Confused about Reciprocal Aid recommendation

There seems to be something off about build descriptions that recommend Reciprocal Aid lately. I've seen this written more than once on this site, but I've pulled this from Linus' offensive build as an example:

"...or one could also use Reciprocal Aid to instantly reach the activation range for Brazen Atk/Spd (Though unfortunately not low enough to activate Wrath or Desperation)."

Isn't the "not low enough" part dependent on who you reciprocal aid with? Anyone with less than 31 health will get an unmerged 5* Linus to Wrath/Desperation range, won't they?

Did the description mean to say Ardent Sacrifice instead? A 10 HP drop does indeed get Linus below 80% but not to 75%.

Am I crazy or do I really not understand Reciprocal Aid?

Asked by WeekendOtaku4 months 1 week ago


I think in the case with Linus it was supposed to be Ardent Sacrifice. I noticed that too and thought it was odd, because you're right. Reciprocal Aid's health lost does depend on the health of the unit you're swapping with.


I started running it on my CC Julius and it really gets him around multiple battles (basically an entire team). It's really good for self-sustain, but probably assuming you're draining off of units that either barely partake in battles (Dancers) and Desperation/Wrath users.

I never found the big deal of just taking a hit and rolling with it, but apparently it is. Only found that problem with very squishy and/or slow targets that get doubled AND 1RKO'd...though I suppose just using said skills is more effecient (especially when you can build charges off of Wrath through turns).


Even the shabbiest of characters tend to require pretty strong hits to down, or a mix of triangle advantage + 50ish Atk. An example is horse Lyn, who still requires at least 56 physical Atk (38 HP/18 Def) to oneshot her.


Kind of a weird example in this case since horse lyn doesn't usually want reciprocal aid, but...

What horse lyn has 38 hp? Most will even want a HP or def bane, putting her at 50 or 49 def bulk, respectively. A lot of offensive melee units hit that quite easily without buffs for a OHKO. Any brave weapon wielder only needs 37 Atk.


The example is aimed as paper thin units, regardless of them using Reciprocal Aid or not (how much it can take to oneshot them). A lot of people got her for free, so they tend to run neutral. I actually hardly ever encounter Lyn with lower defenses than that (and to my dismay, she tends to come with Fortify buffs as well).