Aether Fodder

I got a -HP+Def Lucina from a yolo summon. Should I fodder her off for Aether to my SB Nowi? I already have a Soleil. I also need to 5* a Subaki for QR3, and that’ll take up all my feathers, leaving none for any Chrom that I don’t even have.

Asked by ZnFv8 months 4 weeks ago


by TG15 9 months ago

If it’s your first, at least get her to level 40 for the conversation.

And if you don’t plan on using her in any volume, she would be better served as fodder.


As much as I hate seeing anyone sacrifice best girl, if best girl is only used for a benchwarmer, then there’s really no point in keeping her around.

Although they do have AA for that very reason of letting her shine.


That's why I keep certain characters around myself. Especially given how in higher tiers you need all of the Dragonslayers you can have.

But I understand the allure of Aether. If you can wait for a Chrom to pull and the feathers to level him up, you'll feel better about that fodder vs foddering your only copy of a 5-star with high upside.


Exactly. That’s why I was thrilled when best girl came home to me with a +spd-def spread, because that does not hurt her dragonslaying abilities. The merge also helped because she is sitting at a solid 43 speed before I’ve refined her.

It’s also why I’m seriously considering building a Chrom as well. I have 5 or so copies sitting in my barracks taking up space (along with the 10 Hana I just randomly found). I need to start doing something to relieve the pressure in my barracks because I’m at 257/300.


Fury on her? And I feel ya. I'm quick to fodder units for skills or feathers if I can, so I stay around 160 often. 30 or so invested units, and around 10 awaiting merges later on. Soooo.....I probably have too many units. Haha.


She definitely is "salvagable".
She has a super boon in def adding in her refined falchion she has 33 def in addition to her 34/36 atk/spd (38/40 when next to an ally). I really don't see any reason to feed her when Chrom is right there and a TT starts tomorrow, giving you plenty of chances to get feathers.