This team was already strong with Fjorm, but after adding Nailah, this team is unstoppable. Nailah single-handedly destroys the one problem I had with AR: Brave Veronica. Meanwhile Lewyn and his endless AOE Specials just shreds through everything else. I'm close to tier 19 so I might add Leanne to this team mainly for an insane amount of healing.

Asked by ScarletFlame015 months 1 week ago


by enlil 5 months 2 weeks ago

Edit: sorry didnt realize this was your team, thought it was one you were facing off against.

It looks like you're counting on nailah being stronger than whatever they decide to toss at you. You might want to consider at least some sort of insurance against surtr, unless lewyn is enough (not sure if the AI would dance him so he could attack twice + special, if someone decides to double smite surtr or similar in your teams face)

You also might want to consider slapping hardy bearing seal on someone to give you some resilience against vantage-tank based teams.