Ephraim #Newbie Question

I have Ephraim +Hp -Def, i want to ask is he still worth building? If yes what skill should i put?

Asked by LilinaForLive6 months ago


If you are ready to invest into a unit, every unit is worth investing into. That said, your Ephraim can still provide solid buffs and hit like a truck with guaranteed doubles thanks to his refined sigmund.


IMO that IV is perfectly fine with the right build. Really, any Ephraim IV is fine with the right build. I should know, I have +HP -Atk. :P

HP and Def/Res are mostly interchangeable anyway, so in a way you have a neutral Ephraim.

I use my Ephraim with Triangle Adept and Lancebreaker. I’m thinking this combo could work on yours, too. It makes him an awesome anti-red and anti-lance unit, which is a fantastic compliment to a strong red and green.

There are a number of choices you can use for his C skill. As a buffer for Bladetomes, use Hone Speed along with one of the Fortify seals. Outside of buffs, you can run Panic Ploy on him since his HP is so high.

I hope this helps!


no matter the IVs Ephraim is really solid.
for A slots you should look for a death blow or triangle adept
for B slots you likely want something like renewal vantage or draw back
for C slots you can either keep threaten def, use a buff skill like hone spd to combo with his weapon, or run infantry pulse/panic ploy which are his best C slots with +hp
For support skills either go for reposition or a double rally skill
with specials basically only go moonbow or glimmer, he doesn't have the defense stat to run bonfire well
finally for the sacred seal either go heavy blade, quickened pulse, or atk+3