Bound Hero Battles you want to see?

Since we're getting a new one soon with Leo and Elise, I want to know what other two characters people want in a BHB.
I personally want to see Dorcas and Bartre, Karla and Karel, Eldigan and Ares, Marth and Caeda or Y!Tiki, Nino and Jaffar, Ephraim and Myrrh, Micaiah and Ike or Sophe, Ike and Tatania or Mist, and M!Corrin and F!Kana.
What do you want to see, there are a lot more pair ups that could happen.

Asked by ShieldOfWind3 weeks 6 days ago


Ike and Soren, Micaiah and Sothe, Mae and Boey, Leif and Nanna, Virion and Cherche, Kaze and either Corrin, and Bartre and Fir.

Seconding Marth and YTiki, MCorrin and FKana, Nino and Jaffar, and Ephraim and Myrrh. Not sure if they let units have more than one Bound Hero Battle, but it would be nice.

Yeah, that's why I hesitated in removing Ephraim and Myrrh. I remembered he already had a BHB with Erika. But maybe they'll use his L! Version
Same goes for Y!Tiki since her adult form already had a BHB as well with Nowi, but I feel like it could happen.

Even just the content from Shadows of valentia has so many good options. Saber and Celica. Sonya and Genny. Alm and Faye. Tobin and Gray. Clive and Mathilda. Clive and Lukas. Clive and Alm. Clive and Clair. Clive and... Ok. I'll stop.

-Eirika and Tana
-Lyn and Florina
-Ike and Soren
-Oscar and Kieran
-Marth and Sheeda
-Palla and Minerva

by Rhin 3 weeks 6 days ago

No love for Hector and Elliwood? Shame on you, guys.

I thought about adding them to my list, but I'm unsure if Hector could count 'cause, again as stated before, Ephraim and technically Tiki have already been in a BHB. So its unsure with repeat characters in a different pair.
But if Eliwood had to be with someone that isn't Ninian, (even she could be rocky considering she was already in one), I'd say Lyn. That is if Lyn doesn't get paired in with someone like Florina or maybe even Serra.

by Froyo 3 weeks 6 days ago

I made an account just to say Reinhardt and Olwen! It would probably be the most difficult BHB they could make. If not Olwen, theb I would like to see Reinhardt and Ishtar, or Istar and Julius.

I specifically kept them off my list cause I knew someone would say that pair.
Congrats for bring the first to say it. Surprised no one said it sooner 🤔
And I agree with it being the hardest they could make. Double Dire Thunder would be absolute hell.