Hello everyone, While trying to get "Icy Daddy" I pulled a +ATK -SPD Laevatein. I was wondering if I should turn her into an enemy phase unit as she has decent P.bulk and attack. I was also wondering what skills would help her...

Thanks a million!

Asked by Rosemary5 months 2 weeks ago


by Seeker 5 months 2 weeks ago

Glimmer is the choice of special for her in many builds because she just hits so hard with that weapon of hers, especially if you buff her. Glimmer OHKO on either phase is very viable for infantry right now with special spiral, but if you don't want to give her spiral than vantage is a strong option.

If you want to build for enemy phase, steady or even warding breath might be a good idea. And then add something like close def seal.