Anyone else says that the new bonus units suck?

So they finally kicked the easily available free units out for GHB units. They said they'd do it.
Now, what have we got here?
Valter is fine. But I have no realistic Flier Emblem. And he will not get back so soon.
Llyod is on the same sheet as Alphonse. Both are 100% outclassed until an update patches up their weapons. They pair up with Roy here. And I like my +9 Roy definetely better...
Soren is a weaker Nino. Idc for him honestly.
Tharja is a prominently used hero, often see her +10'd in the arena. But I only have a 4*+5 one and she is no better than my Olivia, which I use anyway.
And of course LA heroes, which I will not be able to build to a decent level until this shit finishes. And VL Ike, which I did not pull (I hate Sanaki now...).
It gets harder and harder to find competent team members...

Asked by JBRoyal8 months 1 week ago


I'm not a big fan of this rotation of heroes for arena either, but I lucked out because I happened to 5 star Soren out of boredom. Otherwise, none of these bonus units are even slightly used by me. Not even Soren honestly...I just have him...because?


I kinda love the bonus units this week though? Soren's my main mage, VL!Ike too, since they support each other.

IDK why everyone says he's a weaker Nino though. If you give them the same builds, the same IV's and same merges, they're usually within a kill or two of each other (according to the calculators)... Soren is even a little more flexible to build.

But hey, maybe the base T20 score will be lower this week because of these bonus units, who knows?


Right there with you. I have a 5*+4 Soren that will really be able to flex his muscles this week. :D

Need more feathers! More merges! MOAR!!!


by Daily 8 months 1 week ago

Uh, slap on a blessing and solo the training maps with your LA unit. They'll be done by tonight.


Yeah. And I had a plan for the easily obtainable bonus heroes. Guess this means my ultimate Hana isn't gonna be a Bonus Hero go-to after all.


Yeah, welcome to my world. It included Hana, Olivia, Felicia, Cecilia, Sophia, Lissa and Subaki. Now I need to summon on the new Focus or build GHB heroes. That's bad stuff.


Lloyd is mage bait, but would benefit from Distant Counter to actually make use of said baiting of mages, or just res-boosting skills.

Soren... Mkay.

Tharja is okay, I guess, but I'd rather not use her. Never liked Tharja except her winter form because of her character.

I only have LA!Lilina and V!Ike, so I'll either use Horse Emblem, or more main team with Donnel and PA!Azura.


by Losba 8 months 1 week ago

Useless bonus units were the reason I stopped playing arena seriously. Nowadays I just fight one battle and pocket the 3 orbs at the end of the season. When I drop to tier 13, I can move back up three tiers just by winning battles with no bonus units.

It's infinitely more enjoyable that getting stressed out over perfect win streaks and such.


I just hop between Tier 17 and Tier 18. More feathers than Tier 13-Tier 16, and it's not hard. I can get to Tier 18 by putting a level 1 bonus unit in my main team, beat the enemies a few times, then winning a few rounds. Once at Tier 18, I fight a few times to get the extra refine items, then drop to 17 and do it over.

Doing it from Tier 18 to Tier 19 requires a bit more "harder" work than my tier jumping, so I opt to not even try. Arena was never fun in my opinion. Bonus units aren't necessarily that bad for me, but BST pretty much ruins it.

"Use this unit with these skills to increase your BST..." While I just wanna use whatever team with whatever skills, but the BST is lower than the recommended. :l


You know who I found works great as a debuffer, thereby supporting with chipping down the enemies?

Saizo. Unconventional, hardly ever seen, but pretty monstrous with his damage chipping and debuffing build. :P

And don’t forget our lovely clerics and priests! D:

(Titania is also decent support, just throwing that out there)


I hear you... But, well, Valter is perfectly viable outside of flier emblem... I like having at least one flier on a mixed team for Reposition and Guidance shenanigans.


Going to buck the trend here and say I don’t mind the new rotation ?
I love Valter, he’s badass, and I’m planning on running a Path of Radiance defence team as soon as I have one defence win under my belt.