Coorin m +spd- hp vs Athena +spd-atk

Should I let my 4 star corrin learn wao+ moon bow from my five star Athena I do have the same iv Athena 4star as well. Also what's a good combo for corrin b and c slots if I give him life or death and Athenas set

Asked by rickirotheman11 months ago


I'm not sure about giving Corrin a Wo Dao or Life and Death. He has good physical bulk that I would keep intact, and his offensive stats are average. Some other characters benefit from these skills more, so I would hold off.

I don't know when it's player controlled but Athenais is a killing machine during the tempest trials.

Her stellar speed + moon bow + their weapon makes her very destructive. I mean, she even eats alive my full HP azura with saphire lance ...

I'm not sure M Corrin will make good use of such a weapon, I think his speed is not enough

You might be right my lvl 40 Athena 5 star has 41atk 38spd 27def 28res 36hp but my lvl 38 4 star corrin has
40atk 32spd 24def 21res 38 hp with no skills at all Athena is maxed on her starting kit as far as swordlords I have -spd lvl 40 4star marth 4star alfonse