Cordelia vs Shigure

Does anybody have concrete evidence (such as experience) on who's better with firesweep + heavy blade + QP combo? Intuitively I want to go with Shigure because 44 spd (Cordelia +spd with hone fliers) doesn't feel so convincing these days while 54 (after hone fliers) is still decent for activating heavy blade and he's very probably doing better if additional buffs are in play.

Even if you only play one of the two, if you're using firesweep lance I'd be interested to hear from you

EDIT: 54 atk, in case I confused anybody.

Asked by Seeker3 weeks 6 days ago


+spd -HP, but I'm thinking long-term to merge at least to +4. I find HP the worst of the easy-to-accept banes because it's a superbane and he's so hard to double. Definitely prefer one of the defensive stats, probably -def for firesweep and -res for anything else

Shigure is the better Firesweep user since speed is the most important stat (unless it's an unorthodox Bold Fighter build or something).

+Spd/-HP Shigure, with Hone Fliers buff, has 54 attack and 46 speed.

+Spd/-HP Cordelia, with Hone Fliers buff, has 56 attack and 44 speed.

While Cordelia has more attack (really isn't that much more), Shigure has more speed which is vitally more important for a Firesweep Flier.

The problem, however, is that both struggle with proc'ing Heavy Blade reliably due to how high the attack stat can go to with higher-tier Arena units.

Too bad they can't use Flashing Blade seal. :l

Could I trouble you to name examples besides Soleil and +atk Zelgius? I'm not expecting her to put a good dent in any Hector or M.Grima. 54-56 attack is not enough against whom?

A few examples are M!Corrin, Chrom, Lukas, Karla, Ares, A!Tiki, although, then again, I guess that is heavily dependent on the IVs and build.

So you can disregard the Heavy Blade bit.

Shigure does have better BST. I've been using a +Spd/-Def with Fury, Lancebreaker and Noontime with Harmonic Lance+ and he performs well against mostly everything non-green and even the ocasional green mage.

I would definitely consider to build him with harmonic lance if I get +spd (or possibly +atk) with -res because he might survive two counterattacks with a def refine. However, my first priority is figuring out who my firesweep lance flier will be.

As for who is generally better (assuming generic IV"s, IE neutral) Cordelia is better balanced (35/35 in atk and speed) while Shigure is faster at the cost of more damage (33/37) I myself would go with Cordelia for the build since I've had that build for some time, and I can say she performs the part all too well, with a fair bit of leeway on skills. Shigure would need an atk boon (to reach/pass cordi by 1 point) while cordi could work with either (38/35 or 35/38, her choice) so overall, she performs "better" due to more optimized offensive stats, while shigure works well on offense, but prefers his harmonic lance due to the extra damage it nets him on specials (which helps his 33 atk)

Which boon and how many merges does your Cordelia have? Do things ever get thin for heavy blade activations? How about for securing the double?

I really think that because you're throwing heavy blade into the mix, the attack stat will take priority over speed. As such death blow or swift sparrow for more scoring weight will be your A-skill. In a flier emblem where mobility is their best asset, positioning fliers as such where your FS user can receive a maximum of 3 goad buffs, speed will not be an issue.

Personally, I like the slaying weapons better for a Heavy Blade build so I can use something else in the seal. My favorite set-up is spd slaying+gale force+swift sparrow+desperation+heavy blade seal, which does so wonderfully on my NY Camilla.

At neutral, Cordelia has like 1 more point of atk, while shigure has like 2 more points of speed. So, Shigure is the better option here due to having a higher BST as well as more speed, which can make the difference between getting doubled and staying alive in arena.

That's to be taken into account, but my first priority is getting the galeforce off. I'll let the team figure out how we make sure our lancer doesn't get left in the front to die. Plus, if push comes to shove, once galeforce activates I can retreat.

by Raven 3 weeks 6 days ago

+spd Cordelia user here with Firesweep. She's +8 with Swift Sparrow + Heavy Blade, and I never had any trouble activating Galeforce (58 atk on initiation before buffs).
I also have a -hp +spd Shigure, but I find him more suitable for his native weapon due to better defense for melee brawling. Plus, Cordelia is the better Heavy Blade user due to having 2 more attack.