30 oz rum and coke for all those inigos

for all the inigos i pulled instead of azura. heres to all of you in the same boat. may we drown in our sorrow.... or rage build like a few others. May tomorrow's pull provide a better result or another reason to have more rum and coke.... bottoms up folks.

7 inigos and 1 azura and counting...

Asked by Drizzy11 months 2 weeks ago


by mudyez 11 months 3 weeks ago

For all complaining about Inigos or wrong IVs, you can have my none 5*, 70% 3* pulls (with even the few 4*s being shitty with boring skills).

Well, regardless it's still painful to see a Inigio replace an Azura, since you end up thinking "Wow, I had enough luck to pull a unit that I didn't want, but had the same rarity of a character I did want." Imagine spending $50 on a game that is either a game you want, or a game you don't want. You earned the money, which was the first hard part. Now you have to go through the gambling part, which is the really hard part.

I probably haven't spent as much orbs as a lot of others for this banner, but last night, I got a session with five reds. Two sessions later my pity rate was broken by a +Def / -Spd Soren. This game refuses to give me any Dancers.

My pity rate was broken by a 5* Camilla. All my tears. On the upside, the banner last for the entire month, so I have plenty of time to save up some orbs and summon again in the future.

by sulin 11 months 3 weeks ago

Free summon, p. azura, about 50 orbs later another azura, both -spd +def tho. Such is rng