33 speed or lover heroes

Are there any noticeable heroe sin arena that are normally less than 33 Speed? I'm wondering since I wanted to out stuff with a darting blow sharena.

Asked by Gaodzilla1 year 1 month ago


by Joonie 1 year 1 month ago

Generally your bulkier nuking mages like +spd Julia, Sanaki, RobinM, Camilla (Spring), and importantly neutral spd Ike, +spd Nowi and most of horse emblem sit around the 30 spd benchmark, although you'd want to factor in 3 spd from Fury 3 which most of these characters run in order to avoid crucial doubles by the faster characters

by James5 1 year 1 month ago

Problem is +spd IV boon, Fury, Life and Death are so common that with darting blow her 38 speed when attacking is not all that impressive.

She is a balanced hero with emphasis on health and defense, speed is not her forte.

by sivo 1 year 1 month ago

If your speed is less then 30spd then you need atleast a def or res stats of 35+ to remove this 2 hit penality.
See Hector, Xanders Sheena Frederick Julia Sanaki as example slow but have high def or res and are still strong in Arena.

Sharena on other hand let be real is ok not strong not weak . She is still fine Bulky 29 def enough as a lance to kill most of the red lords in game her spd block the most double in game but she will do rare double with a spd of 32 / 35with +3spd a slot or fury what should be really recommend to run to make her more bulky

by Caster 1 year 1 month ago

If your team has spur speed, and your cap Goes above 42 its good