+atk/-spd Ninian?

Not sure what to run as her A skill. I only have one Roy so I'm tempted to run TA3 but she's still pretty frail unless she has QR. I also have Fury 3 as an option.

Also is Escape Route pretty useable or should I feed her my 4* Olivia with WoM 3 (I've only ever summoned 1 Cain)

Asked by zaphkiel11 months 1 week ago


TA2 will work fine its a 15% boost already as opposed to a full 20. For TT escape route would be fine for now its harder to set it up on arena tho.
Quick riposte wont help with her frailness ud need to run sword breaker for that. But quik riposte with lightning breath may help her score more kills against redds in general if u REALLY need her to

You can try and interesting build and give her Fury 3 in combination of Escape Route 3, as she gets weaker and weaker she'll be able to teleport to an ally after they have made their turn to give them a second one.

I've seen people do fury and lightning breath. Personally i like TA and wings of mercy. Most of the time your other allies are usually low rather than Ninian herself, so Wings of Mercy seems to come up more often then Escape Route.