Birthday Luck and Shiro IVs

Thought I'd try my luck on my birthday and bought 140 orbs, within 50 I got Silas +Atk -Def, Shiro +Atk -Res and my girl Ophelia +Atk -Spd. If you've seen my previous Good/Bad Luck posts you'll know the banner already gave me a huge number of 5* in 600 but the focus units had shocking IVs, especially 2 -Atk Ophelia. So a nice birthday present from the gods getting her +Atk.

The question: is +Atk -Res, +Def -Res or +Spd -HP better for Shiro? He'll be built with his base kit and QR.

My units in 650 orbs on this banner: Zelgius, Celica, Linde, Maribelle +Spd -Def, my first Mist, Ryoma, my first Brave Hector +Def -Res, Brave Lucina, 2xShiro, Shigure, 3xSilas, Nina -Spd, Flora +Atk -Spd, 3xOphelia. That's 34 orbs per unit. I think my luck's gone for a very long time. Also got a +Spd -Res Cordelia to finish my merge project.

EDIT: thanks folks, I think I'll go for my +Atk Shiro.

Asked by Galaxia92 months 2 weeks ago


HBD, I would tend to go with the +Atk Iv as you'd want to increase his damage output and he can achieve 58 Atk in the enemy phase. Def boon is a solid option to go with as +10 Def on enemy phase is monstrous, I think that is 48 Def and 55 Atk in the enemy phase.


by Banana 2 months 3 weeks ago

+Atk, -Res. He's got enough defense with his weapon and a close defense seal. Stick steady breath, Ignis, and QR on him and he'll be a really solid tank.



Gratz on your birthday.

For Shiro, you could stick with his base kit +quick riptose and bonfire.
A speed buff can help avoiding doubles, his 30 speed is accually usable for defence.
But I'd say, go for +def. It will allow him to take hits from all kinds of physical units.


+Atk/-Res for all purpose, but if you just want a wall to stall, then +Def/-Res. I have a +Atk Shiro I use occasionally, and I run his base kit and Vantage. Since his weapon gives +4 atk/def when attacked, Vantage lets him cash in that extra atk early. +Spd if you want to prevent doubles, but given that he's meant to be a wall, doubles shouldn't matter too much.


I see you are a person of culture by pulling blue. And +Atk/-Res for me. Although you can build a +Def/-Res well also