Finally finished her build

All that is left to do is get the 180k feathers, I also want to get the weapon from winter Lissa or Chrom but that's most likely not happening for a while now

Asked by GVader1 month 1 week ago


Oh my God, let me not fight you in Arena... Oh wait, I have Caeda. XD

Great build. Do you have enough copies? Just waiting on feathers?

Sadly I only have 4 more copies, but she drops fairly often for me when I pull on Green and yah Caeda is one deadly unit with her prf weapon, not sure if I want to give her ploy spd to help with flashing blade or ploy atk to help her take more hits, ploy spd would probably work better

by Averdi 1 month 1 week ago

Nice Sheena. If you HM farm the Rival Domain map you should have those 180k feathers by the end of the week!

Here's mine with survivability in mind.

Carrot Axe helps to keep up hp for Guard and her speed makes it hard for most units to double her with no buffs