Arena Julius

So given we have know the next arena season bonus allies, it was finally my excuse to 5* Julius so that he can be my next bonus ally. But I was wondering which build would be best given the annoying arena mechanic of rewarding bonus ally for getting the kills over your core units?

My current core is +10 DC Fir, +10 double CD Catria, and +6 Desp/BA Micaiah. But I'm also considering +10 Wrazzle Dazzle H!Mia as a potential option moving forward. Why must I have 4 units I'd want in my core but only space for 3 cause of the bonus ally slot...

Asked by MrShinyGyarados1 week 4 days ago


Just swap between them whenever you feel like it! It's what I do for my third slot with Lilina/Cherche