Corrin (F) or Cordelia?

I have been doubting who to promote to 5 stars and I would like some feedback. My 4* Corrin (F) is -HP +SPD and my 4* Cordelia is the same. They both have quite nice IVs, so...

My first instinct would be Corrin (F), I have more of an idea what skills I want her to inherit and she would make a nice team with my Ninian, but feedback is appreciated.

Asked by Dannwond1 year 2 months ago


Depends a lot on your playstyle - Corrin is much tankier physically, and cordelia is a glass cannon - maybe too much with those IVs. On the other side, Triangle adept is very much a blessing under the current meta.

The safer bet is probably to promote Corrin - At 37 Spd and 34 Def she can work quite well as a damage dealer and as a tank. But again, depends on what you want either for. Also, Ninian has Ward Dragons, which can be interesting with Corrin. But you'll need something to deal with high Res characters.

Thank you for your answer. Yeah, I think it will be Corrin for now, I mean, I have many that I intend to promote eventually; but since I'll probably need to use Ninian in the arena this week (not that it's a problem, I quite like her), Corrin will help me more.

As for how to deal with high res characters, I have Lucina, Takumi, etc, so no problem. Thanks again.

Corrin F likes +SPD to not get doubled. Cordelia really wants +ATK because her brave weapon doubles its effective value.