So with the datamine we also got the Muspell units info and what not, but theirs also a VG going on during the banner so it leads me to think that the banner could be one of 2 things, either Muspell units with the VG being Askr+Fjorm vs Muspell but who would be their 4th unit? Or it could be a PA banner, think about it every seasonal banner had a VG with last years variants if I'm not mistaken and all of 2017's seasonal units have all had a rerun with that and we never got a rerun on the PA banner, I know that PA came out in October last year but wouldn't be the first time they broke patterns, which could also mean the Halloween banner could actually come out during Halloween instead of being a month late like last year. But who knows at this point just need to wait

Asked by GVader10 months 1 week ago