Don't you just love going up against Dragon Emblem's

Went and did my 10 arena battles for my flags and 6 of them where all either 3 Dragons and a bonus unit or a full Dragon Emblem

And I'm just like bet, Sheena do your job

BTW I got this map 4 of those 6 battles

Asked by GVader1 week 3 days ago


I absolutely hate Dragon units. Wish I pulled for HS!Elincia and foddered her weapon to H!Kagero. I don’t have any counter, but I mostly rely on the colour triangle.


Lol, Sheena pretty much says good bye to the color Triangle when she's on a defensive tile, both adult and young Tiki were doing 0 damage, and with the assist I have on Setsuna (Draw Back), F.Corrin (Repo), Leagjarn (Swap) I'm able to get Sheena on the Defensive tile close to them and just watch as she tanks everything and take little to no damage


by Lain 1 week 3 days ago

Oh boy, if there wasn't a guy who could dispose for us all those pesky dragons, but IS refuses to give us a banner where he's on it.

Damn I forgot his name.....
Maybe Green Marth?


Oh you mean Rein, Lyn, Veronica. Lol they're a joke my Sheena easily tanks all 3 of them also and never seen a time any of them killed her while I'm in control of her


Surtr was a bigger mistake than anime.
Also, aside from annoying, Surtr is a direct power creep to Zephiel by filling the role of excelling at being a non movement boosted armor. In theory someone needs to do that better than Zephiel, because Zeph does have a decent statline and is mostly garbage without big investment, but Surtr just does what he used to do uniquely times ten plus some other shit.

RIP best villain. Replaced by generic mobile villain.


by Deef 1 week 3 days ago

That depends. I have 0 problems dealing even with L!Tiki thanks to BoF A!Tiki, i'm sure she can deal with Surtr as well. If it is arena, then i hate horses or strong mages, because i lack counter to those, Nowi with DD3 and WB can deal with some mages but 5+10 death blow 4 Rienhart can kill her with no problems. A!Tiki can one shot some of them but i need to activate vantage firts.