Another Níu question

Lmao well here comes another one. I'm not gonna lie I've been reading her weapon wrong.
What I THOUGHT it did: you'll get 50% to which stat the enemy is buffed by. So if an enemy has +6 atk and +6 def then Laegjarn will receive +3 atk and +3 def.
What it ACTUALLY do: (sure y'all knew)if the enemy has +6 atk and +6 def then she'll receive +6 to all stats.No, I'm not sure how I got that conclusion, yes, I know I'm stupid. So if I'm getting this So if I'm getting this right if the enemy has +6 to everything then Laejgarn will receive +12 to everything right? If so that's really good.... situational, but very good.

Asked by Zahir2 months 2 weeks ago


Emblem teams are old news now. The big thing now is double rallys. She basically nullifies a single double rally by matching the stat increases. If they get another double rally she doubles the bonuses on the unit.


So it's half of total bonuses, and not calculated individually, then? To be fair, the description is misleading.


If you read it carefully it's not really misleading.
Laegjarn's Niu says "Adds 50% of TOTAL bonuses on foe to unit's Atk/Spd/Def/Res during combat"

Niu's effect is worded pretty differently to Eirika's Sieglinde which says "grants bonus to Atk/Spd/Def/Res = highest bonus on allies...."

It's the same of what happened with Tatics skills, all that's needed is attention on each word while reading the effect


lol you're not stupid the text kinda mislead me for a bit too

but also, not to hijack your topic how would níu work with debuffs (assuming it does)


I've tested that in a laeg v sothe matchup, and that's correct.

Laegs comes with chill atk 3 so I was expecting to see the +4/4/4/4 and -7/0/0/0 combine to -3/+4/+4/+4 for a total of 9, giving a 4 point bonus to every stat.

Instead it gave me an 8 point bonus to attack, and enough speed to prevent getting doubled. That can only make sense if penalties aren't counted.