Adaptive damage question

I thought of a fun close counter build but I wanted to confirm something about the adaptive damage dragons have. It states that "If foe's Range = 2, damage calculated using the lower of foe's Def or Res." If a dragon initiates onto a character with CC, would their defense or res be targeted? After doing some thinking I believe that it refers to the character's default range and as such, archers, mages, and dagger users would be hit by the adaptive damage because their attack range is two.

Hopefully I'm wrong, as it would break my fun dragon killer build otherwise.

Asked by Fiel1 week 4 days ago


You're not wrong. Adaptive damage from dragons always targets the lower defensive stat of ranged units in any situation. Sorry.


You're right. I just ran her with death blow 3 (4 didn't make a difference) and her ploy skill active and she kills just about nearly every single dragon except for the fastest ones, and even then only a single FCorrin build survived.

Edit: I ran the sim again with almost all dragons at +10 (didn't +10 h!myrrh nor h!LTiki because I would never get into whale range) and with a refine in attack, she was able to kill every dragon at +10, minus a speedy FCorrin and FCorrin, dying and inconclusive respectfully.

Actually, due to her weapon, the hardy bearing seal is redundant. With an atk+3 seal she kills all of them, +10 and all.


by Astix 1 week 4 days ago

Range = 2 refers to mages, healers, archers, and dagger users. As long as it is not one those, it always be RES.


It refers to the range on the weapon - "default range" as you call it, though theoretically we could get alternative range weapons - I fancrafted a "Magic Breath" (Mage Stone) onto Idunn that is two range:




Breath: Magic Breath+ (Mt 10) - Range = 2. Inflicts Spd-2. If unit is 5★ and level 40 and unit's stats total less than 170, treats unit's stats as 170 in modes like Arena. If foe's Range = 2, calculates damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res. (SP 400)

Special: Galeforce

B: Magic Onslaught - Slows Special trigger (cooldown count+1). If unit's HP ≥ 80% and unit initiates battle, treats 80% x (unit's innate Spd + innate Res) as unit's Spd during battle. (Unit's innate stat increases from skills like Speed+ are input to calculation. Other stat effects apply to new base.) (SP 300. This skill cannot be inherited.)

C: Breathblast Up - Unit is unaffected by allies' C skills. At start of battle, if unit HP ≥ 80%, unit's skills that trigger only if unit or foe initiates battle trigger in both cases. (Does not apply to specials or skills that change attack order.) (SP 300. This skill cannot be inherited.)


by G1D0 1 week 4 days ago

Dragons will target the lower def/res it doesnt matter if you have CC or not, because they are units with 2 range attack.


I have done extensive testing on this subject due to Breath weapons AND Aegis/Sacred Cowl sharing the "Foe's range = 2". Unfortunately they do NOT mean the same thing. For breath weapons it's weapon based such as Distant Defense, but for Aegis it's map location based. So Aegis will not trigger against a CC unit, but Adaptive damage does.