Best DC recipient?

ss!tiki, myrrh, ayra, karla, or someone else. I got an off banner hector. I could also give dc to an arena merge project, but don't think I will

Asked by callcth1 month ago


It’s a lot better to give it to a merge project to maximize arena weight.

I wouldn´t know what to do if I was you either.
But what I CAN say is that I have Myrrh, SS!Tiki, and Karla (she´s in my second account) with DC. And they all perform great.
What are their IVs though? I think that should help you decide properly.

IMO don't give it to Karla. She's way too fragile to be reliable on enemy phase. And you lose speed by putting it in your A slot instead of something else (like Fury).

Give it to a unit you really like, or a merge project.

ss!tiki is neutral +2, myrrh is +1 +atk -spd, karla is +atk -hp, ayra is +1 +res - def

Giving dc to merge project is boring

I use both myrrh and ss!tiki in a dragon team with grima and nowi. I could also stick those two in a flier team, but idk if I feel a defensive unit is very necessary in such a team

Why is giving it to a merge project boring? You're giving an extremely expensive skill to a unit you spent an extreme amount of resources on.

If anything, I would say that giving it to a unit you aren't merging, or at least really enjoy, is boring since you're limiting the possibilities. More merges = more stats to work with.

I guess I'm not just super into any of the arena core units I've been thinking about merging. I would have enjoyed giving it to soleil, but I ended up merging masked marth if only because she takes up space and I can't send her home (a bad reason I know). Blue is covered with nowi. I feel obligated to merge sheena for the bst, but I don't really like her (I haven't played her game to be fair).

For the most part, the units I like as characters aren't really eligible for +10 in the near term. Either because they would be a waste of resources (odin, nino, oboro) or are 5 star exclusive (myrrh, ishtar, f!morgan,

So then try merging a unit you do like? Your Arena core doesn't have to include the highest BST units in the game.

What units do you have that you actually enjoy either character-wise or usage-wise?

Maybe cherche or raven within greens. I like fae usage-wise I guess, not so much as a character. She doesn't need dc though. I already have her at +2.

Soleil and olivia in red (though I already have +8 m!marth who I do like as a character even if I'd prefer the non-mask version). I'm just worried those units won't be tier 21 viable in the near future (not that I can get into tier 21 yet).

Where'd you get all those masked marths? Mine will only be +8 after I get some feathers tonight, and I've been trying to collect them since launch.

Don't concern yourself too much with what is popular, you'll get more enjoyment out of the game if you just do what you want, damn the consequences.

I gave DC to Hawkeye, a Tier 6 unit. He wrecks face, easily handles Nowi and Sheena.