Offense Tier List Criteria

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Arena Offense Tier List Criteria

The following is an explanation of how the tier list was made: the criteria each unit was evaluated against and a short explanation on why each unit is placed as they are. Some subjectivity is unavoidable when it comes to tier lists, so we encourage users to seek other perspectives and opinions on unit viability alongside the information in our tier list.

Note: Fire Emblem Heroes provides a significant number of ways to vastly improve units via Skill Inheritance, Ally/Summoner Support, Sacred Seals, Dragonflowers, ally buff support, and so on. Please keep this in mind when considering placements in this tier list, as every unit can be completely viable in all modes of play.

The tier list can be found here.

When placing each unit, this is the primary criteria used:

  • Strength without buffs - How well does the hero perform in combat without buffs or external conditions?
  • Strength with buffs - How well does the hero perform in combat with buffs and team support? Includes Hone, Tactics, Drive, etc.
    • This includes a comparison to the hero’s performance with and without buffs; i.e. Blade tome wielders have their heavy reliance on buff support accounted for.
  • Class Quality - How much does the hero benefit from their class exclusive skills and advantages?
    • This includes accounting for mobility and type-specific buffs.
  • Support/Utility/Potential - This criterion serves to give extra credit to heroes with strong supporting skills and penalize heroes with limited potential.
    • Units that lack full merging and IV potential are additionally evaluated based on how much these downsides affect their overall performance.
  • Ease of Use - How tricky is it to obtain an ideal scenario for a hero’s optimal combat performance?

Factors that were not considered with the same importance include:

  • SP expense – How much SP investment does a unit need for their strongest build?
  • Availability – Has the unit been available to F2P players without the use of orbs, or can they only be summoned as a non-focus 5* unit?

Criteria last updated: 12/07/2018