Arena Team Ideas

My current arena team is Sheena (+10), Effie (+7), and Winter Tharja, with the bonus unit as the fourth one. I've been debating switching things up and working on making +10 versions of a couple of infantry units for a mixed team, which also means being able to run Tactic skills for buffs. The only thing is, which infantry units are good units to work on? There's a lot of them, and I was thinking of keeping Sheena and Effie as my main core, since I ally supported both of them, and both have been my walls (that, and they're both merged while Winter Tharja is not). Any suggestions on some infantry units?

Asked by vgmaster022 months ago


One word. Dragons. Specifically Young Tiki, Myrrh, and the new loli. In terms of more easily accessible +10s, go with Tiki (A) or Nowi, both of whom are very good.

EDIT: Whoops, you wanted infantry units. Go with Young Tiki or the latter two.

If I go with either Tiki, would Lightning Breath/Steady Breath or Breath of Fog/Distant Counter be better to run? Or does it depend on the Tiki used?

I personally prefer Breath of Fog/Distant Counter, at least on my Adult Tiki, mainly because she murders all other Dragons. For you, that could be particularly useful as Dragons are typically problematic for Armor units. However, you are sacrificing overall bulk if you go that route, but I can assure you that it is a potent build.

Well, my Sheena has 42 defense and resistance, and my Effie at the current moment has 36 defense and resistance (she has res refined Berkut's Lance+, so the refine plus the 7 res gained in battle puts her at 36 res), so resistance isn't that much of a problem for my armor units in arena right now. I'm just trying to look for more units I can use in my arena core to get more score for arena.

Marth, Eirika, Eliwood, dragons, ares, or even Olivia to get units from the 3/4 star pool, buff bots are your friends, and all of them are either mad offensive, or tank res, or provide unique buffing abilities

How well would Eirika be? I have at least 11 of her between all the 4 star and 5 star versions of her that I've pulled since she came out. Would she be good as a buff bot with just the basic Fortify/Rally/Hone skills, or would she work well with a couple of Tactic skills on her C and Sacred Seal slot as buffs?

Tactics plus her OG skill set, since they're free buffs from her weapon, and then she can nab the buffs with her refine, so she can be the only buff bot still get all of the buffs

If you are okay with delving outside of infantry units, since the Tactics Skills aren't exclusive to them, there are some really good flyers who can support your dual armor core. I have a Summer Tana with Atk Tactic, Fruit of Iounn, and a Drive Seal whom I use alongside Hector and (LA) Lyn. Especially if your Sheena or Effie doesn't have Armor March (and even if they do), units like Summer Tana (built-in Guidance), Tana, Hinoka, etc. can really support your team. A mage flyer would probably be best for you since you have no magic damage between Sheena and Effie, so Summer Tana, Summer Corrin, Summer Camila, Nino (SF) etc.

I would recommend Summer Tana thanks to her signature weapon having built-in Guidance and completing the color pie.

I do have a Summer Tana, but I'm looking to make more +10 units so I can get more score in arena, and I have more infantry units that I can easily start to merge and make +10 units with. I'm currently using Summer Tana as my bonus unit, and she does help out really well, but I mainly said infantry units because I have way more of them than I do any other unit that would help me out in arena score.

I do have an Amelia I'm not using, so yes, I do have Armor March to spare. Currently, Effie and Sheena have Ward Armor to give each other even more defense and resistance during combat, but I can easily give one up for Armor March.

I would recommend it. Brave Lyn with a dancer/repo user will tear armor teams apart if they're only moving one space. Armor March gives you more mobility. With that said, the AI is pretty dumb and doesn't ever retreat so it may be a non-issue. I just know that whenever I face armor teams without Armor March, it's like the easiest match possible.

So, would Adult Tiki with Breath of Fog/Distant Counter fit as a good third unit for my arena core? And who should get Armor March? Would Effie or Sheena benefit more from the Ward Armor buff?

I think so. I'm actually tempted to say that Lightning Breath is better, however, since BoF Tiki really wants at least one other Dragon or sword user on her team to grant her the buff that BoF gives. Without it, it can be hard to justify not freeing up the A slot with Lightning Breath.

However, there's pretty much always a sword or dragon in the bonus unit slot (including Alfonse), and if you think you can reliably get one every season, then BoF is definitely better.

What if I invest into both builds? I pulled plenty of Steady Breath and Distant Counter fodder from Legendary Hector's banner (seriously, that banner was very kind to me with the units I pulled from it) that I could easily have all the skills on her for both a Breath of Fog build and a Lightning Breath+ build. Both use the same IVs, right? If I get a +Atk/-Spd or a +Def/-Spd Adult Tiki, then both builds should work. I would just need to change up the B skill and special on both, right?

That... would actually be really nice, if you can afford it. Typically the BoF Tiki prefers +atk and the Lightning Breath build +def, but +def on BoF will work fine. Just run Bonfire/Ignis, instead of Glimmer. Another good thing about Tiki is her C-slot is never really dedicated to anything -- it's always flex. You can run a tactic skill there.

So... if I have a +Def/-Spd Adult Tiki, and give her Reposition and Quick Riposte, and switch between Breath of Fog/Bonfire/Distant Counter and Lightning Breath/Aether/Steady Breath depending on bonus units, and give her a Tactic skill in her C slot and as her sacred seal, that would make for a good unit to both buff my armor duo and also add some magical damage to my arena team (which is flexible magic damage due to the breath refines), while also remaining flexible depending on which bonus units are in the arena season?

Exactly. Her main use should be supporting your armor core, while also providing a potent threat who can tank hits and retaliate. Sure, you could run Eirika, but she's going to get steamrolled by any unit with a sizable amount of attack.

I'm thinking of giving her Def Tactic and Res Tactic as her Tactic skills to still keep my armor duo extremely bulky, which also means more damage from Glacies with Effie and longer survivability for both of them. Also, if I give Armor March to Sheena, should I keep Ward Armor on Effie or give her Atk Tactic to buff up Tiki's and Sheena's attack? I know Effie does not need her attack buffed up as she's already at 60 attack currently (which will be 61 fully merged if I can ever summon more Effie ><), so I'm thinking of dropping Ward Armor for Atk Tactic to help out Sheena's attack. That's my plan for who to give the Tactic skills to.

I approve of the Tactic overhaul. Ward skills are significantly worse when you're only hitting one target; Fortify Armor is always an option since the two will usually be fighting close to each other, but I like Atk Tactic better. It will help a lot, especially if your Tiki is going to be +def.

Yeah. I think I'm gonna go full Tactic trio. I think this will significantly help my arena team out. I've been looking to add another merge unit to it, and Adult Tiki sounds like she'll be a perfect fit to my armor duo.

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And thanks for the little talk. I think Adult Tiki will work. Now, would +Atk/-Spd also work for both breaths? I have a +Atk/-Spd Adult Tiki, but the only +Def Adult Tiki I currently have is -HP. Would +Atk/-Spd also work for both builds?