Any ideas for Navarre's new weapon?

I'm starting to think about it

Asked by Iago1 week 3 days ago


Could be our first firesweep weapon.
He's also a good unit for a solo skill.

There's also the option that was datamined, a stat boost that deals damage to an ally. Like a fury, only hurting an ally instead.


I have a strange feeling that they will ruin him with a Slaying Prf with a LnD refine...

But my hopes is that he gets a Slaying Prf with Flashing Blade and his refine is Swift Sparrow 3.


by Iago 1 week 3 days ago

According to me,his weapon will be a Slaying(or Wo Dao) Prf with Atk/Speed Solo as refine,a reference to his skill in Warriors