Ephraim skills

I just got +Spd/-Res Ephraim.
I want to make him my first unit with legendary rafined weapon.
What about skills? As A-skill I wanted to give him fury, but with new special ability is not best choice.
"Unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack when HP ≥ 90% and attacking a foe that can counter."

Was thinking about:
A - Study Blow / TriAdepd
B - Renewal / Vantage / QuickRepost / Hit and Run
C - Hone Spd
Sp: Bonefire
Su: Swap / Reposition / Draw Back
Se: +Def / +Atk / Atk Smoke

I think FireBoost would be good option, but i dont have Luke to inherit from.

Asked by Kokapofy10 months 1 week ago


by Cygnus 10 months 1 week ago

Fury does add much needed survivability to Ephraim, as without it, all his defensive stats are somewhat mediocre thanks to his awful speed.

You should think about wether you really need Ephraim to sweep more then one unit. If so, then you would need to pair him up with some form of healing anyway, because the legendary refinement doesn't remove the counter attack from your opponent (and red sword units hit hard)., so you will probably be below 90% without Fury anyway.

In other words, go with Fury.


Than I take fury. I think I use Vantage with that.
Attack + enemy counter + kill with extra attack -> get into vantage hp with bonefire ready.
Just need to farm some Hinatas.


by Moshi 10 months 1 week ago

Well I'm also wondering if taking that upgrade is actually the better option.

Ephraim's role is mainly to be a Buffer with tanking ability. I guess it depend on your gameplay but for me he very rarely initiate on an ennemy but rather tank them during ennemy phase. In that situation his refined weapon would help much.

I guess it also depend which build you are running.
I personnally find is best build to be Triadepte + Lancebreaker.
Triadepte allows him to take very low damage from swords and deal huge damages in return. Lancebreaker allows him to tank and eventually kill lancers.

In my opinion fury isn't as usefull as he will still get doubled by many and triadepte will allow for more tanking, same goes for lancebreaker as he can't get doubled by them.