Dagger for P!Olivia

Reworking my Olivia. Haven't decided on skills yet but don't like her BoL build so I will replace her weapon, too as there are so many new options.
Already use smoke dagger on a assasin Gaius so rather picking between rogue dagger + (SPD ref) or silver dagger + (SPD ref).
Any advice?

Personally I think rogue dagger will perform better as it gives her and surroundings +6 def/res for 12mt compared to silver dagger 14 mt.
the debuff effect is not to be mentioned imo as -6 or -7 def isn't the value added between These daggers.

Asked by Dunras Thul10 months 1 week ago


The big thing to remember there is that if you have her bait an attack, the Rogue dagger effect will activate, but as soon as the enemy phase ends and your turn begins, it'll be gone. Given that, I think using a combo of Silver Dagger and Seal Speed would be a good mix. You can bait a mage, let them fail to take her down, then with their stats shot to hell, you're basically guaranteed to double them unless that mage is H!Henry with Wary Fighter.