Black knight merge

Is it possible to get more copies of black knight for merges apart from the starter bundle copy?

Asked by Kezzang1 month 4 weeks ago


He was originally released as a TT unit (two copies), he was later part of the starter bundle (1 more copy) and he was recently featured as a reward again with other past TT rewards (1 more copy). Whoever got all of them can only have 4 at most (+3 merged).


We got:
4 star from his Tempest
5 star from his Tempest
5 star from the Festival Tempest (Tempest Unit Rerun)
5 star from the Starter Bundle

The most merges on him currently possible is 3. The number of merges you can obtain depends on when you started playing the game.


No, it is not currently possible to get more copies.

Nothing has been announced and nobody knows for sure but we are all hoping that we will one day get more BK copies as a reward for something.


Sure would be nice if they give us more. He's on my main team at the max number of merges possible, so I'd definitely like to be able to merge him more.