Exalted Chrom B skill

Just pulled a +Hp/-Spd E!Chrom and looking for a good B skill option. Obviously desperation is out of the question thanks to that IV set. Is Chill Def good enough for him?

Asked by Sephiroth6 months 4 weeks ago


I have the same IV Chrom and I just stuck with his default B skill, Chill Def. Gives him more effective attack and his speed isn't the most amazing thing in the world anyway. +HP gives him more health to utilize fury better and he works perfectly well for me in a horse emblem team for TT.

Outside of TT, I still think Chill Def is probably one of his better options. You could go for the BrashDesp set though, i'm sure it'd work nicely and synergize well with Fury.


Eh I don't like to run that set if I don't have to, I don't like having too many units that don't function properly if someone already took the BA seal. Chill Def it is.