Best Sigurd IV.

So I got 3 Sigurd's. One with -att +spd, +def -spd, and a +att -def. Which one should I use cuz I'm leaning towards the +att -def one. He's bulky enough as it is

Asked by JoeyNexus4 months 1 week ago


If you want a tank, go with-spd +def. His B-slot will protect him from being doubled from a distance. If you want more fire power, go +atk. And you’re right, he is still pretty tanky. Even with -def, he has 31 def.I have a +spd -hp one and I think it works great.


I would suggest your +def -spd one actually. That variant makes a really amazing tank that can make up for the loss of attack points by getting a bit more out of bonfire.

His speed isn't high enough that the extra 3 attack on your +atk is going to make a great difference.


Which faster units are you worried about? Ranged units can quad him all day and he won't care because of Crusader's ward. Melee Units have to work through 43 defense per hit if you keep close defense, and then there's his 41 hp. Doubling even charges bonfire if he survives it.

Mia/Ayra/Karla will outspeed him no matter what he does. Hardin and Zelgius kill him regardless with Bold Fighter. Nowi needs a spd boon + spd refine + fury to do it, and she's technically designed to kill him.


by Seeker 4 months 1 week ago

I found the above replies very informative and intriguing because my tendency is to try +spd and block doubles. You guys want to tank the hell out of everything that isn't a dragon and it looks like you're going to succeed.

I took a look at the numbers. 35 spd is better than 32 for blocking doubles, but what sells it to me is that with a hone cavalry he's at 41 speed which is definitely into aggressive territory if you ever want to do that. I'd be content with 40 def at melee range. I don't plan to be super aggressive with 35 spd, but if I'm concerned about needing to attack without a hone, I'll just go for moonbow on the 48 atk.