+Atk -Def OR +Def -HP Nephenee

I was blessed with the good fortune of being able to summon two Nephenees, each with these bane/boons, I was wondering which would be best to use.

Asked by Cryostatus3 weeks 6 days ago


Depends on the build. +Atk/-Def is fine if you're trying to go for an offensive build while +Def/-HP is good if you're going for a defensive one.

its easy to patch up your HP with weapon refine, moreover with wrath you will be releasing moonbows pretty much all the time. I would go for +Def/-HP imo.

+Atk would be better for a full out offensive build, while +Def would synergize nicely with her new refine. Either one can work fine due to Nephenee being able to fit both roles