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In this episode of The Owl's Nest, Joshua is joined by GP Feh team member Maskilraid as they discuss the newest iteration of the Gamepress Hero Rankings and the meta of Heroes as a whole.


TON Update: July 15th

Hi there everyone! We hope you've had a good weekend.

Before we start with our update, we just want to thank each any every one of you for your incredible outpouring encouragement of TON. Getting to know all of you has been a very fun experience for Milky and I, and we couldn't have gotten this far without all of you.

Now, the news -- TON will not be continuing at the present time. The project was a great experience and Milky and I have learned a lot from it. However, for a few reasons, it won't be feasible for us to continue for now (primarily due to a lack of resources). We apologize for the abruptness of this decision and we know that it may cause some disappointment right now, but we are looking into alternatives to gain more resources and we are hoping to bring TON back in the (hopefully not too distant) future.

Again, thank you to everyone who has listened so far. You've been the reason we've put the time into every episode. Truly, your support has made each and every minute of TON worth every bit of effort that was put in, and we hope we'll be able to deliver new episodes in the future. Keep being awesome.

- RedFerrari1998


The Owl's Nest is Gamepress' own Fire Emblem Heroes Podcast. Every Sunday, we aim to provide you with high quality Fire Emblem Heroes news and analysis. Each episode will consist of a rundown of the events that have taken place in the past week in Heroes followed by the main topic. Main topics will vary each week, ranging from new unit discussion to other interesting and fun topics.

The Producers

Joshua (RedFerrari1998)

RedFerrari1998 (or simply Red) joined Gamepress in November 2017. Prior to joining the site, he wrote analysis for various characters in Heroes -- all of which can be found on his Reddit profile (They are very outdated though, so be gentle). Since being recruited, Red has worked on writing, updating, and maintaining many different character pages, as well as providing free to play video guides whenever possible for the Grand Hero and Bound Hero battle guides on the website. He is the principal producer of this Podcast, and is looking forward to seeing his concept come to life.

Abby (Milkyytoast)

Milkyytoast (Milky for short) joined Gamepress in December 2017 in the first (and maybe the last?) open casting call for new writers. She graduated from York University with a degree in Professional Writing in June 2017, and prior to gaining her position performed Heroes analysis and memery with her friends and on Discord Servers. In the following months, she would take charge of creating Gamepress’ Fire Emblem Heroes Glossary of terms, creating, updating, and maintaining her character pages, co-ordinating the Guides section of the FEH site, and writing a fair amount of them as well. She is the main post-producer of this Podcast, and has shed many, many tears while slaving away in editing.

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All music used in The Owl’s Nest is produced by Kevin MacLeod - His website can be found here.