Amelia -def +hp.

Just wondering how others may want to build her? Do i keep the earth boost to help her def or give her something to boost her spd and atk?

Asked by Superfluff1 year 1 month ago


by Losba 1 year 1 month ago

That's a +Spd -Def Aemlia so that's 37 Spd at 40.

If you were running her for Armour Emblem, she'd get tons of defense from wards, so something like Fury or DC would be better for her.

Nice pull by the way!


I have a -att +def Amelia, and I gave her Fury. With this, my amelia has 47 hp, 48 att with slaying axe, 41 def, 37 spd and 26 res.
EDIT: your amelia has +spd. This is very good. If you use fury, your amelia will have 47 hp, 51 att, 35 def, 40 spd and 26 res. Despite the defense, her speed is incredible, and 51 atack with 35 def is also good