked by Dunras Thul10 months 1 week ago