After the merging update, is +Atk Adult Tiki still viable for PVE/PVP content?

I'm just one merge away to make her +10 and she has a -Spd +Atk boon. She is practically the backbone of most of the teams I have. If I understand correctly, she would get her Spd bane fixed, but that would apply to all other units as well, and some could potentially be even faster now with units that had super banes before.

So, in the long run, is trying to nuke things still worth it? Or should I try to make her a mixed tank with a +Res IV? With the help of some people of this forum my current build has been worth it, which is:

Lightining Breat +DEF
Steady Breath
Quick Riposte
Atk Smoke
Close Defense

I would appreciate your insight once again. She HAS become my most beloved unit and I am trying to make her the best she can get.

PD: I don't have lots of premium skills, gacha still hates me. At least I got a neutral Legendary Azura (love her), and two Nailahs to merge.

Asked by Ryusun5 months 1 week ago


by Seeker 5 months 1 week ago

Merging Nailah? wow...

Anyways, A.Tiki isn't any weaker than before after the merge update. If she had a one-round before, the only reason she wouldn't have one afterwards is because her opponent failed to double her. I don't see why you would need to change things.


by Ryusun 5 months 1 week ago

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I see, thanks!

And... what does that "wow" mean? I know that distant counter is rare, or is null c that useful? I mean, I got two bad IV Nailah, one -spd/+res and the other +hp/-atk, but merging the res one should fix her.

In any case, thanks for your insight with Tiki.