Brave Lyn Demoted?

Is there a reason for Brave Lyn being demoted from Tier 1 Star into Tier 1? Is the reason for this the abundance of Dragon Units or is it something new that has been discovered in the meta?

Asked by ThiefofRPG2 months 4 weeks ago


Maybe it's because everyone and their grandmother has some way to counter her, I guess?

I think it might be because H!Jakob outclasses her pretty hard. Being able to push a massive Ignis at who's not specifically built to counter him makes him the much better archer.

Alright, but he was in the game for awhile before he was placed in the same tier as her. He wasn't placed in that tier until after the Branded King summoning event even though his capabilities hadn't changed at all.

You're right. The patch notes don't offer any real explanation on the demotion. Maybe Tiki's upgrade making Lyn riskier on initiation?

Can't really say for sure that it was a recent change that caused the demotion rather than a realization that in the current meta Jakob performs much better on both phases.

Be she doenst dominate as much as she did b4. Most speedy mages with qr can deny her doubling and ko herback.
Dont get me wrong, her together with rein are still a nightmare. But she NEEDS horse emblem to be a threath

Its elementary my dear Watson. Look at the other Tier 1 stars and the answer should be clear.

Hint: How is the hero being used?