Clearing space - what boon/bane combos to keep.

Well my barracks is full so I figured I would try and merge up some of the copies of 5*s I have. Only now I remember why they hadn't already been merged. Basically I hadn't been able to decide which copies should take priority.

Lady of the Lake Azura has been haunting me lately. I couldn't get her no matter what at the start, but suddenly she is pity breaking me everytime I try for a blue(no Summer Camilla for me). So now I have three, one of which is currently +1(so 4 pity break off banner Azura's in the past couple months).

I think the +ATK/-HP is the best bet. But scoring wise the +HP/-DEF puts her at 150 native BST thanks to the HP super boon. Due to her stalking me she will easily be my highest merged 5* dancer. I don't like Olivia enough to spend that many feathers on her so she is stuck at 4*+10. But anyways, I am not sure if score potential would be the better bet, or better combat. And even combat wise I could see some arguing to drop her RES since she drops below 55 physical bulk with a HP or DEF bane, and that is one shot territory right there. Decisions Decisions. Too bad we can't change Boon/Bane of merged units to any one that had been merged into it.

Armored Lyn. Got two of her.

My first thought was to jump on the +SPD(the +ATK is my original), since she gets out sped alot since I have Close Counter in her A. But running some calc's put some shadows over that. Just not sure on this one. So I figured I would see what other folks opinions are.

Also have 2 Christmas Lissa's.

Like with Lyn I thought for sure I would prefer -SPD, but calculations seem to indicate -DEF is equivalent. If not better. So again, maybe some of you fine folks have experience with which bane is the better pick.

2 Pity Break Lene's

Pick my poison. Why oh why does attack need to be a super bane? 24 is all but unusable. Still I imagine it is marginally better than a speed bane?

Anyways this won't make much space, but space is space. Plus Lene and Azura would eat some Skills too.

Asked by Usana3 months 4 weeks ago


Don’t bother for arena scoring for dancers; their scoring will always be quite bad unless you have them merged at +10. So, +Atk -HP is your better bet

Give LA!Lyn +Atk -HP. You can give her Quick Riposte seal and Guard B Slot so she doesn’t get destroyed by doubles and specials.

As for W!Lissa, I would say +Res -Spd is better due to Bold Fighter. But it does kill her perfect arena scoring, so if you are going to use her, use +Res -Def for arena.
As for Lene, No.


I would focus on Defensive stats for lene, since she is a refresher. I think higher speed is better than higher attack because you'll be able to position her more flexibly, and allow her to occasionally take damage.

Agree that Azura's BST shouldn't be too much of a determining factor and your gut decision is right.

Christmas Lissa is a crapshoot but if you're going to run Bold fighter I think -spd is preferable just for the tiny extra damage soak you'll get.

Armored Lyn I would pick +atk


W.Lissa I definitely would not merge unless you plan to get her to +10 or very close. Bold fighter is one of the most broken skills in the game. LA Lyn I say fodder for atk/spd bond or armour march. Two rare skills; you will get much more power to your barracks out of foddering than merging. Lene also I would fodder; you can make some pretty ridiculous tanks that way (maybe even someone obscure like Laslow, since a lot of sword units have prfs).

About IVs, then. Azura I'm not sure. For me it's +HP or +atk -res. On LA Lyn it depends on the build. If you're trying to not to get doubled and you go vengeful iceberg, then I prefer +spd. +atk is if you don't care about spd because of vengeful/bold fighter. Lissa I'm not speaking from experience, but it probably depends on your intended use. In PvE if you use even just spd-refined weapon, it's worth to keep her spd. You will avoid more than a few doubles. If you're using her in arena I don't think there's too much difference between 26 and 30 spd unless you're trying to punish some 25-spd unit for dumping their spd, but she comes with bold fighter so I don't see the point.


Yeah I never really planned to merge Lissa, I forgot to mention that. While she does have a Brave Axe+ inherited, that isn't too significant even if I switched.

If I want to switch, I can't really fodder my Lyn though. Close Counter which she had inherited earlier, is FAR rarer in my Barracks than Armor March is. And that isn't even counting she already has Aether and Blarblade+/Blarowl+, etc. If I go to +SPD which is definitely my leaning given how speed focused I am in general then she is getting merged. A measly Armor March or Bond skill is no where near worth all that has gone into her.

I did forget that Lene had safeguard. Well she hasn't inherited anything so it doesn't matter that way which one I pick.


i think you should use the LA Lyn with SPD boom, I run a +SPD -HP LA Lyn with Close Counter and an Owl tome and her speed gets quite high specially on an emblem team


Yeah that was the build I tried first, but she was constantly failing to double with my +ATK. Owl bonus is nice and all, but running CC does lose you a lot of speed. As such she has been running Blade/Close Counter/Vantage which can be quite fun. However for her base, I decided to go with +SPD after seeing everyone's input, so I switched my Owl back on. Here is hoping I made the right choice!