Duma bad IV, Greil good IV

I pulled the God, but the God has bad IVs. +Spd -Def. I've used him a bit but I feel like the Def bane takes away from his potential. Debating using him to fodder BF to Greil, who is has +Atk and -Hp. Also have a bad IV Valentine's Ike, -Spd +Hp, to fodder DC to Greil. Opinions on going for the Greil build? It would hurt losing the God but I don't want to invest in a bad IV unit.

Asked by meecrob6 days 10 hours ago


I'd just wait until you pull another one and merge him honestly. VF is on a good number of units these days, and Greil isn't the best green armor. Legendary heroes are hard to pull and therefore are more of a sacrifice to use as fodder.

That being said, if you wnana build Greil, go for it. I'd at least wait till next month and inherit special fighter to him along with DC from V!Ike if you go through with foddering him off


Good point. I'll wait until I pull another and merge, it'll be worth it in the end.


Only if you REALLY like Greil.

I'd wait till the end of this month, we'll be getting a banner with 4 very good units, likely most legendary/mythic with Duma having a good chance to be there.
And you'll get a random one for free.

So there's a good chance you might be able to fix that Duma


by Dan 6 days 10 hours ago

Duma with Bold Fighter you mean?