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Order within tiers is alphabetical and does not reflect hero quality. All heroes are rated equally within each tier.





Tier 1

Tier 1 units consists of heroes who excel in the current metagame: they are among the strongest in the game and bring overwhelming strength to their respective roles, whether it be offense, defense or support. Many Tier 1 heroes are incredibly powerful and will often wield powerful unique weapons and skills. Many of these heroes have phenomenal matchups against the majority of units.

Brave Ephraim
  • Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord is arguably the first armored axe hero to usurp Hector for the number one spot. With a strong, well-optimised stat spread and a powerful unique weapon, Ephraim is an incredibly oppressive hero.
  • Garm is Ephraim's defining skill: the Black Axe allows Ephraim to deliver a follow-up attack provided he has a boosting effect such as Hone/Fortify Armor, Armor March, or Armored Boots. As he already possesses Armor March in his base kit and Armored Boots is available as a Sacred Seal, this effect is easy and straight-forward to activate.
  • Special Fighter complements Ephraim's base kit nicely, allowing him to delay enemy Special attacks while accelerating his own.
  • Distant Counter and Quick Riposte are strong investments in the A slot and B/S slot respectively that can transform Ephraim into a powerhouse hero capable in any and all situation.
  • Though Ephraim doesn't have any significant weaknesses, his Player Phase strength is reliant on maintaining a buff. This leaves him especially susceptible to Panic Ploy, which can revert any buffs granted to Ephraim and nullify Garm's follow-up attack. Armor March on the other hand, leaves him bound to an armored ally.
Brave Hector
  • Hector: Brave Warrior proves that even without his trusty Armads, Hector is a force to be reckoned with and one of the strongest heroes around. Equipped with the powerful Maltet, Hector's fantastic base stats and great access to skills makes him the best lance user in the game, and one of the strongest armored heroes.
  • Maltet is a phenomenal weapon, granting both Special cooldown -1 in addition to Quick Riposte from >50% HP. Alongside Ostian Counter, Maltet solidifies Hector's role as one of the top Enemy Phase heroes in the game, allowing him to shrug off enemy attacks and retaliate with oppressive power. In addition to Bold Fighter, this trio of skills gives Hector an impressive performance in the Player Phase and Enemy Phase alike.
  • Despite Hector's great strength, he does possess a glaring weakness. Green mage heroes can take advantage of his low Speed to KO him, provided that they can do so with two attacks while surviving his retaliation. Nevertheless, Hector remains top of the pack.
Brave Veronica
  • Hliðskjálf is a unique and potent supportive weapon with built in Dazzling Staff that lets Brave Veronica debuff opponents and buff allies simultaneously. In addition to having a free B slot, her strong offensive statline allows her to severely weaken or outright take down most units while safely setting up her teammates to do the same.

  • Veronica can further take advantage of cavalry-exclusive or tactic buffs, augmenting her offenses even further. She fits well on both cavalry and mixed teams and brings incredible mobility and range. She’s able to perform both the supportive or offensive mage roles to their full potential.

  • Veronica’s build flexibility is unparalleled: with powerful builds utilizing skills like Gravity, or Pain and Savage Blow, Veronica is a very versatile hero.

Bridal Fjorm
  • Lion King Fang’s innate Distant Counter combined with the large amount of stats gained on Enemy Phase (combined with his naturally high stats just from being an armor unit) make Caineghis incredibly powerful as a defensive tank.

  • As always, having access to armor-exclusive skills like Special Fighter allow Caineghis to reach a level of combat performance that is very difficult to match for any other movement type.

  • His status as a colorless unit and ability to neutralize all effective damage with just Svalinn Shield make it so he has effectively no major weaknesses (aside from Raven tomes). This makes him particularly fantastic as a superunit in Aether Raids, though he is certainly powerful in all other game modes as well.

  • Transformation requirements make accessing Armor March a bit tricky, as he’ll need to be accompanied by either an armored dragon or beast. However, this can be mitigated by utilizing a beast/dragon team instead, particularly if including the beast/dragon fliers that can utilize Guidance.

Fallen Mareeta
  • The combination of Shadow Sword, a strong offensive spread, and access to Flashing Blade makes Fallen Mareeta a highly potent offensive force. She can make excellent use of an offensive Special like Luna with consistent activations, but she is also a fantastic Galeforce user since she can activate it easily and very safely.

  • Having access to infantry-exclusive skills like her base Null Follow-Up and Infantry Pulse support gives her strong versatility. In particular, Null Follow-Up makes it very hard to shut down her damage output since she can break right through skills like Wary Fighter or Swordbreaker.

  • While Fallen Mareeta’s Enemy Phase presence generally suffers due to her strong emphasis on Player Phase, her Player Phase capabilities are so strong that it generally outweighs her weaknesses.

Fallen Robin (M)
  • Fallen Robin (M) has a monstrously high Attack stat. With a +ATK boon, he has 44 base thanks to a superboon. He leverages this Attack to maximum effect thanks to dealing magical damage to melee enemies as well as the adaptive damage trait of dragon breath weapons against ranged enemies.
  • As an armor, Fallen Robin (M) has access to powerful B slot skills in Bold Fighter and Vengeful Fighter. He has access to the powerful Bold Fighter + Quick Riposte combo unique to armors, and can additionally run Steady/Warding Breath thanks to Expiration having built-in Distant Counter. These skills are particularly destructive on Fallen Robin thanks to his absurdly high attack stat.
  • These qualities don't come without shortcomings however. As a dragon and armored unit, Fallen Robin takes effective damage from a huge range of heroes including those with Falchion, Naga, and anti-armor weapons.
  • Fallen Tiki’s high BST gives her little to no statistical weaknesses to exploit. Razing Breath grants her Distant Counter on her weapon, freeing up her A slot skill and letting her boost her stats even further.

  • Although her lowest stat is Resistance, she has the tools to effectively handle mages and dragons.

  • Unlike almost all other units, she is self-sufficient and can boost her own mobility and her own stats.

Halloween Jakob
  • Halloween Jakob has impressive stats across the board: 42 HP, 35 attack and a defensive spread of 33/32 turn Halloween Jakob into a fearsome unit, capable of taking physical or magical attacks with ease. His poor Speed is easily mitigated by his access to the unique armor skills Wary Fighter, Bold Fighter, and Vengeful Fighter.
  • With Bold Fighter, Ignis, and a Brave Bow, Halloween Jakob can present an immense offensive threat that the vast majority of units struggle to survive.
  • Thanks to his powerful statline, Halloween Jakob can also run a mixed phase set with Close Counter, Bold Fighter, and the Quick Riposte Seal.
Halloween Myrrh
  • Micaiah: Summer's Dawn is one of the stronger dancers in the game, despite her low BST, thanks to her powerful unique weapon and highly specialised stat-line. Dawn Suzu is a fantastic weapon; granting effectiveness against cavalry and armour foes while nullifying skills like Vantage and Desperation. And naturally, Dance gives Micaiah an important support role.
  • Micaiah's weapon in addition to her high Attack and Resistance allow her to check green mage heroes with ease, nullifying the effects that usually safeguard them from retaliation.
  • Dawn Suzu's effectiveness against cavalry and armor also allows Micaiah to check these heroes, most notably the several powerful green armored heroes including Brave Ephraim, Legendary Hector and Fallen Robin (M).
  • Though Micaiah's role is clearly defined, her low BST leaves her vulnerable to any heroes that fall outside of the above. Her low Speed and Defence leave her vulnerable to the overwhelming majority of physical heroes, regardless of color.
  • Karla's incredible offensive statline of 35/40 makes her one of the most potent attackers in the game. Her greatest strength is her Speed stat, which allows her to deal and avoid follow-up attacks with ease, especially if she has a +Spd boon to put her at an astonishing base 44.
  • Karla's mixed defenses are poor, but her high Speed and reasonable HP stat make her deceptively bulky. She has few prevalent counters, outside of exceptionally bulky blue heroes, and heroes running Swordbreaker.
  • Though she lacks a unique Special compared to Ayra, Karla's Vassal's Blade provides straight-forward bonus damage and reduced Special cooldown, which allows her to easily keep up with Ayra's damage output. Against enemies with high Defense, Karla can actually surpass Ayra's damage output (even with Regnal Astra).
Legendary Alm
Legendary Azura
Legendary Hector
  • Hector's third incarnation features yet another incredibly powerful statline, notably including a monstrous base Attack of 40 that can be increased to 44 with a superboon.
  • Thunder Armads lacks the incredible damage output that Berserk Armads provides, but it allows Hector to easily avoid getting doubled (aside from units that can double him through it, such as enemy armored units with Bold Fighter that also naturally outspeed him). This makes him significantly tankier than he may initially appear.
  • As an armor, Hector can utilize the Bold Fighter + Quick Riposte Seal to be able to double on both phases.
  • Ostia's Pulse is a remarkably powerful ability that allows Hector to dramatically change the way some units play, as non-infantry units previously had no access to turn 1 Special cooldown reduction outside of the Quickened Pulse Seal.
Legendary Marth
  • The long awaited Legendary Hero Marth wields the iconic Fire Emblem and a new version of the Falchion sword. These two skills make Marth a fearsome offensive and supportive hero unlike any other. If this weren't enough, Marth: Hero King also possesses an impressive stat-line with a strong offensive spread of 34/36 and reasonably impressive defensive stats of 40 HP and 32 Defense.
  • The Exalted Falchion doubles the effect of any lingering buffs that are granted to Marth, in addition to the usual effectiveness against dragons. This ranges from skills like Hone Atk or Hone Spd for a hefty +8 boost from allies, to Even Spd Wave that Marth can grant to himself for a staggering +12 Speed. In addition to a permanent +3 Speed, the Exalted Falchion allows his already strong base stats to be vastly improved upon.
  • Marth's other noteworthy skill is the aptly named Fire Emblem, which provides bonus damage based on his Speed akin to Regnal Astra while buffing his teammates. This Special skill is consistent, versatile and provides fantastic power on a short cooldown.
  • Marth's only major weakness is his low Resistance, which can be exploited by mage heroes. Despite this, his high Speed safeguards Marth from most follow up attacks, especially if he bolsters his Speed stat through Exalted Falchion.
Legendary Roy
  • Infamously known as the man so fast that enemies wouldn't bother trying to attack him, Lewyn stands out from the crowd thanks to his solid base stats and incredible weapon in Forseti.
  • Forseti allows Lewyn to make immediate follow-up attacks from full HP, allowing him to eviscerate enemy heroes without having to drop below 75% HP like most other mages who run Desperation. This makes Lewyn a powerhouse threat without the need for any set-up or other rounds of combat. Lewyn's strong base stats capitalize on this effect fantastically: provided he has enough Speed, Lewyn should have no trouble defeating his foe.
  • Lewyn also has access to the Special Spiral skill, which provides -2 Special cooldown after combat on the majority of Special skills. This bolsters Lewyn's strength on future initiations as he'll have a powerful Special skill ready to go, and complements Special skills with longer cooldowns like Dragon Fang to provide more damage, or Aether to heal any damage that Lewyn might take and keep him above the 50% threshold for Forseti.
  • Lewyn is an oppresively strong mage, but only under the right circumstances. If Lewyn cannot make a follow-up attack for whatever reason, Forseti's effect is rendered useless. He may be reliant on support and buffs to reach his full potential.
  • Nah: Little Miss boasts an impressive stat allocation across the board. With a fantastic base total of 173, Nah can rival many armored units thanks to her impressive defensive stats and respectable Attack stat.

  • Nah’s most unique feature is her weapon: Oracle’s Breath. This weapon provides bonus Attack and protects Nah from follow-up attacks if Nah is affected by a bonus, allowing her to withstand numerous rounds of combat with ease.

  • Though her infantry status prohibits her from inheriting powerful skills like Special Fighter or Vengeful Fighter, Nah can still perform admirably with other available skills. Wrath can augment her damage output nicely and suits her strong mixed defenses. In addition, infantry status allows her to use Bonus Doubler, which synergises incredibly well with her PRF weapon.

Winter Ephraim
  • Ephraim: Sparkling Gallantly showcases a formidable statline with a strong focus on both taking and dealing damage, boasting great values in HP, Attack, Defense, and Resistance; in particular, his base Attack stat of 41 is nothing short of fantastic and can be elevated even further to a monstrous value of 45 with his four-point Asset. Combined with his strong unique weapon in Festive Siegmund and access to powerful armor-exclusive skills, Winter Ephraim is inarguably one of the strongest lance users in the game with overwhelming potential in both phases. 
  • Festive Siegmund is Winter Ephraim’s unique take on his typical weapon. While relatively simple, its effect is powerful nonetheless, heightening his impressive statline further through its potent +4 in-combat boost to all of his stats when away from his allies. When utilized properly, this boost can result in a massive increase to Winter Ephraim’s destructive potential in either phase. 
  • In addition, Festive Siegmund also provides Winter Ephraim with a consistent -1 Special cooldown and can bolster his damage output significantly, especially when paired with the Special accelerating property of Bold Fighter, Vengeful Fighter, and Special Fighter, through quick but devastating Special activations. 
  • His biggest weakness lies in his low Speed, which can potentially cause him to take significant amounts of damage from strong offensive foes. Fortunately, his good base defensive stats and access to the Fighter skills mitigate this weakness to a large extent, rendering it to be a non-issue in most scenarios. 
Winter Fae
  • Winter Fae is one of the most durable units in the game, with 45 HP, 33 Defense and 41 Resistance without considerations of Assets or Flaws. When combined with skills such as Steady Breath, Steady Stance 4 and the Fighter skills, Winter Fae's Enemy Phase has very high potential.
  • However, what Winter Fae lacks compared to the higher tiers is offensive strength. Fallen Robin (M) being the biggest competition to Winter Fae as he has 6 Attack over Winter Fae, which allows Fallen Robin (M) to have a bigger offensive presence in the Player Phase. Winter Fae might excel in prolonged combat, however that rarely happens in Arena.
  • Winter Fae also does not have a personal weapon. This meant that she does not have additional gimmicks like the units in higher tiers, such as Hector's Berserk Armads, or Surtr's Sinmara.

Tier 2

Tier 2 units are among the strongest in the game. These units will have fantastic matchups against many common threats, making them some of the strongest choices for their role. With resource investment and a synergistic team composition, many of these units can be just as powerful as those in Tier 1.

  • This iteration of Corrin sports a well-rounded statline that immediately sets him apart from his direct competition and grants him a significant amount of versatility. When capitalized on with his access to powerful skills such as Breath skills and Wrath, in addition to his potent unique weapon in Draconic Rage, Corrin can perform as an exceedingly powerful threat in the Enemy Phase. 
  • Corrin’s defining feature is his unique dragonstone weapon, Draconic Rage. In addition to retaining the typical adaptive damage property, this weapon provides a strong offensive boost that complements his well-rounded stat line incredibly well when surrounded by more nearby allies than opponents, pairing well with his defensively oriented playstyle, but more importantly, it is one of the only dragonstone weapons to give its user a passive -1 Special cooldown. 
  • Draconic Rage’s Slaying-esque effect is vastly significant in that it grants Corrin unparalleled build flexibility amongst dragonstone users, possessing the ability to run a variety of different sets effectively. Moreover, this effect also provides him with a substantial advantage in terms of damage output through considerably faster and more reliable Special activations. 
  • His most significant weakness is his relatively unimpressive Resistance stat which can create issues when faced with strong offensive mages, though his good Speed stat and Draconic Rage’s effect make it unlikely that he’ll ever have to take more than one magical hit at a time. Corrin also has an innate weakness to dragon-effective weaponry, with the Naga wielders presenting the greatest threat to him. 
  • Alm was once considered the weakest Falchion user due to his middling stats across the board, but his unique Falchion refinement now sets Alm apart as an offensive powerhouse.
  • 33 base attack seems mediocre at best, but the Valentian Falchion is effectively a 16 might Brave weapon. With a +Atk boon and Death Blow, Alm's attack reaches 58 damage with a brave effect when he initiates combat. He maintains the effective damage against dragons too.
  • The drawback of 'Double Lion' is the -5 HP after his attack, pushing him out of the 100% HP threshold required. This is relatively insignificant however, as Falchion's Renewal effect can easily push him back into range. Breath of Life 3 is another easy way to mitigate this drawback.
  • Furthermore, Alm can completely avoid retaliation from slower units thanks to Windsweep. This is particularly noteworthy, as Double Lion still ensures that Alm can make two attacks instead of just one.
  • Amelia is a well-rounded unit with an excellent stat spread and boasts strength offensively and defensively.

  • She wields Special Fighter very well, and combined with her Speed and Defense, is one of the hardest units to KO.

  • Her offensive damage output is lower than that of some armors, but still very high. Like them, she relies on movement boosters such as Armor March to close the gap.

  • Her low Resistance can leave her susceptible to Blade tome mages or Infantry Pulse teams. She also takes heavy damage from dragons.

  • Ares sports an exceptional 36 Attack. When paired with an Attack-scaling Special such as Draconic Aura, Ares has the potential to take out his opponents in only one hit upon activation. In addition to this, his physical bulk and Speed are both solid as well. 
  • Dark Mystletainn is a phenomenal personal weapon that allows Ares to activate powerful Specials at a constant rate. Depending on the skill-set, Ares can potentially always have his Special ready to fire. 
  • Ares is hurt greatly by his poor magical bulk. At a poor base 18 Resistance, Ares is susceptible to getting taken out in only one hit by magical-damage dealing opponents.
  • Regnal Astra deals consistently high damage on a very low cooldown, far surpassing the effectiveness of Moonbow and Glimmer.
  • Ayra's fantastic Speed allows her to not only deal high damage with Regnal Astra, but also easily double all but the fastest enemies.
  • She can run a powerful mixed phase set thanks to her strong stats; a refined Slaying Edge and the Quickened Pulse Seal combined allow Ayra to unleash Regnal Astra multiple times per combat (potentially boosted by Wrath). This gives her enough damage output to even be able to defeat blue units.
  • Ayra's weakest point is her magical bulk, but with a refined weapon she has enough bulk to avoid getting KO'd in a single hit by most non-blue magical threats.
Azura (Young)
Black Knight
  • With strong values in HP, Attack, Speed, and Defense, Black Knight excels in both Player and Enemy Phase, and possesses two powerful unique skills: Alondite allows him to retaliate against ranged units and frees up his A slot for powerful skills like Fierce Breath or Steady Stance 4. Meanwhile, Black Luna allows Black Knight to cut through even the toughest of units by cutting 80% of his opponent's Defense, skewing many match-ups in his favour. 
  • Thanks to his status as an armored unit, Black Knight also has access to powerful class-exclusive skills such as Bold Fighter, Special Fighter and Vengeful Fighter.
  • Black Knight's greatest weakness is his low Resistance, as he will find himself taking significant damage from magic opponents. Furthermore, his status as an armored unit naturally restricts him to only one movement per turn. 
  • Black Knight used to be strictly worse than Zelgius. However, while he still lacks the ability to have a boon/bane, he can be purchased with Heroic Grails, allowing him to reach high merge levels.
Brave Celica
  • Celica: Warrior Priestess is no doubt one of the strongest Player Phase heroes in the game, thanks to her impressive stat-line and unique B skill: Double Lion. This skill ensures that Celica can make up to four attacks with any weapon she can wield, provided she is at full HP when she initiates combat. This makes Celica a flexible, and monstrously powerful hero.
  • Double Lion functions similarly to the Valentian Falchion's refinement effect or any Brave weapon. It allows Celica to deal four attacks to any enemy she outspeeds, or two attacks to any enemy she cannot outspeed. Her first two attacks are made instantly, giving enemy heroes no chance to KO her with a retaliation. The caveat to this effect is that Celica must be at full HP for the effect to take place. Celica's power comes with a price: she'll be reliant on healing support from a staff user or teammate with an Assist skill to keep this effect intact.
  • Celica also wields her beloved's Royal Sword, which grants +3 Speed and allows her to charge Special skills more quickly when she is nearby allied teammates. This is a strong effect, and can be used to fire off consistent short-cooldown Special skills like Moonbow or Noontime.
  • Despite Double Lion's stringent requirements, this skill remains Celica's best asset. Her ability to utilise this effect with any weapon makes her an incredibly flexible hero, thanks to the multitude of different options including the Royal Sword, Wo Dao, Firesweep Sword and Armorsmasher, to name a few.
Brave Lyn
  • Stellar offenses of 33/35 and an effective five tile range makes Brave Lyn the most oppressive archer in the game.
  • Sacae's Blessing prevents any unit with a sword, lance or axe from counterattacking at range, giving her advantageous match-ups against Ike, Ryoma, and any unit with Distant Counter.
  • She has numerous viable builds: Mulagir nullifies buffs on magic users and grants bonus speed, Brave Bow+ grants fantastic nuking potential, and Firesweep Bow+ completely safeguards Brave Lyn from counterattacks. All three are solid choices.
  • Dragons are her greatest weakness, but Brave Lyn offers incredibly coverage against the majority of heroes.
Bridal Ninian
  • Thanks to her status as both a flier and a refresher, Ninian can provide phenomenal mobility support to her team through both Dance and Guidance. 
  • Despite the BST penalties of her class-type, Ninian's 28/33 offensive statline allow her to perform well as a combatant. In particular, she can shine as a magical nuker on a flier-centric team when utilizing a Blade tome.
  • Ninian severely lacks in her defensive stats. With a physical bulk of only 52, Ninian is highly susceptible to getting taken out in only a single hit from most physical opponents. 
Catria can be downright lethal in a flier emblem team, but requires significant team investment to get her there. Still, with a legendary Slaying Lance that has a conditional Brave effect, her damage ceiling makes her a very attractive team candidate, as she can still put in work even when the effects of her lance are not met.

Celica is an infantry red mage whose tome allows her to reach nuclear levels of offensive power, making her an amazing offensive unit.

Celica’s offensive stat spread is merely good, being strictly outclassed by some red mages. However, Ragnarok more than makes up for this, granting Celica with massive amounts of Attack and Speed.

While Celica does possess good HP for a mage, both of her defensive stats are low and result in her being capable of taking significant damage from both physical and magical threats.

  • As a flier with a phenomenal Attack stat, Cherche can serve as one of the most mobile offensive units in the game. 41 base Attack with a boon is very impressive, and allows Cherche to deal high damage with a variety of weapons, including a Brave Axe, Slaying Axe or Slaying Hammer.
  • Cherche can also make great use of Hit and Run or Drag Back for a B slot skill makes it easier for her to stay out of enemy attack range, either by retreating out of all enemy ranges or close enough to allies for them to reposition her.
  • Cherche can play a key role in mixed or flier teams. The Guidance seal allows her to support infantry allies effectively.
  • Effie's polarizing statline leans heavily towards her Attack with her sporting a monstrous base value of 40. This allows Effie to leave a dent in almost any unit she attacks. Furthermore, Effie's status as an armored unit grants her access to class-exclusive skills such as Bold Fighter and Vengeful Fighter, making her a force to be reckoned with in both Player and Enemy Phase.
  • Although somewhat low for an armored unit, Effie's 33 Defense and massive HP make her a strong physical tank. While her Resistance is on the low side, Effie can actually perform well as a mage duelist. By combining Distant Counter with a refined Slaying Lance or Berkut's Lance, Effie can survive at least one attack and reliably take her opponent out in a single hit on the counterattack. 
  • Effie's weakness stems from her low Speed. At a base value of 22, Effie is highly susceptible to getting doubled by her opponent, massively increasing the amount of damage that they are able to do. Furthermore, her status as an armored unit restricts her to only one movement per turn. 
  • Eir sports an impressive offensive stat spread of 32/37, providing her with a solid foundation for both performing follow-up attacks and dealing damage. Her respectable base Resistance stat of 31 also grants her good magic soak and Ploying capabilities. 
  • Her flexible mobility and access to class-exclusive role serve to cement her offensive capabilities further, making her one of the stronger nukes the colorless pool has to offer.
  • Lyfjaberg’s offensive boost when above 50% HP allows Eir to consistently deal good amounts of damage without necessarily being reliant on team support to do so. Its ability to deny her opponent’s follow-up attack upon initiation is quite useful as well in mitigating her unimpressive overall bulk -- this is especially useful when facing off against magic opponents with the Quick Riposte seal, effectively negating the skill altogether and lessening the damage she would have taken substantially. 
  • Her unique C slot skill, Sparkling Boost, also allows her to provide a unique kind of support to her team, functioning as a pseudo healer to the most damaged ally at the start of every turn, and can be quite useful in PvE modes with consecutive battles. 
  • Eir’s main weakness stems from her pitiful physical bulk, making her liable to be OHKO’d by most physical damage dealing foes. In turn, she will often have to rely on skills such as Desperation to avoid otherwise deadly counterattacks and engage in extended rounds of combat. 
  • Elincia is a prime example of a strong offensive flier. In addition to sporting an exceptional 34/36 Attack/Speed, Elincia's unique weapon, Amiti, acts as a Brave sword with 3 additional mt and a Speed penalty of only 2. 
  • In addition to her mobility being unhindered by terrain, Elincia flier status allows her to receive powerful class-exclusive buffs such as Hone Fliers in order to boost her offensive power even further.
  • While Elincia's Defensive stats may be subpar, she can also choose to run Firesweep Sword in order to prevent any chance of her opponent counterattacking. This also frees up Elincia's B slot for Chill skills which help both her and her team by debuffing the enemy team. However, this comes at the cost of not being able to counterattack herself.
  • While she may have a strong offensive unique weapon in Amiti, Elincia lacks 3 Speed as well as the unique B skill, Bushido compared to Legendary Ryoma.
  • As a healer with a strong offensive spread and an extra point of movement, Elise combines firepower with mobility.
  • She can take great advantage of these boons to cripple enemy heroes using Gravity+ and Dazzling Staff. The combination of these skills allow Elise to attack enemy heroes without fear of retaliation, and reduce their movement to 1. This makes her incredibly effective in setting up kills for her teammates without threat.
  • If that weren't enough, Elise can run both Dazzling Staff and Wrathful Staff in her weapon refinement and B slot skill simultaneously. This allows her to deal surprisingly potent damage while crippling the enemy team.
Eliwood (LA)
  • Eliwood's immense 175 BST is distributed rather evenly among all of his stats, leaving him with no glaring weakness. Although neither of his defensive stats are too impressive individually, Eliwood maintain's a solid mixed bulk of 76/76.
  • Sporting a strong base value of 38, Eliwood hits hard with his raw Attack alone. Furthermore, his status as an armored unit grants him access to powerful class-exclusive skills such as Bold Fighter and Vengeful Fighter, making him a force to be reckoned with in both Player and Enemy Phase. 
  • Compared to Effie, he falls short of her sheer damage output due to her higher base Attack and access to IVs. However, Eliwood has a major advantage defensively. Thanks to his base 32 Speed, Eliwood is able to avoid follow-up Attacks from mid-high tier Speed units and massively reduce the amount of damage he takes.
  • Though he still has no access to boon/bane stats, Heroic Grails allow Eliwood to reach a +10 merge level, greatly improving his maximum potential.
  • With Siegmund's unique refinery upgrade, Ephraim is guaranteed a follow-up attack against any unit he initiates on when above 90% HP. When coupled with his impressive 35 Attack, Ephraim can perform as an offensive powerhouse despite his low base Speed. This can be further boosted through the use of skills such as Death Blow and Wrath.
  • Ephraim is a phenomenal user of the Heavy Blade Sacred Seal. Coupled with his aforementioned weapon refinement and Ephraim can take down even the toughest of opponents on his follow-up attack. 
  • In addition to his Player Phase prowess, Ephraim retains his ability to buff the Attack of adjacent allies, giving him the supplementary role of a buffbot. 
  • Though he remains relatively vulnerable on the Enemy Phase due to low speed and resistance, his high HP pool and respectable defense gives him reasonably bulk against physical attacks.


  • Thanks to her dragon status, Fae has access to powerful weapons such as Lightning Breath as well as the ability to refine them for their adaptive damage trait against ranged units. She also has access to powerful skills like Steady/Warding Breath, Null Follow-Up, and Null C-Disrupt which can all greatly benefit her ability to act as a tank.

  • Sporting solid values in HP, Attack, and Resistance, Fae's weakness lies in her rather low Speed and Defense. She often finds herself getting doubled and taking significant damage from fast physical opponents. However, these stats can be brought up to par through investment such as weapon refinement and team support, making her an excellent mixed tank.

  • Fae is unfortunately outclassed by most other green dragons, but even as a baseline she’s quite an effective unit.

  • Due to her class type, Fae has an innate weakness to dragon-effective weapons such as Falchion and Naga.

Fallen Berkut
  • Fallen Berkut wields the unique lance Kriemhild, which grants him fantastic defensive match-ups against the overwhelming majority of ranged attackers as he can not only retaliate against attackers, but also deny their follow-up attack.
  • Kriemhild also grants Berkut a unique role in damaging his allies. While this can be counter-productive, pairing Berkut with allies that can take advantage of this effect, such as those running skills like Desperation, Wrath and Vantage, turns this effect into a powerful asset.
  • Berkut’s relatively mediocre HP hurts his effectiveness as a wall somewhat, and he has limited access to defensive skills due to his cavalry classification. Nevertheless, Berkut can be a powerful high-mobility ranged tank.
Fallen Hardin
  • With an exceptional stat-line almost entirely across the board, Distant Counter built in to his weapon Gradivus, and access to powerful armor skills, Fallen Hardin can be one of the most threatening heroes in the game.
  • If Fallen Hardin equips Gradivus, Steady Breath, Bold Fighter and the Quick Riposte Sacred Seal, Hardin can pose serious threat to enemy heroes during both phases. On the other hand, his strong defensive stats make him a great user of Vengeful Fighter, as it allows him to make follow-up attacks and charge powerful special skills like Bonfire more quickly.
  • Whether he opts to mix his power between both phases or throw all his ability into dominating just one, Hardin is a dangerous threat that should never be taken lightly.
  • Gunnthrá's respectable offensive spread of 31/33 makes her a stronger offensive green tome cavalry than her rival Cecilia.
  • With her low, albeit specialised stat-line, Blizzard, Res Ploy and Chilling Seal enable Gunnthrá to bolster her stats and debuff the enemy. She can deal considerable damage to most enemies, provided she can maximise the effects of her debuffs.
  • Though she is easily the strongest green tome cavalry unit, her effectiveness is held back by the frequency of many sword-wielders with the Distant Counter skill. Her low defense and lack of Desperation leaves her incredibly vulnerable to these heroes.
Halloween Dorcas
Halloween Henry
  • As an armored unit, Henry has the advantage of both a higher BST and access to extraordinarily powerful class-exclusive skills such as Bold Fighter, Special Fighter and Vengeful Fighter. 
  • In contrast to many other armored units, Halloween Henry leans more towards his offensive stats with 33 Attack and 34 Speed. In addition to this, his Resistance is at an extraordinary base value of 36. Not only does this allow him to be an exceptional magic tank, it also makes him a superb user of Ploy skills. 
  • In addition to his class type relegating him to only one movement, Henry has terrible physical bulk for an armored unit at a base value of only 62.
Halloween Kagero
  • Base 38 Attack makes Halloween Kagero one of the most powerful ranged attackers in the game.
  • Being an Armor is a blessing giving her access to Bold Fighter. With Bold Fighter, Kagero can completely circumvent her low Speed and consistently get follow-up attacks.
  • She is very tough to OHKO due to her great base Defense and Resistance.
  • Overall, there is very little holding her back as a unit. Halloween Jakob is the only better ranged attacker, due to his ability to quad-attack with a Brave Bow and Bold Fighter.
Halloween Mia
Halloween Niles
  • Halloween Niles shines offensively for an armored unit and totes one of the strongest offensive stat spreads of all ranged heroes, granting him considerable combat prowess right off the bat.  
  • As an armored unit, Halloween Niles has several key advantages over his infantry and mounter counterparts, such as receiving a substantial boost to his BST as well as access to extraordinarily powerful class-exclusive skills like Bold Fighter, Vengeful Fighter, but most notably, Special Fighter. 
  • Thanks to his absurdly high-Speed stat, Halloween Niles is one of the few armored units who can take full advantage of Special Fighter. When utilized in tandem with a Brave Bow and Glacies, the Nohrian archer can function as a formidable offensive nuke capable of controlling the course of the battle, preventing his opponent’s Special activation while accelerating his own as he unleashes a powerful barrage upon his foe. 
  • Halloween Niles’ most significant weaknesses lie in his overall unimpressive bulk; in particular, his physical bulk is quite bad for an armored unit at a base value of only 62. He also suffers from poor mobility and a weakness to armor-effective weaponry. 
  • His status as a blue archer detracts from his overall effectiveness substantially as it disallows him from leveraging his strong offensive potential against greens, resulting in Halloween Niles having much less applicability than if he had been colorless. His color typing does, however, come with the benefit of virtually ensuring his victory against unsuspecting red opponents though. 
  • Berserk Armads is easily one of the most powerful weapons in all of Fire Emblem Heroes, and Hector can make great use of it to decimate his enemies. Combining it with Ignis and Bold Fighter or Bonfire, Wrath, and the Quickened Pulse Seal allow Hector to land hugely damaging Specials that often destroy enemies despite color disadvantage.
  • Hector's base Armads still has some utility in freeing up his Seal when running Bold Fighter, or running an "omnibreaker" set with Wary Fighter and the Quick Riposte Seal, allowing him to guarantee doubles while simultaneously denying enemy doubles.
  • Hector is outclassed by a seasonal variant of himself; however, thanks to his access to Berserk Armads, he is still an incredibly powerful combatant in his own right.
Hector (LA)
  • As if Hector: General of Ostia weren't powerful enough, Hector: Just Here to Fight raises the bar higher. He trades a few points in HP and speed for higher attack, defense and resistance. These stat changes allow Hector to safely dump his speed, and provides stronger combat against both physical and magical threats.
  • Berserk Armads is easily one of the most powerful weapons in all of Fire Emblem Heroes, and Hector can make great use of it to decimate his enemies. Combining it with Ignis and Bold Fighter or Bonfire, Wrath, and the Quickened Pulse Seal allow Hector to land hugely damaging Specials that often destroy enemies despite color disadvantage.
  • Hector's low Speed is fairly simple to mitigate thanks to his access to skills like Bold Fighter and Wary Fighter. His best builds involve him circumventing his Speed as much as possible while maximizing his ability to unleash his Specials.
  • Helbindi makes for an amazing defensive axe fighter thanks to his personal weapon and extremely optimized defensive statline.

  • With 44 HP, 35 Defense, and 31 Resistance, Helbindi’s overall bulk cannot be faulted. He is capable of taking multiple hits from both physical and magical foes alike. On top of this, his high 35 Attack allows him to deal great damage to anyone who attacks him in return.

  • Býleistr allows Helbindi to perform as a surprisingly effective support unit. This weapon grants him with an all-around stat boost at the start of every odd-numbered turn, making it effectively Odd Spectrum Wave. As he can use this to buff his other allies, he can make a great pairing for almost anyone who benefits heavily from buffs, such as Blade tome mages.

  • His one weak point is his Speed. He is extremely easy to perform follow-up attacks against which does hinder his overall bulk. It also relegates him to a defensive build as his offensive performance on Player Phase is very poor.

Hinoka (WF)
  • Hinoka (WF) combines powerful flier mobility with exceptional ranged offense as the game's first flying archer.
  • The Warrior Princess bow is a strong, straight-forward choice that buffs Hinoka's combat and support ability considerably. She can also perform incredibly well with a Firesweep Bow, as her class enables her to bypass terrain and engage enemy heroes with ease.
  • Hinoka (WF) does suffer from poor defense, which makes her Firesweep build much more appealing. Without the protection it offers, she may struggle considerably against physical DC heroes, who represent her greatest obstacle.
  • Hríd: Icy Blade is undoubtedly one of the most versatile cavaliers around thanks to the power of his unique personal weapon, as well as his incredibly min-maxed statline consisting of strong values across the board aside from his poor base Speed stat. In addition to sporting excellent mixed bulk, Hríd possesses one of the highest base Attack stats in the game at an exceptional value of 37. It can be heightened to even further extents thanks to his 4-point Attack Asset. 
  • As a cavalry unit, Hríd benefits from access to class-exclusive buffs and superb mobility, both strengths which he can use to strengthen his overall potential significantly. 
  • Hríd’s defining feature is his legendary sword, Gjöll, which grants +3 Attack as well as the ability to secure his own follow-up attack and deny his opponent’s so long as they are inflicted with a status ailment. Given Hríd’s high Attack stat and good overall bulk, this weapon can be devastating when utilized properly as it enables him to both hit hard and easily shrug off most forms of offensive pressure; Gjöll also allows him to effectively bypass his low Speed and causes it to be a non-issue most of the time. 
  • Furthermore, the fact that Gjöll is not locked to a specific phase guarantees that Hríd can assert himself as a force to be reckoned with both on the offensive and on the defensive, greatly contributing to his astonishing amount of versatility. 
  • Freezing Seal is a powerful ability that directly mirrors his elder sister’s unique B slot skill, debuffing the opponent with the lowest Resistance by -6 Atk/Spd. Not only does this have fantastic compatibility Gjöll, but it also allows Hríd to function as a strong support unit as this powerful debuff can be exploited by his allies as well, providing them with a strong advantage against whomever it hits. 
  • Ishtar's Attack/Speed stand tall at a base value of 34/36. This allows her to perform exceptionally well as an offense-oriented magic nuker. 
  • Mjolnir supplements this playstyle perfectly. Not only does it allow her to activate powerful Specials more frequently, it grants a massive boost to her Speed upon initiation.
  • Although not quite as sparse as other infantry blue mages such as Linde and Delthea, Ishtar is rather lacking in her physical bulk and often relies on Desperation in order to avoid getting KO'd on enemy counterattacks. 
  • Ishtar benefits massively from powerful offensive sacred seals like Flashing Blade or Quickened Pulse, which can allow her to charge special skills more quickly.
Kana (F)
  • Boasting incredibly solid stats across the board, Kana (F) can serve as a powerful offensive or defensive hero. She also has access to a range of powerful skills including Lightning Breath, Steady/Warding Breath, Quick Riposte and Wrath. With these skills, Kana (F) is a formidable hero that can be a fearsome Enemy Phase presence.
  • Kana boasts a respectable 34 base Speed, which is crucial to her role as an offensive and defensive hero. Alongside her 30 Attack and 33 Defense, Kana can deal with most enemy heroes capably. With Warding Breath, Kana's lowest stat, her Resistance, reaches a pretty impressive 30 when defending.
  • With such strong stats, the only real weakness Kana suffers from is against fast red heroes who risk KO'ing her if they can make a follow-up attack. Kana particularly suffers against heroes with effective damage against dragons: the Falchion users all have triangle advantage against Kana which guarantees their KOs against her. Julia and Deirdre can also KO her in some scenarios as they suffer no triangle disadvantage against Kana. Despite these hard counters, Kana (F) is an exceptional hero.
Kana (M)
  • Thanks to his dragon status, Kana has access to powerful weapons such as Lightning Breath as well as the ability to refine them for their coveted effect, adaptive damage against ranged units. This greatly increases his effectiveness in combat, as ranged units often have polarizing defensive stats.
  • With solid stats across the board, Kana serves as both a strong duelist and mixed tank. Compared to Nowi, Kana's major downside is his inability to receive IVs and having a very limited amount of merges due to his event unit status. 
  • Due to his class type, Kana also has an innate weakness to dragon-effective weapons such as Falchion and Naga. 
  • Kjelle’s excellent Attack stat (potentially 44 with a +ATK Asset) gives her exceptional damage output when utilized with skills like Bold Fighter or Special Fighter.

  • Kjelle has strong mixed bulk, particularly if she chooses to utilize her base Barrier Lance.

  • While Kjelle is equal or better than Effie in every stat except for HP, she doesn’t really do anything different other than being slightly better.

  • Kjelle’s lack of a unique weapon makes it difficult for her to stand out compared to someone like Brave Hector, though her strong stat spread does help her considerably.

Legendary Eirika
  • With amazing 31/39 offensive stats and an incredibly powerful exclusive skill, Legendary Eirika is capable of almost unrivaled damage output.

  • Lunar Brace, her exclusive B slot skill, is the main source of this power. Lunar Brace increases the power of Legendary Eirika’s Special by 50% of her opponent’s Defense. While this is at the cost of a higher Special cooldown, this skill puts Moonbow on damage equivalent to Black Luna and is actually technically superior thanks to Lunar Brace dealing true damage.

  • While Legendary Eirika comes with Storm Sieglinde, a powerful exclusive weapon than grants her extra defensive stats and increased Special charge when there are more enemies than allies within two spaces, one might want to replace this with a Slaying Edge which allows her to more easily benefit from support from her allies.

  • Legendary Hero Ephraim is a strong lance-wielding cavalier with potential for powerful Player Phase and Enemy Phase thanks to his unique skills: Flame Siegmund and Solar Brace.
  • Flame Siegmund allows Ephraim to make follow-up attacks regularly despite his low speed stat, provided he keeps a reasonable distance from allied heroes. This isn't too hard to achieve with his 3 movement, but makes Flame Siegmund a poor choice for an Enemy Phase build, where a +Def forged Slaying Lance is the best alternative.
  • Solar Brace is Ephraim's other unique skill, which grants him some sustain through his Special skills. This is best used alongside skills that already grant health recovery such as Aether, and Ephraim's high attack and additional +3 through his legendary weapon makes Heavy Blade a strong addition to this skillset. His effectiveness is incredibly reliant on quickly charging his Special skill however, meaning Ephraim may struggle in many match-ups if he does not have is Special skill ready.
  • Though Legendary Hero Ephraim's effectiveness is reliant on several variables, and trenches hinder his Player Phase power, he can be a fantastic offensive unit under the right circumstances.
Legendary Ike


  • There's strong argument that Legendary Ike is an upgrade of his previous iteration. At the cost of 1 point of HP and 1 point of Speed, Ike: Vanguard Legend gains an extra point of Attack and an impressive +3 to both Defense and Resistance.

  • Radiant Aether is also a direct upgrade, as it offers the same effect as Aether on a shorter cooldown. The shorter cooldown unlocks new options for Legendary Ike, including a Special Spiral build.

  • Most of the old strengths and weaknesses still apply: though middling speed hinders Legendary Ike's effectiveness as a strong Player Phase unit, his skills are perfectly suited to a strong Enemy Phase. He is even more effective in this role thanks to his increased defensive stats and Radiant Aether.

Legendary Lucina
  • Legendary Lucina boasts an impressive offensive stat-line of 34/35. With that said, the real highlights are Lucina's unique weapon and assist skill: Thögn grants an impressive boost to all of her combat stats against physical attackers and dragonstone heroes, whereas Future Vision allows Lucina to swap spaces with an ally and gain another action. This gives Lucina: Glorious Archer an immense area of coverage.
  • Lucina is most threatening when she is behind her allies, as she can utilise Future Vision to catch enemy heroes off guard from outside the standard infantry range. Provided she does not suffer a triangle disadvantage, she can dispatch many enemy heroes with ease thanks to the bonus stats granted by Thögn.
  • Legendary Lucina's greatest drawback is her poor mixed bulk and blue colour. Her blue colourization leaves her incredibly vulnerable to the powerful green heroes that frequent the Arena, most of whom can retaliate from range. Hector, Myrrh and Fallen Robin (M) will pose the greatest threats to Lucina.
  • In addition to having the superior mobility of a flying unit, Robin also has the advantages that come with being a dragon. This is present in her powerful personal weapon, expiration, which has both Distant Counter and adaptive damage combined into a 16mt weapon with no cooldown penalty.
  • Robin's unique A skill, Dragonskin, circumvents the weaknesses tied to Robin's flying type as well as giving a boost to her overall bulk. With flier-effective weapons being accounted for as well as Robin being colorless, there are not many innate weakness to exploit.
  • Despite this, Robin's status as a flier serves as a somewhat detriment. The lack of access to skills such as Steady Breath as well as her somewhat lacking base Attack of 32 can cause Robin's damage output to be somewhat lacking. 
Legendary Ryoma
  • Being one of the fastest fliers while maintaining a great attack stat, Legendary Ryoma makes for a devastating wielder of Firesweep Sword+.
  • His unique personal skill, Bushido further augments his power, allowing him to deal extra damage upon landing an offensive special. Combined with the Heavy Blade seal, Ryoma will easily activate specials between bouts of combat.  
  • While he does come with Raijinto, his mediocre defense and poor resistance make this weapon a subpar alternative compared to Firesweep Sword+.
  • Despite his average bulk, the combination of flier mobility, blistering speed, and Bushido makes Ryoma a fearsome Player Phase attacker.
  • Lethe is the first red beast cavalry available. She comes with great offensive stats and a powerful personal weapon which makes her a strong option for anyone looking for a Player Phase oriented red unit.

  • Brazen Cat Fang, Lethe’s personal weapon, grants her with the Atk/Spd Solo skill. This further bolsters her offensive capabilities whenever she has no adjacent allies. Combined with her aforementioned great offensive stats, Lethe can have amazing offensive power with little effort.

  • This comes at the cost of relatively poor defensive capabilities. While she is by no means fragile, she will still take considerable damage, particularly on Enemy Phase where she can’t benefit from the beast cavalry transformation bonus.

  • Blessed with a phenomenal attack stat and a powerful unique ground, Lilina has surpassed any previous competition to be the Queen of the OHKO.
  • With the unique refinement on the Forblaze tome, Lilina's attack on initiation reaches an effective base 43; 46 with a +Atk boon. This is staggeringly high considering that this is before considering the -7 Resistance she can apply through Forblaze as well as any other effects from her other skills. With small investment, Lilina's damage output in a single attack can reach incredible heights.
  • Lilina's biggest weakness is her lack of Speed, which leaves her vulnerable against any enemy she fails to OHKO. Breaker skills can help Lilina guarantee KOs during the Player Phase, but her poor defenses will do little to ensure her safety if she finds herself attacked.
  • Despite a lack of access to Assets and Flaws, Linus is still a very strong axe infantry unit who can perform alongside fellow high tier axe units.

  • With solid stats in all areas except Resistance and access to Basilikos, a very powerful exclusive weapon which is a Slaying Axe that can be refined to give Life and Death or a simple stat bonus, Linus is a versatile unit capable of running both offensive and defensive sets to great effect.

  • His Resistance is really bad and magical foes will be easily capable of dealing great damage to him, so one should take caution if he’ll be fighting mages or dragons

  • His status as a Grand Hero unit does still have a notable impact on him. With no Asset and Flaw access, Linus does suffer from an inability to optimize his stats further. This is not the largest negative however, shown by just how strong he can be regardless.

  • Lucina is a red sword-wielding unit, who comes fit to fight dragons and humans alike. She's known for her excellent 34/36 Attack and Speed, which she combines with one of the best weapons in the game, the Awakening Falchion.
  • Unlike many other high-tier swords, Lucina's primary value comes through her powerful offensive, support and anti-dragon capacities. Once refined, her Falchion gives her substantial stat boosts.
  • This build flexibility to fit an offensive, defensive or supportive role makes Lucina one of the most versatile units available.
  • Low Defense and Resistance are her most obvious flaws, but even these are partially mitigated through her Falchion refine.
  • Lucina is one of the few high-tier swords weak to Swordbreaker. This is because she does not build around OHKO's unlike Ayra, Karla, Zelgius and Elincia.
Lyn (LA)
  • As an armored unit, Lyn has the advantage of both a higher BST and access to extraordinarily powerful class-exclusive skills such as Bold Fighter, Special Fighter and Vengeful Fighter. 
  • In contrast to many other armored units, Love Abounds Lyn leans more towards her offensive stats with 31 Attack and 36 Speed. In addition to this, she also sports a solid Resistance of 34. Not only does this allow her to be an exceptional magic tank, it also makes her a great user of Ploy skills. 
  • Functionally, Lyn is very comparable to Halloween Henry considering they have very similar stats. However, Lyn's slightly lower Attack in favor of additional Speed ends up being useless when utilizing Bold Fighter. However, it does help her defensively by allowing her to avoid a wider range of follow-up attacks. 
  • In addition to her class type relegating her to only one movement, Lyn's physical bulk is rather on the low side for an armored unit at a base value of only 64. 
  • With a phenomenal offensive statline of 35/33 and her status as a cavalry unit, Maribelle combines combat prowess with fantastic support and mobility. 
  • Maribelle can make great use of power staffs such as Gravity+ and Pain+ in tandem with the coveted Dazzling+Wrathful Staff combination in order to completely cripple an enemy team without any fear of retaliation. Maribelle's offensive stats are so good in fact that not she can take out her opponents outright. 
  • Maribelle should avoid taking hits at all costs, especially physical ones. With an extraordinarily low physical bulk of 50, Maribelle is highly susceptible to getting taken out in only a single hit by physical opponents. 
Masked Marth
  • Masked Marth is identical to Lucina: Future Witness in almost every way except she lacks access to IVs and heavy merges. 
  • While her access to a boon/bane stat grants Lucina a higher ceiling, Masked Marth's availability as a Tempest Trial reward means that long-term players who have received Masked Marth as a reward can easily reach high merge levels, effectively levelling the playing field.
  • Masked Marth also has access to the same weapon refinement as Lucina, which can grant a powerful combat boost when adjacent to an ally during combat. This effect, along with easily obtainable merges, can grant Masked Marth a stat-line that far exceeds her base stats at level 40.
  • Mia possess formidable offensive power: solid attack, the highest speed stat in the game, and an exclusive weapon in the Resolute Blade. She is undoubtedly one of the strongest Player Phase units in the game.
  • Resolute Blade's effect and Flashing Blade in her base kit pushes her special skill damage incredibly high. The addition of Wrath enables Mia to win some match-ups she should have no right winning, provided her special skill is charged.
  • Though very similarly matched, Mia falls just short of Ayra, thanks to the Isaachian's unique special skill Regnal Astra.
  • Thani transforms Micaiah from a mediocre mage with high Resistance, to a superb, flexible, anti-meta hero with stellar offensive and defensive builds.
  • Micaiah will always have high Resistance, even with a Resistance bane. This makes her a superb check to red and blue mages.
  • Her middling Speed is offset by her superb Attack. Thani's effective damage allows Micaiah to OHKO nearly every cavalry and armor unit in the game.
  • Micaiah suffers from low physical bulk however, which is her greatest drawback. She struggles greatly against melee units and archers.
  • Her solid base stats and unique breath attack make Myrrh an incredibly effective tank. 33 Attack, 36 Defense and 31 Resistance ensures that she can not only take physical and magical attacks well, but also deal considerable damage in return.
  • Great Flame's ability to deny followup attacks allows Myrrh to further improve her exceptional defensive capabilities, as it gives her one of few options to deny armored units' offensive prowess through Bold Fighter.
  • Though she cannot use Steady Breath and Wrath unlike other dragons, the perks of being a flier make up for this. Myrrh possesses excellent mobility, and access to Flier buffs (and dragon buffs) and Guidance gives her a distinct role in several different team compositions. Her weakness to bows can also be remedied with the Iote's Shield Seal, though she will struggle to handle anti-dragon units like those with Falchion.
Naga (Unit)
  • Wolf Queen Fang is an exceptional weapon; not only does it grant boosts to Nailah’s offensive stats based on nearby allies, but it also combines a -1 Special cooldown with +10 damage on Specials (when transformed), allowing her to output massive damage whenever her Special activates.

  • Glare can be a bit tricky to utilize due to Nailah being a melee unit, but it offers her unique utility that can only be matched by healers with Gravity+.

  • The conditions for transformation can be a bit tricky to work with, and Nailah is rather unimpressive without her transformation boosts. However, while transformed, she is an incredibly potent force.

  • Thanks to Nephenee's high Speed and solid Defense, she performs well as both an offensive unit as well as a physical tank. 
  • While her base Attack may not seem that impressive, her unique weapon, Dauntless Lance, supplements all the damage she needs. Not only does it allow Nephenee to activate her Special more frequently thanks to its Slaying effect, it also grants effective damage against armors. Not even Hector is safe from this powerful combination. 
  • On top of this, Dauntless Lance can also be refined for the additional effect of +4 Speed/Defense when initiated on, further boosting Nephenee's prowess in the Enemy Phase. 
  • Nephenee's greatest weakness is her poor magical bulk. At a base value of only 57, Nephenee will often find herself getting massively chunked if not outright killed by magical attacks. 
New Year Azura
  • Thanks to her status as both a flier and a refresher, Azura is able to provide unparalleled movement support for her allies through the use of both Sing and Guidance. 
  • Despite her aforementioned class-type limiting her BST, Azura has a solid offensive statline of 30 Attack and 35 Speed. As such, she is no pushover when it comes to combat. 
  • Azura is by no means a tank and should tread carefully when taking on opponents. Both her physical and magical bulk sit at low base values of 55 and 59 respectively. 
New Year Fjorm
  • Gunnthrá: Year’s First Dream possesses an incredible statline that immediately distinguishes her as one of the stronger sword fliers released to date. Offensively, she sports an impressive offensive spread of 34/37 that inherently provides her with formidable combat prowess, not to mention her surprisingly decent defenses of 27/26 respectively which allow her to function as a capable duelist when combined with Hikami.

  • New Year Gunnthrá’s status as a flier gives her access to powerful class-exclusive buffs such as Hone Fliers to further bolster her offensive presence, in addition to granting her superb mobility that allows her to make unrestricted use of her unique weapon.

  • Hikami’s versatility cannot be understated, capacitating New Year Gunnthrá to function as a strong offensive flier and capable support unit simultaneously. Through its debilitating -4 debuff on all stats to the nearest foes within four spaces of her, Hikami can dramatically alter the course of the battle in her favor, effectively granting New Year Gunnthrá and her team with a substantial boost to their raw damage output, survivability, and doubling potential against whomever it hits. Moreover, it also provides her with a solid +3 Speed boost to further her offensive presence.

  • In comparison to her direct competition, Elincia, Legendary Ryoma, and Laegjarn, New Year Gunnthrá trades some of their raw offensive power in favor of slightly more consistency and fantastic supportive capabilities, both notable advantages that make her well deserving of her spot amongst some of the more powerful sword users in the game.

  • With a decent 36/30 offensive statline and access to cavalry buffs, Laevatein can be quite a potent offensive force with the Dazzling/Wrathful Staff combo.

  • As a cavalry unit, Laevatein has excellent mobility that she can fully take advantage of as both a healer and an offensive unit.

  • As a healer, Laevatein has access to weapons with very potent effects like Pain, Gravity, Flash, or even her base Kumade.

  • Nino is a infantry green mage. Despite being one of the launch characters, Nino is one of the best offensive options for a green mage thanks to her amazing personal weapon and great stats.

  • Iris’s Tome, Nino’s personal weapon, is what gives her so much power. Without refinement, it is simply a more powerful blade tome with extra might and no Special cooldown penalty. The real power comes with refinement where it gains the Even Atk Wave skill. This can be further combined with Wave skills in the C slot and Sacred Seal slot to make Nino extremely self-sufficient, unlike other Blade tome users which rely on allies to buff them. She is also amazing support because of it as well.

  • Nino possesses a solid 33/36 offensive spread. She deals good damage even when disregarding her tome and also has great follow-up potential. While far from outstanding, she also comes with decent Resistance which allows her to take a hit or two from some magical foes. Her physical bulk is very poor however, so do be careful.

Nino (SF)
  • Nino: Pale Flower combines mobility with firepower, possessing one of the strongest offensive statlines among mages in addition to flier movement. This makes her a menacing hero. Nino's base 38 Speed sets a new standard, and base 33 Attack is a great foundation.
  • Nino comes equipped with the Giga Excalibur tome, a unique weapon that complements her naturally high Speed. This weapon can be devastating against foes with low Speed, but the popular Blade tome remains a competitive alternative.
  • Nino's defenses are quite poor, to the surprise of nobody, and she relies upon skills like Desperation to avoid retaliation. With that said, Nino is undoubtedly one of the best mages in the entire game.
  • Nowi can counter from range and boast impressive stats across the board with a forged Lightning Breath+, as well as deal damage to the weaker defensive stat of any ranged enemies.
  • Steady Breath vastly improves the effectiveness of her Enemy Phase, and makes higher-weighted special skills like Aether much more effective.
  • Her speed is important for defense rather than offense: Quick Riposte allows her to KO enemies with ease, and avoiding follow-up attacks greatly improves her survivability.
Olivia (YT)
  • Combining the abilities of both Performing Arts and New Years Azura, Olivia is able to provide unparalleled support. Not only does she provide additional mobility to her teammates through both Dance and Guidance, her unique weapon, Skuld, grants a +3 buff to all stats after refreshing someone. 
  • As a combatant, Olivia's offensive statline of 30/34 allows her to perform serviceably well in taking on opponents, particularly on a flier team where she can receive class-exclusive buffs. 
  • Olivia should tread carefully when taking on physical opponents, as her low physical bulk of 55 can make her susceptible to getting taken out in only a single hit. 
Olwen (WT)
  • Olwen: Righteous Knight possesses powerful offensive stats for a cavalry mage, and a superb unique weapon. Wielding a superior version of the Gronnblade without the special charge penalty, Olwen excels when she receives Hone or Tactics buffs from her teammates.
  • Though her Defense is poor, Olwen (WT) has respectable Resistance, allowing her to survive attacks from common blue mages that fail to secure follow-up attacks.
  • With her strong base stats, Olwen can be a strong offensive unit, but will only truly excel when supported by her allies.
  • With stats practically identical to Ayra, it should come as no surprise that Owain is an incredibly strong sword fighter with a lot of positives and few negatives.

  • He may not have an exclusive Special like Ayra, but his base Special Blue Flame is still incredibly powerful and gives him a potentially huge increase to damage output.

  • Thanks to Owain’s personal weapon Missiletainn, granting him additional Special Charge when he is attacked, he is capable of imitating the effects of the powerful armor-exclusive skill Special Fighter when using Guard in the B slot and Heavy/Flashing Blade in the Sacred Seal slot.

  • Owain is extremely versatile and can run plenty of other sets too. He can follow in Ayra’s footsteps and use the same mixed phase nuke build that she enjoys so much or any number of defensive-oriented combinations. He can even just inherit an Assist of choice and use the entirety of his amazing base skill set.

Performing Azura
  • Azura (Performing Arts) is easily among the strongest dancers in the game thanks to her unique weapon Urðr. Not only does the weapon help improve her naturally low arena weighting, but it also grants +3 to every stat but HP to any ally that Azura dances for. Though Azura's ally must have already taken an action to receive these buffs, the sheer power of +3 to every stat can be enough to push most fights in favour of the player.
  • In addition, she's quite a capable unit on her own: her stats are near identical to those of Azura - Lady of the Lake, but with slightly improved offenses for weaker HP and Def. This makes her a great candidate for more offense-oriented skills like Fury or Distant Counter compared to other dancers, though Triangle Adept is always a safe choice to guarantee strong matchups against blue units.
  • Performing Azura's weaknesses are similar to the weaknesses of other dancers. Low BST means she'll contribute poorly to Arena scores, and her defenses are relatively poor. With that said, Performing Azura can perform exceptionally well on the majority of teams thanks to her unrivalled support role.
Picnic Felicia
Picnic Flora
Picnic Lukas
  • Picnic Lukas can wield immense physical power thanks to his incredible base Attack and Defense. With his impressive bases, Lukas can duel physical enemy heroes better than almost any other hero in the game.

  • As an armored hero, Lukas also has access to Bold Fighter, Vengeful Fighter and Wary Fighter. The former two skills can improve his offensive presence whereas Wary Fighter will provide some additional bulk against dragons and mages.

  • Though the advantages of his class are plentiful, Lukas’ poor movement and low Resistance leave ill-equipped to fight mages. He should avoid these heroes, as well as dragons, at all costs.

  • Dire Thunder sets Reinhardt apart from his adversaries: a brave effect on a tome is very powerful, and it allows him to deal tremendous damage on the player phase.
  • As a ranged cavalry unit, Reinhardt has 3 movement and 2 range, giving him a wide coverage on the majority of arena maps.
  • Though his stats aren't particularly noteworthy, Reinhardt's offensive capability is still among the strongest in the game. Death Blow is the only skill that Reinhardt desperately needs to perform his role adequately.
  • His offensive strength is great, but his counters are extremely common. Most units with Distant Def or Deflect Magic seal will put a stop to him, and he's very reliant on his teammates bailing him out if he finds himself caught in enemy range.
Reinhardt (WT)
  • If Reinhardt weren't the king of consecutive attacks already, Reinhardt (WT) trades his tome for the Meisterschwert, which grants a guaranteed follow-up attack while attacking or defending. This makes him an incredibly potent hero in Player Phase and Enemy Phase alike.
  • With base 40 HP and respective defensive stats, Reinhardt's low Speed isn't a huge issue as he boasts reasonably good bulk. Blue heroes that can make follow-up attacks will KO him with ease however.
  • Reinhardt lives and dies by his attack stat: boosting his already impressive attack stat can turn him into a mixed-phase powerhouse.
  • Reyson shares a powerful niche alongside his sister Leanne: to the envy of other refresher heroes, Reyson can move three spaces in a turn, allowing him to refresh allies from a greater distance with increased reliability. This makes him one of the most powerful refreshers in the game.
  • Heron Wing allows Reyson to transform, and in addition to the extra movement, it also offers a small healing aura which can make Reyson a valuable partner to heroes who need to keep their HP at 100%, such as Alm and Brave Celica.
  • Reyson also has reasonable combat potential among refreshers thanks to his high Speed and reasonable Attack. With his flier status, improved movement and high Speed, Reyson can be a serviceable attacker; especially against blue heroes that he wields a triangle advantage against.
  • Though Reyson can be a powerful hero, his usefulness is entirely dependent on his ability to transform. This limits his usefulness alongside heroes that stifle his transformation, which includes any hero that is not a beast or dragon.
  • Golden Dagger’s stat boost and built-in Distant Counter effect transform Saber from an unremarkable unit to a notably effective one with a very distinct playstyle (maintaining charged Specials as much as possible).

  • While Golden Dagger’s effect has strong synergy with skills like Special Spiral and Wrath, it is still noticeably inconsistent compared to many other sword users like Owain, Ayra, and Karla.

  • Golden Dagger also has good synergy with Shield Pulse and defensive Specials, but comes with the caveat that Saber will now lack a big source of damage output, resulting in him often leaving his enemies alive after combat.

  • Soleil possesses incredible stats all-round for a sword infantry: 38/35 attack and speed respectively is phenomenal, and a defensive spread of 28/24 defense/resistance is surprisingly good. These stats allow her to run Player Phase and Enemy Phase builds alike, with great results.
  • The Firesweep Sword+ makes her an effective Player Phase hero, but she can perform equally well with a Slaying Edge+. This alternative is worth considering for both offensive and defensive sets, as Soleil benefits a great deal from the +3 Spd a forged Slaying Edge+ can grant, as well as the +5 HP.
  • Though she demands some considerable investment, Soleil's awesome stat-line makes her a formidable hero.
Spring Veronica
  • Notably similar to Brave Lyn with slightly better offenses, but lacking Sacae’s Blessing and appearing as a green unit instead of a colorless unit, which can be a limiting factor for matchups.

  • Speed is easily Sue’s best stat, and 38 is high enough that she can likely double a large number of opponents. Her Attack is relatively unimpressive, but she can somewhat make up for this with Specials.

  • As a cavalry unit, Sue has fantastic mobility which synergizes well with her attack range. However, this also hampers a bit due to poor skill availability.

Summer Laegjarn

Summer Laegjarn is an offensive-oriented blue mage flier.

Thanks to her strong personal weapon, strong offensive stats, and flier mobility, Summer Laegjarn has all the tools she needs to be a significant offensive powerhouse right out of the box. She can also work very well with Blárblade.

Her defensive capabilities are poor and she will take considerable damage from both physical and magical opponents, making her a poor choice for defensive play.

She also suffers compared to infantry mages in skill selection, being unable to use strong skills such as Special Spiral and Null Follow-Up. This is not a significant detriment since she still has plenty of strong options, but it is a hindrance regardless.

Summer Takumi
  • Possessing a coveted offensive stat spread of 35/35, Takumi can be considered the flying equivalent of Bridal Cordelia, the latter already being a formidable hero in her own right.
  • Combined with flier mobility, Takumi will have no problem dealing massive amounts of damage will maneuvering across the battlefield with ease.
  • Firesweep Bow+ is recommended to safely attack foes from a distance, though Brave Bow+ may be preferred if one is focused on firepower.
  • Takumi’s defensive stats, however, are lackluster. While he can equip the aforementioned Firesweep Bow+ to circumvent this issue during Player Phase, avoid leaving him vulnerable during Enemy Phase.  
  • Featuring four distinct effects, Summer's Breath is a key factor to making Summer Tiki (Young) the powerhouse that she is. The most notable effect is the increased Special charge rate, allowing Tiki to have the Steady Breath effect that she otherwise would not have due to being a flier. This allows her to easily run higher charge Specials for significant damage output.
  • The adaptive damage trait of dragon breath weapons as well as the dragon effectiveness of Summer's Breath both help make Tiki's damage output much higher than it may seem despite her base 33 Attack.
  • Tiki's fantastic Speed allows her to keep up even with the quickest units, and makes her extremely difficult to double outside of skills like Bold Fighter. Her high Speed offers her excellent versatility as she can freely pick and choose whether to engage on her turn or allow the enemy to engage on theirs.
  • As a flier, Tiki has fantastic mobility that she can further leverage to support her team via Guidance support. She can also receive both flier and dragon buffs, making her easy to fit into a variety of teams. Summer's Breath allows her to circumvent the typical flier weakness of lacking access to Steady Breath, but she still lacks the ability to utilize Wrath. She also has an innate weakness to bows (which can be prevented with the Iote's Shield Seal) and anti-dragon weaponry like Falchions, though she can often become bulky enough to be difficult to KO even with a Falchion.
Tiki (Adult)
  • Tiki (A) is much more specialised than her Shadow Dragon variant: high attack and defense in exchange for low speed and resistance makes her an effective physical wall.
  • With a +Def refined Lightning Breath+ as her breath skill and Steady Breath, Tiki (A) can gain an extra 8 points of defense on top of her base value of 35. This grants incredible survivability, and boosts the damage of skills like Bonfire and Ignis.
  • Her low speed and resistance are obvious flaws, but this weakness can be somewhat mitigated by Sacred Seals. Close Defense and Distant Def improve her bulk even further, and patch up her mediocre 24 resistance to a much more respectable 30.
Tiki (Young)
  • Access to breath weapons is a huge boon: Tiki (Y) performs fantastically well with Lightning Breath+ granting Distant Counter, and can use a speed forge to patch up her middling speed.
  • Like most other dragons, Tiki (Y) benefits greatly from Steady Breath. It gives high-cost skills such as Aether more mileage, and mitigates the skill cooldown penalty from Lightning Breath+.
  • Quick Riposte enables her to KO most enemies on the Enemy Phase, and allows her to reliably activate 3-turn special skills in a single turn of combat.
Valentine's Ike
  • With 37/38 Attack/Speed, Valentine’s Ike has easily one of the best offensive statlines in the game. He has fantastic damage output and enough Speed to easily consider skipping Bold Fighter.

  • Radiant Aether is a direct upgrade to Aether thanks to its reduced cooldown; it synergizes well with Valentine’s Ike since it can activate every combat regardless of whether he uses his base Special Fighter or opts for Bold Fighter (with a Slaying Edge).

  • Lack of a unique weapon and relatively poor magical bulk hold Valentine’s Ike back from true greatness.

Winter Cecilia
Winter Chrom
  • Though quite reliant on Distant Counter, Winter Chrom is a formidable armored unit with monstrous attack and surprisingly solid defensive stats.
  • His low speed can be problematic, and it makes it harder to recommend Bold or Vengeful Fighter. However, defensive buffs from a teammate can go a long way in patching up this shortcoming.
  • Like other armored units, Winter Chrom only has a 1 tile movement range. This hurts his Player Phase utility, but he more than makes up for it with his strength during the Enemy Phase.
  • The Quick Riposte seal makes Winter Chrom an Enemy Phase powerhouse, but forces him to give up Wary Fighter and the additional bulk it provides.
Winter Eirika
  • As the first armored healer, Winter Eirika by default fulfills her own unique niche. With access to the powerful Fighter skills, Winter Eirika can serve as an impressive defensive healer.

  • Winter Eirika comes with impressive bulk. 42 HP, 30 Defense, and 34 Resistance makes her capable of taking multiple hits from both physical and magical foes alike. On top of this, she also has an extremely high 36 Attack. This high Attack combined with solid bulk makes her one of the only staff units capable of putting the Absorb staff to amazing use.

  • Her one weak point in terms of stats, her low Speed, can be offset through the use of Wary or Special Fighter to increase overall bulk or the use of Bold or Vengeful Fighter to increase offensive potential.

  • Without Bold or Vengeful fighter, Winter Eirika pales in comparison to many other healers offensively. Even with one of these skills, she still has limited mobility thanks to being an armored unit. This limited mobility also hinders her supportive capabilities.

Winter Lissa
  • Winter Lissa's strong defensive stats and decent speed make her a great choice for a defense-oriented armor unit, surpassing the previous hero Sheena.
  • 30 neutral speed is mediocre, but with some investment, this can reach high enough levels to avoid most common follow-up attacks. It's worth replacing the Handbell for a Slaying Axe+, particularly on Enemy Phase oriented builds.
  • Distant Counter improves Winter Lissa's Enemy Phase effectiveness greatly, though she can pull off an effective Player Phase build with Bold Fighter instead depending on the needs of the team.
Winter Robin
  • Winter Robin boasts an impressive BST of 174, with a pretty even distribution across all of his stats. His lowest stat is his 25 resistance.
  • Like most other armored units, Winter Robin excels in the Enemy Phase rather than the Player Phase.
  • Distant Counter is arguably Winter Robin's best A slot, alongside Vengeful Fighter in the B slot. These skills allow Winter Robin to KO most enemies that attack him, though the Distant Def 3 seal might be necessary to survive attacks from magic users.
Winter Tharja
  • Winter Tharja is a defensive powerhouse, with stellar defensive stats and two fantastic skills in her base kit: Close Counter and Vengeful Fighter.
  • Low speed is mitigated by solid defense and resistance, though she'll find herself taking particularly heavy damage from blue units.
  • Her choices for tome are actually quite diverse. Blade tome is a solid choice as always, but her low movement and solid defensive stats make an Owl tome a tempting choice; especially in armor teams.
  • Ylgr’s surprisingly strong offensive stat spread of 33/38 grants her excellent combat prowess and strong Player Phase capabilities, especially so when augmented further by her personal weapon’s in-combat boosts. 
  • In addition to granting Ylgr with a flat +3 Speed and considerable damage boost when active, Sylgr makes it so that she only needs to have 1 more Speed than her opponent to perform follow-up attacks, rather than the typical 5. This enables her to contest even the fastest of units, providing her with a significant advantage over much of her direct competition in terms of consistency. 
  • Although Ylgr’s defensive stats are severely lacking, her relatively decent HP pool gives her enough bulk to take a single hit from an opposing non-green foe. She will, however, be reliant on skills such as Desperation to avoid otherwise deadly counterattacks and engage in extended rounds of combat. 
  • Her status as a blue dagger unit is a double-edged sword in that while it practically ensures her ability to quickly shut down opposing red foes, she lacks the ability to effectively deal with as wide a breadth of units than her colorless counterparts and arguably has less overall potential.
While Yune is very powerful in the player's hands, she has difficulty with any physical-based units: dragons, daggers, DC armors, and especially bows are all deadly to her. Such obvious weaknesses limits both her playstyle and build potential, and without access to skills like Special Spiral, she loses out on a lot of utility.
  • Zelgius is a stellar unit with incredible unique skills and a superb stat-line. He boasts solid offensive stats of 36/33 in Attack and Speed, alongside a sturdy 38 Defense. In addition to having superior stats, Zelgius has access to IV's and merges, making him a clear step above the Black Knight.
  • Black Luna is a devastatingly powerful Special, perhaps the most powerful in all of Fire Emblem Heroes. Negating 80% of a foe's Defense results in everyone taking heavy damage. Combined with his strong Attack stat, Zelgius can easily decimate a huge number of threats, including many of the top tier units.
  • Alondite's built-in Distant Counter effect allows Zelgius to tackle both melee and ranged threats; combined with Steady Breath, Bold Fighter, and the Quickened Pulse Seal, Zelgius is an enormous threat on any map and always demands significant attention. This set is so threatening that many units will need to adjust their builds solely to be able to handle the danger that Zelgius presents.
  • Warp Powder is a skill unique to Zelgius, and it offers him excellent mobility that can help mitigate his poor armored movement. However, it pales in comparison to the power increase offered by a skill like Bold Fighter.

Tier 3

Tier 3 units are powerful additions to most teams, with great matchups against common units. These heroes are more than capable in their favored roles, and many possess strong stat-lines and powerful unique weapons. Though some heroes in the above tiers tend to offer more advantages, these heroes can perform exceptionally well given the right support.

Adrift Camilla
  • Strong and tough is no joke; in addition to his impressive 36 Attack, Arden's extremely polarizing stats set a new standard for physical tanks. With 41 Defense and an unparalleled 60 HP, Arden will stand strong against almost any physical damage thrown at him. 
  • In addition to his armored status granting him access to strong skills such as Bold Fighter and Vengeful Fighter, Arden also has his own unique skill in the form of Follow-up Ring. This guarantees his ability to double his opponent in both Player and Enemy Phase when above 50% HP.
  • Arden is tied for the lowest Speed in the game. Coupled with his terrible Resistance and magic attacks will blast right through his health bar. Furthermore, Arden also has the misfortune of being an event unit, making him unable to optimize his stats through IVs nor receive many merges. 
  • Compared to Black Knight, Arden lacks the innate ability to retaliate against ranged without sacrificing his A slot as well as the sheer damage output of Black Luna.
  • Arvis' stats aren't too stellar at first glance: he has strong Attack and Resistance, but middling Speed alongside low HP and Defence. With that said, Valflame is a pretty awesome tome however, as it combines the effects of Atk Ploy 2 and Res Ploy 2. This allows Arvis to perform a unique role in the team; debuffing enemy heroes from afar. Valflame, combined with the right C slot and S slot skills, can allow Arvis to debuff every combat stat on multiple enemy heroes.
  • With that said, Arvis' usefulness lives and dies by how effective he is at this role. Smart positioning is a must to ensure that Arvis can achieve this effect, and even if he does, his middling stats leave him vulnerable in most combat situations. Ironically, Arvis will often have to rely on others to do his own dirty work. 
  • Arvis also struggles from limited build flexibility: low Speed makes it hard for him to pull off an offensive Blade tome build, though an Owl tome may be workable. Recovery Ring also finds little place on an offensive build, as Arvis' low defence means he'll only ever get value from the skill after combat against mages. Valflame and Recovery Ring therefore set him up to take on a more supportive role, in which he can debuff enemy units and heal his allies. This is no bad niche to have, but he'll struggle to compete against the more offensive mages.
Athena's impressive offensive spread of 31/38 lends itself perfectly to a Desperation build. She is arguably more suited to this build than other similar infantry like Lon'qu as her base HP is naturally below 40. However, Athena is a very frail unit: enemies with Swordbreaker, or any enemy that can circumvent her high speed will KO her with ease.
  • Sing is among the most powerful support skills in the game. This skill alone makes Azura a powerful support hero.
  • Despite her low BST, Azura can be a relatively competent check to red units thanks to her 31/33 offensive spread and the Sapphire Lance+. Fury in the A slot skill helps her out a great deal as well.
  • Her default weapon can be replaced with a Slaying Lance+ and Triangle Adept for players looking to improve a specific stat without the drawback of Fury.
Brave Ike
  • Brave Ike is a prime example of a strong Enemy Phase duelist. Not only does Ike have great values in both Attack and Defense, heal so has a phenomenal personal weapon in Urvan. 
  • In addition to accelerating the activation of his Special, Urvan mitigates the damage of consecutive attacks by a whopping 80%. This is particularly effective against weapons with the Brave effect.
  • While Ike's weapon is able to reduce the damage he receives from tomes, he still takes significant damage from magical attacks due to his low Resistance. This is problematic when taking on dragons. Furthermore, Ike's subpar 28 Speed makes him susceptible to getting doubled by many prominent sword units. 
Brave Lucina
  • Impressive offensive stat-line of 34/36 in attack and speed respectively, making her one of the strongest lance users available.
  • Geirskogul buffs +3 attack and speed to sword, lance, axe and bow users making her a strong support choice for any unit with these weapon types: she can provide these bonuses to allies within 2 spaces, and to multiple allies at once.
  • Though she cannot support units that rely on bonuses for other effects: including Blade tome mages, as well as any unit with Heavy Blade. Her strong offensive stats and fantastic support qualities make her a great addition to any team.
Brave Roy
  • Brave Roy is a fearsome offensive unit: Blazing Durandal pushes his offensive spread to 35/34 with Heavy Blade built in. This allows Brave Roy to charge his special skills more quickly without sacrificing his A slot skill, making high-charge specials like Aether or Galeforce more viable.
  • 3 movement makes it easy for Brave Roy to approach enemy heroes, and allows him to capitalise on his stellar stats.
  • His middling base defenses grant 64 physical soak and 62 magical soak, which is often enough to survive OHKOs against many enemy heroes, excluding strong blue units.
Bridal Cordelia
  • Bridal Cordelia has one of the strongest offensive stat spreads out of any archer at an exceptional value of 35/35. This makes her a powerhouse on offense capable of causing massive damage to even the bulkiest of units. 
  • This makes her a standout user of Firesweep bow, as it allows her to freely attack opponents without any fear of retaliation. 
  • Although her offense is impressive, she suffers greatly in her overall bulk. This makes her highly susceptible to both physical and magic damage alike. As such, Cordelia prefers to avoid counterattacks which can be accomplished through the skill Desperation or the aforementioned Firesweep Bow.
  • Compared to Brave Lyn and Summer Takumi, Bridal Cordelia lacks the superior movement as well as access to powerful class-exclusive buffs. However, Bridal Cordelia has the advantage of being able to use the Flashing Blade Sacred Seal in order to activate her Special more frequently. 
Bridal Louise
Bridal Sanaki
Bridal Sigrun
  • Bridal Sigrun is a strong offensive flier, wielding a solid Speed stat that allows her to perform follow-up attacks against a wide range of enemies, often securing a KO.

  • Sigrun’s strength comes from her offensive presence combined with her mobility. Cake Cutter and offensive skills will augment her combat capability, whereas her flier status allows her to pick engagements from terrain that opponents cannot traverse. This is key to protecting her during her weak Enemy Phase.

  • Sigrun’s primary drawbacks are her middling Attack stat and poor HP pool: if she fails to KO her target or escape enemy attack range, Sigrun is susceptible to KO. Team support is highly recommended to ensure that her Attack doesn’t fall short.

Bridal Tanith
  • Bridal Tanith is a lance flier with well-balanced stats.

  • She comes with a great offensive spread and good defensive capabilities, though she does suffer from a low Resistance stat.

  • Despite her good stats, her status as a seasonal unit and her lack of a personal weapon means she fails to stand out in the very saturated lance flier pool. She’s a good unit in her own right, but other more available lance fliers overshadow her.

Bridal Tharja
Caeda is the definition of missed potential: instead of her signature Wing Spear, Caeda's weapon is an Armourslayer+, which is doing her no favours with her 25 base attack. A Wo Dao+ can help improve her offensive potential, but she still can't hold a feather to other red fliers such as Elincia or Halloween Nowi. Her high resistance lets her take on the role of an anti-mage unit, but this advantage is not enough for her to compete against her rivals.
Camilla is a respectable choice for a green anti-magic unit, thanks to her high base resistance of 31. Camilla's optimal build can be a bit costly, but inheriting Distant Counter and an Emerald Axe+ can turn her into a solid counter to blue mages such as Reinhardt, Delthea and Linde, though she won't be able to achieve much outside of this niche role. With that said, a +Atk merged Reinhardt will do next to nothing against her.
As a Falchion user, Chrom is one of the weaker of the group. His low speed means that any enemy he fails to OHKO will likely make two attacks against him. However, his gargantuan 37 attack makes him a great candidate for a Brave Sword+, with which he can become a much more threatening offensive unit. Death Blow or Heavy Blade are great choices for the A slot skill.
  • As a cavalry unit, Clarine is a solid option for a strong, mobile healer.
  • She can take great advantage of a Dazzling Staff refinement or B slot skill to cripple enemy heroes with various staff effects. Gravity is among the strongest of these effects: the combination of these skills allow Clarine to attack enemy heroes without fear of retaliation, and reduce their movement to 1. This makes her incredibly effective in setting up kills for her teammates without threat.
  • Though Clarine could also run Wrathful Staff in her B slot to improve her damage output, this isn't the optimal use of her B slot skill due to her low Attack stat. Defensive or utility-oriented skills are more highly recommended here, making Guard a stronger choice.
  • With a solid offensive spread of 35/35, Cordelia is one of the more flexible offensive units and is also found at a 4 star rarity, making IV hunting somewhat easier
  • Her weapon and move type make her versatile as a player phase nuking unit and can shine with any degree of investment
  • Her defensive stats are poor, making her rely on good positioning and player phase nuking before the enemy can retaliate
Corrin (F)
  • As a dragon, Corrin (F) has access to the potent Lightning Breath + Steady/Warding Breath combo, unique buffs, and other weapon effects like her base Dark Breath.

  • Corrin (F)’s base Attack is unimpressive, but she can make up for it with a possible +4 from a +ATK Asset combined with the fact that she has adaptive damage against ranged targets and otherwise targets Resistance (which is generally weaker than Defense) against melee targets.

  • Corrin (F) is a strong Enemy Phase unit that can also consider Player Phase combat thanks to her high Speed.

  • Anti-dragon units will all present a very tough matchup; she stands no chance against Naga-wielding Julia and Deirdre, and even red anti-dragon units like the Tikis and Falchion users can be deadly.


Cynthia is a lance flier obtained for free through her Grand Hero Battle.

She comes with a well-balanced set of stats. Good Attack and Speed allows her to fight as a strong offensive flier while she also has decent defensive capabilities which allow her to take some hits before going down.

Unfortunately for her, Cynthia ends up being just another lance flier in the huge sea of lance fliers. She doesn’t do anything special to set herself apart from the crowd and her lack of Assets and Flaws hinders her further. Regardless, she is still a good unit that can perform well.

  • With the Dark Aura tome at her disposal, Delthea can serve as a powerful offensive mage and support unit simultaneously. With an impressive offensive spread of 36/34, Delthea can deal considerable damage to enemy heroes, though she will often rely on buffs, skills and a Speed boon to push her KO potential further.
  • Delthea's tome options depend on whether her role in the team is as a primarily offensive hero, or whether the support qualities of Dark Aura are necessary. Though a Blárblade tome is a fine choice given her stats, the +6 Attack from Dark Aura is hard to pass up, making it the stronger choice unless Delthea has no allies that can benefit.
  • Strong offenses are mitigated by weak defenses: 31 Resistance is surprisingly impressive, but 33 HP is pitiful, and 13 Defense is tied for the lowest Defense value in the game. Delthea's match-ups against physical units and archers are beyond saving, and she remains incredibly vulnerable to any of these heroes unless she can KO them without retaliation.
  • Dorcas' high HP, attack and defence make him a fantastic front-line unit that can butcher enemy melee units, whereas Distant Counter allows him to threaten ranged units as well.
  • Unlike Hector, Dorcas has a free A slot. This allows him to run powerful defensive skills such as Distant Def, Close Defense, Steady Breath or Warding Breath alongside Distant Counter.
  • Though Dorcas does not have Quick Riposte built into his weapon, he can gain access to the skill through his B or S slots. The Quick Riposte seal is particularly effective, as it allows Dorcas to utilise the infamous Vantage+QR combo popularised by Hector.
  • As an armored unit, Draug has the advantage of both a higher BST and access to extraordinarily powerful class-exclusive skills such as Bold Fighter and Vengeful Fighter. 
  • Statwise, Draug is a monolith in physical bulk with a base value of 89. In addition to this, Draug has noteworthy Speed among armored units at a base value of 32. This gives him longevity in both performing and avoiding follow-up attacks. 
  • However, Draug suffers against magical damage dealers due to his poor Resistance. Another problem stems from Draug's underwhelming base Attack of 30. This often makes him reliant on activating his Special in order to reliably defeat his opponent in a single round of combat. 
  • Eirika is a balanced sword hero who can find a place among teams that focus on buffing each other with Hone/Fortify/Tactics skills thanks to her unique refinement to her legendary weapon Sieglinde.
  • In addition to this effect, Sieglinde provides an effect akin to Hone Attack 3. Alongside her C slot and S slot skills, Eirika can easily buff an ally with +4/+4/+6 or +4/+4/+4 and benefit from the same buffs herself. She can also copy buffs exclusive to non-infantry heroes, such as Hone Fliers/Armor/Cavalry.
  • As for Eirika's stats, her only major weakness is attack, and this can be fixed with a +Atk boon and Sieglinde's unique refinement. Strong defense and resistance stats grant her good survivability, alongside her strong base speed of 35. Eirika's only major weakness is her dependency on team structure: with the right support, she can be a fantastic asset and front-line hero.
Eirika (SM)
  • Eirika boasts impressive offensive stats for a tome-wielding cavalry hero, and she stands tall above Leo as the superior offensive unit.
  • Gleipnir grants Eirika an effective base attack and speed of 34/38 against enemy heroes with full HP, which supplements her offensive role nicely. The everpowerful Blade tome is a strong alternative however, and can be a powerful choice on mixed and cavalry teams alike.
  • Her defenses are paper-thin, but cavalry movement and 2 range allows Eirika to initiate combat from great distances. She may be reliant on Desperation or on her teammates to avoid defeat, but she can be a powerful hero if she has that support.
  • Since his release, Eldigan has always been a strong contender when it came to enemy phase sword units. With the advent of weapon refinement, Eldigan’s personal weapon Mystletainn received a unique upgrade that allows it to run an active built-in Fury 3 in addition to the cooldown reduction it has always had. This gives Eldigan the freedom to run higher cooldown specials such as Bonfire or Ignis while expanding on his impressive abilities as a physical tank in exchange for taking 6 damage after combat.

  • Statwise, Eldigan’s ATK is decent at 32 but his main selling point is his very solid physical bulk of 79. This allows him to excel at his role as a physical tank, specifically in the enemy phase where Eldigan can combine Mystletainn’s cooldown reduction with Quick Riposte to consistently drop devastating specials such as Bonfire on his opponent every round of combat.

  • In addition to regular Mystletainn, Eldigan also has access to Dark Mystletainn which allows him to activate powerful Specials at a constant rate. Depending on the skill-set, Eldigan can potentially always have his Special ready to fire. However, vompared to Ares, Eldigan falls short of using this weapon to its full potential due to his lower Attack and Speed.  

  • Eldigan isn’t without his faults. His sub-par 24 SPD makes him very susceptible to follow-up attacks. Couple that with his low magical bulk of 64 and you have easy prey in the eyes of mages.
  • Famous for his awesome Attack-stacking set, Eliwood is an oft-underrated offensive red cavalier. He boasts OHKO's on many units, and can circumvent his low Defense with an Etsucheon set enabled by his Blazing Durandal.
  • Eliwood's also noteworthy for his Resistance, which at base 32 is among the highest of all sword cavalry heroes. This makes him one of the better red anti-dragon units, despite his lack of effective damage on them.
  • Eliwood is let down by his base 30 Speed, as he can't get enough to compete with other swords. This forces him into OHKO sets, but even then he can fail to score key KO's on common red units.
  • With Distant Counter, Eliwood can become an anti-mage unit. However, this compromises his offensive strength significantly, and Sigurd performs this role much better.
  • Although he has a decent niche, he's outclassed by other red cavaliers both offensively and defensively.
Exalted Chrom
  • With strong attack and defense, Chrom: Exalted Knight is a formidable frontline unit. This strength is enhanced by his unique Falchion, which provides a +5 to all of his combat stats as well as effective damage to dragons. This makes Chrom a strong answer the trio of green dragons, among other common heroes.
  • The Sealed Falchion provides a considerable boon to Chrom's combat strength; effectively pushing his neutral base stats up to 42/33/39/22 after the first fight. Chrom's power grows considerably if he can activate these bonuses early and maintain them throughout the battle.
  • Chrom's low speed and worse resistance are his greatest weaknesses. He remains vulnerable to the plethora of blue mages frequenting Arena. Dragon heroes will also deal considerable damage to Chrom if they manage to land a hit due to his poor resistance.
Fallen Celica
  • With her strong offensive stats, surprisingly decent defensive stats and powerful unique weapon, Fallen Celica can be a powerful unit.
  • Beloved Zofia defines Fallen Celica's playstyle. Granting +3 Def and a further +4 to Atk/Spd/Def/Res when in combat, Celica's base stats effectively become 39/39/34/30 in Atk/Spd/Def/Res. This makes Celica an exceptionally strong all-rounder, but she only receives the +4 buffs from Beloved Zofia if she remains at 100% HP. This caveat hurts Celica's strength greatly, as it can be quite difficult for her to return to this threshold after combat without a dedicated support.
  • While Fallen Celica can be an excellent hero, she is held back by the inconsistency of Beloved Zofia. If she can remain at 100% HP through support from her teammates, expect her to deal immense damage to the enemy team.
Fallen Delthea
  • Solid offensive statline that favors the role of a typical Player Phase mage with high Attack and Speed.

  • Strong unique prf that capitalizes on her offensive playstyle by granting her a boost to all of her stats during combat, increasing both her damage output as well as her survivability. The damage taken after combat can also help with the activation of certain skills.

  • Still rather vulnerable to physical damage and relies on countermeasure skills in order to survive consecutive rounds of combat.

  • Fails to reach the damage output or utility of blue mages rated above her.

  • Faye steps away from the typical conventions of most archers, focusing more on defensive capabilities rather than offensive capabilities.

  • Faye’s Attack and Speed are underwhelming at best, making her a poor choice for weapons such as Firesweep Bow. However, Faye comes with good defensive stats and a defensive-oriented personal weapon, solidifying her perform in the enemy phase.

  • As a ranged tank, Faye performs exceptionally well. In any other role, Faye will fail to impress compared to almost any other archer.

With 37 speed and 35 resistance, Felicia is a fantastic mage killer. Unfortunately, she has a pitifully low 23 attack, and has to rely on Iceberg or Glacies to deal consistent damage. With that said however, as a colourless unit with great speed and resistance, Felicia can deal with every mage pretty well. Warding Blow is a great replacement for Resistance +3 to prevent any and all damage from enemy mages. The Kitty Paddle+ is near essential as her primary weapon, as the effective damage against mages suits her mage-killing role perfectly.
  • Fir possesses an awesome Speed stat and surprisingly solid HP and Resistance stats, but an awful Attack stat. Whereas this shortcoming previously pushed her into the shadows as a poor choice among a bloated role, Fir has received a second chance through the Nameless Blade, a 16 Might unique weapon that patches up her poor attack.
  • With a +Atk boon and the Nameless Blade, Fir's poor Attack stat reaches a moderately useful value of 45. Most of her damage will come from her Specials however, as each of her Special skills receives cooldown reduction and increased damage.
  • Compared to Karel, Fir has weaker offensive potential than her uncle due to her weak attack stat. However, her impressive base 31 Resistance makes her a good user of Ploy skills, which is a noteworthy niche that sets her apart from Karel.
  • Fjorm is a lance user with Distant Counter built in to her weapon, which complements her balanced stat spread nicely.
  • Ice Mirror is a unique special skill that reduces ranged damage taken and converts it into attack power, but it has very inconsistent results compared to other specials: Glacies or Iceberg are the preferred options on builds that don't hamper her resistance.
  • Fjorm's low speed leaves her vulnerable to follow-up attacks, and unlike many other heroes, she cannot fix this with forging unless she gives up her ability to counter ranged attacks (which is not at all recommended). This makes her particularly reliant on defensive bonuses like the Distant Def 3 seal.
  • As a flier with a phenomenal attack stat, Gerome can serve as one of the most mobile offensive units in the game. However, he is comparatively weaker than his mother Cherche due to his limited merge potential and inability to have a boon/bane.
  • Gerome can make great use of Hit and Run or Drag Back for a B slot skill in order to stay out of enemy attack range, either by retreating out of all enemy ranges or close enough to allies for them to reposition him.
  • Gerome's high defence makes his weakness to bows a less prominent issue, but this is meaningless if he takes two attacks from an archer, which is very likely due to his low speed. As a flier however, he can make use of the Guidance seal to support infantry allies effectively.
Groom Marth
Groom Pent
  • Groom Pent is a offensive-oriented blue mage cavalier.

  • He possesses good offensive stats that allow him to fight well with Blárblade or his default tome Vessel of Cheer. This comes at the downside of poor defensive stats that leave him vulnerable to both physical and magical foes.

  • While he doesn’t do a lot to stand out from other strong blue mage cavaliers, Groom Pent is still a good choice regardless thanks to his good stats.

  • Gwendolyn is a fantastic choice for a defensive wall thanks to her huge HP pool, exceptional defense stat and average resistance stat. Though she requires heavy investment, access to Steady Breath, Special Fighter and Vengeful Fighter grant Gwendolyn superb Enemy Phase potential.
  • With a refined Berkut's Lance+ or a Slaying Lance+, Gwendolyn can greatly improve her low Resistance or middling Attack.
  • Gwendolyn's options for sacred seals are pretty impressive. Close Defense and Distant Def can further improve her bulk, whereas the Quick Riposte seal can be used in place of Vengeful Fighter, allowing alternative B slot skills. 
  • Haar can serve as both a solid tank and a strong, mobile offensive unit thanks to his great Attack and Defense stats and flying movement.

  • Player Phase fliers are still a powerful archetype, and defensive fliers have gotten only more viable over time due to more and more tanking skills actually learnable by fliers.

  • However, he is less accessible than Cherche and will generally be less powerful due to his lack of a Prf and inability to obtain an Asset or Flaw.

  • All in all Haar's performance is nearly identical to that of Gerome, both of which are a step below Cherche.

Halloween Nowi
  • Nowi has superior mobility thanks to both her weapon and class type. In addition to her status as a flier allowing her to pass over any terrain unaffected, Grimoire allows her to move to a tile adjacent to an ally within 2 spaces. 
  • A Blade tome is also a suitable option on Nowi. Although her base Speed of 32 may be somewhat middling, her solid 34 Attack, as well as her ability to receive powerful class exclusive buffs such as Hone fliers make her a potent user.
  • At a base value of 54, Nowi is on the low end when it comes to physical bulk. This makes her highly susceptible to Defense-targeting weapons; especially bows, as they are effective against her class type. 
  • Hinoka sports a great Attack stat of 35, making her proficient in her raw damage output. This is especially prevalent when wielding a Brave Lance as well as consistently activating Heavy Blade.
  • Hinoka gains massive longevity from her personal weapon with both flier and infantry allies. Not only does she gain a strong offensive stat boost with +4 Attack and Speed, it's refinement also grants fantastic mobility.
  • Despite the potency of her personal weapon, it has both team and positioning restriction. Hinoka also has rather middling Speed, making it more difficult to perform crucial follow-up attacks against her opponent as opposed to other power lance fliers such as Tana, Cordelia, and Shigure. 
  • Ryoma’s 35/36 offensive spread is quite solid, making him a strong Firesweep user. His decent defenses allow him to also be a strong offensive unit even with other weapons.

  • Flying mobility means that Ryoma has fantastic movement and versatility, both of which are particularly strong on an offensive unit.

  • Ryoma’s defensive stats aren’t particularly impressive, but they’re usually high enough that he can generally survive a single hit (especially if using a refined weapon).

Ike faces heavy competition from Ryoma and Ayra: the former boasts higher speed and an identical weapon, whereas the latter has superior offensive capability. However, Ike's solid HP and Defence give him a role as a more defensive user of Distant Counter. He has great build flexibility, with Swordbreaker, Quick Riposte, Vantage, Renewal and Wrath all serving as great choices for a B slot skill. He has similar flexibility with his A slot skill, in skills such as Heavy Blade or Fury. Ike's flexibility and strong defensive capability make him a solid unit.
  • Innes is a solid option for an offensive archer thanks to his strong offensive stats and personal weapon.

  • With a 33/34 offensive statline, Innes can make great use of Firesweep Bow and Brave Bow, two powerful weapons very much enjoyed by a lot of archers.

  • Nidhogg, Innes’ personal weapon, functions like an Owl tome normally, but can also be refined for either stat boosts or the ability to negate counterattacks from mages and dragons.

  • With the eff refine on Nidhogg, Innes has his own niche as a anti-mage specialist which he can perform very well thanks to his 31 Resistance, but he may perform better in general with a Firesweep Bow or Brave Bow.

  • Karel's blade has finally been unrestrained with the introduction of his new unique weapon, Nameless Blade. By sporting the effects of both Slaying and Wo Dao, Karel is able to become an offensive powerhouse. This can be further boosted through skills such as Wrath.
  • While Karel's stats may not look impressive with him having only 30 Attack and 35 Speed, the guaranteed 10 damage upon Special activation tied to his weapon is where the true power comes from. Combine this with the Slaying effect allowing Karel to activate his Special more frequently and he will dish out damage on par or even beyond units with more optimized statlines such as Mia and Soleil. This is particularly effective in breaking the Weapon Triangle and taking down tough blue opponents such as Nowi and Fallen Hardin. 
  • Karel's disproportionally high HP makes him an effective user of skills such as Panic Ploy and Infantry Pulse, allowing him to support both himself and his team. His HP is also where a majority of his bulk lies so while Karel is able to reliably tank at least one hit from his opponent, anything more will likely take him out. 
  • With good 30/36 offensive stats, Kaze can perform well in an offensive setting, though his middling Attack does hold him back and other dagger units such as Sothe and Legault outclass him offensively thanks to better stats or personal weapons.

  • His high 34 Resistance allows him to also perform very well against mages as well. He can make great use of weapons such as Kitty Paddle or his default Barb Shuriken in a anti-mage role. He is still a poor choice against dragons though since they’ll target his Defense instead.

  • He can also make for a cheap effective debuffer thanks to coming with Atk Smoke by default and being able to use Spd Smoke as his Sacred Seal.

  • Kliff’s greatest strength statwise is his excellent base Speed stat of 37, providing him with the means to consistently perform and deny follow-up attacks on all but the fastest of foes; this also makes him a pretty solid user of the Flashing Blade seal. 
  • While not outstanding, Kliff’s mixed bulk of 62/65 (65/65 if equipped with Sagittae) is surprisingly decent and makes him one of the few mages who can reliably take a hit from a physical damage dealing foe and typically survive. 
  • Kliff’s shortcomings are simply a result of his inability to specialize as much as other more offensively or defensively oriented mages, remaining sorely outclassed on both fronts, though he’s still a respectable unit in his own right. 
  • L'arachel is a powerful offensive unit with a highly specialised stat-line. An offensive spread of 33/31 gives her strong offensive presence, and a respectable 31 resistance allows her to take magical hits pretty well.
  • Ivaldi grants a +3 to her attack and speed when fighting an enemy hero with 100% HP, allowing her to become a much more potent offensive unit. A Blade tome is worth considering however, due to its stronger synergy with teams that utilise buffs.
  • Though L'arachel's stats position her as an offensive unit, her mediocre speed hurts her usefulness. She also faces strong competition from Reinhardt, who holds the role of a blue cavalry unit with an iron grip.
Legendary Lyn
  • As the first colored bow user in the game, Legendary Lyn has some reasonably strong stats but relatively disappointing unique skills: Swift Mulagir is reasonably strong, and Lyn's range allows her to trigger the effect more easily. Laws of Sacae is much more suited to Enemy Phase however, and has little value compared to offensive skills such as Swift Sparrow.
  • Arguably Lyn's greatest advantage is her access to Firesweep Bow. This weapon complements her high Speed, compensates for her poor Defense, and allows her to safely initiate against enemies that can frequently retaliate against ranged heroes, like Hardin, Nowi and Fjorm.
  • Despite this niche role, Legendary Lyn suffers greatly against the slew of red heroes that carry Distant Counter. As an offensive hero, she would rather be colourless in order to have a neutral match-up against every hero except Raven mages. The green color arguably does more to harm than help.
  • Strong offensive stats. 36 attack and 35 speed is fantastic, and allows Legion to deal heavy damage on the player phase.
  • His unique weapon has an effect similar to Harsh Command, but this isn't too useful on a unit that prioritises killing the enemy rather than crippling them with debuffs. It can be upgraded through weapon refinery however.
  • His high speed and HP make Legion deceptively tanky. He can make great use of a +Spd forged Slaying Axe+ to bolster his attack and speed.
  • The lack of boon/bane stats hurts Legion's usefulness a great deal, but it doesn't change the fact that he can be a powerful offensive threat.
  • Leif sports solid offensive stats with his Speed at an exceptional base value of 38. In addition to this, Leif solid physical bulk of 70 allows him to reliably take hits from physical opponents without fear of getting taken out in a single hit. 
  • Although his unique weapon, Light Brant, has a solid effect, Leif prefers to use a Slaying Edge. By adopting the coveted Distant Counter+Wrath+Moonbow skill-set, Leif will be able to dish out significant damage upon every Special activation. 
  • Leif's overall stat line is very comparable to Mia's with the most notable difference being Leif's 2 Speed deficit. 
  • While Leif's magical bulk may be low, he will be able to avoid getting one-shotted by most non-blue magical threats with a refined weapon. 
  • Dance is an exceptional support skill. This alone grants Lene enormous versatility and a spot on almost any team composition. 
  • Despite being a refresher, Lene sports a solid 28/35 offensive spread. This allows her to perform well in combat if needed, particularly as a dedicated Weapon triangle check by utilizing a Ruby Sword or Triangle Adept. 
  • Despite her amazing supportability, Lene is offset by her status as a refresher due to its accompanying BST penalty. This takes away from both Lene's ability as a standalone unit as well as her ability to score in arena. 
Lilina (LA)
  • Lilina (LA) boasts an impressive 35 attack for a cavalry mage, and a serviceable 30 speed. Though her offensive capability is arguably weaker than that of Gunnthrá, her speed is salvageable with some considerable investment.
  • Gronnblade+ is a must for Lilina, though Gronnraven+ is a decent alternative. The former is the best choice for capitalizing on Lilina's offensive potential however, as she greatly benefits from the extra damage. With enough buffs, Lilina can confidently OHKO a huge array of enemy heroes.
  • Lilina's defenses are paper-thin however, unless she's supported by her teammates with defensive buffs. Her low speed hinders both her offensive and defensive effectiveness.
  • With two exclusive tomes in Aura and Dark Aura, the former of which has a strong refinement, and her extraordinary 35/36 offensive statline, Linde performs exceptionally well as both an offensive magic damage dealer and a strong support. Both tomes allow her to take on the role of a tome and melee buffer through the massive +6 Attack they provide to their respective class types. Aura also has the benefit of boosting Linde's own offensive prowess with the lax prerequisite that she is within two spaces of another tome user. 
  • In addition to both of her personal tomes, Linde also performs well with a Blade Tome depending on the Hone/Fortify team support provided for her. However; this is somewhat less flexible, as it treats her as more of a beneficiary to her team rather than a benefactor. 
  • Unfortunately, heavily favoring offensive stats will put a strain elsewhere. At only 35 HP and a pathetic 14 defense, Linde severely lacks in physical bulk. This makes her highly susceptible to getting taken out in only a single hit by an overwhelming amount of physical damage dealing opponents. This makes her often reliant on skills such as Desperation in order to protect herself from lethal counterattacks. 
  • Lute has fantastic team utility as a debuffer thanks to her personal weapon, Weirding Tome. In addition to having Speed ploy build in, it provides a solid +3 Speed to Lute. This combination helps greatly in allowing her to perform follow-up attacks consistently. 
  • Statwise, Lute performs well offensively thanks to her exceptional Attack and good Speed (Granted, she has her tome equipped). In addition to this, she has great Resistance. Not only does this allow her to tank magic well, it also allows her to activate Ploy skills consistently. 
  • Lute lacks greatly in physical bulk. At a base value of only 49, Lute is highly susceptible to getting taken out in only a single hit by an overwhelming amount of physical damage dealing opponents. This makes her often reliant on skills such as Desperation in order to protect herself from deadly counterattacks. 
  • Marth possesses a reasonable offensive stat-line of 31/34, making him a decent Player Phase unit. Falchion's effectiveness against dragon units pushes this role further however, as it allows Marth to effectively counter the wide range of dragons that frequent Arena teams.
  • With that said, Marth's real value lies in his effectiveness as a support unit. With the refinery upgrade granted by the Altean Falchion, Marth can grant +2 to every combat stat. This effect synergises with 'Drive' skills extremely well, which Marth can run in his C slot and S slot.
  • Marth's strong speed and decent defensive stats make him well suited to this role. He can safely support his allies and take out an axe-wielder or dragon when he needs to.
  • While she cannot compete with the powerful cavalry healers due to her lower mobility, Mikoto is still a great staff unit choice and one of the most powerful options for an infantry healer.

  • Mikoto can make very effective use of the Wrathful and Dazzling Staff combination that many staff units enjoy so much, allowing her to cripple the opposing team through weapons such as Flash, Pain, or Gravity with little fear of retaliation.

  • Mikoto comes with impressive Attack and good Speed. Her high Attack not only helps with damage dealt, but improves her ability to heal her allies as well. Her Speed, while effective enough, is not high enough to easily secure follow-up attacks against faster opponents.

Morgan (F)
  • Morgan (F), as a blue tome-wielding flier, is most comparable to Summer Corrin. She has superior attack and resistance, but her speed and defense are lower.
  • Flier mobility improves Morgan (F)'s offensive and defensive builds by allowing her to manoeuvre across difficult terrain comfortably.
  • Despite her higher attack, Morgan (F) will struggle to KO opponents due to her lack of speed. She may OHKO some enemies, but she is reliant on a Blade tome and teammates to do so.
  • As a defensive unit, Morgan's biggest shortcoming is her low defense. She is incredibly vulnerable to physical units with Distant Counter as well as enemy heroes with adaptive damage such as dragon heroes. Guard helps to improve her bulk significantly, but physical hits will bring her down with ease.
  • As a cavalry healer, Nanna is a solid option for a strong, mobile healer. Of the previously released cavalry healers, she is most similar to Clarine.
  • Nanna can use a Dazzling Staff refinement or B slot skill to cripple enemy heroes with various staff effects. Gravity is among the strongest of these effects: the combination of these skills allow Nanna to attack enemy heroes without fear of retaliation, and reduce their movement to 1. This makes her incredibly effective in setting up kills for her teammates without threat.
New Year Camilla
  • New Year Camilla boasts solid offensive stats (33 attack, 35 speed) and respectable physical bulk, making her a formidable front line unit.
  • Access to Firesweep Sword+ and Hit and Run gives New Year Camilla a strong choice for a Player Phase build, whereas her high speed grants great potential on the Enemy Phase with a Slaying Edge+ (+Spd).
  • Though she struggles to match Elincia in offensive potential, her fantastic speed and solid defence make New Year Camilla the strongest choice for a defensive sword-wielding flier.
New Year Hríd
New Year Takumi
  • With an offensive spread of 34/34, New Year Takumi has the strongest combined total in attack and speed.
  • New Year Takumi's decent base resistance grants reasonable damage from resistance-powered special moves, and makes him an effective counter to magic wielding enemies.
  • However, daggers are a relatively underpowered weapon. New Year Takumi will struggle to deal particularly high damage against, and suffers particularly poor match-ups against physical units.
  • Nina’s offensive stat spread of 32/37 is quite solid for a unit of her class typing and enables her to perform admirably as an excellent source of damage output. Her base Resistance stat of 31 is pretty good as well, providing her with respectable Ploying capabilities and magic soak. 
  • Thanks to her access to various different weapons and decent overall stat line, Nina is exceedingly versatile. Her high-Speed stat allows her to be an exceptional user of the Firesweep Bow for an all-out offensive approach, though her good base Resistance can also be capitalized on with a Slaying or Guard Bow set to transform her into a capable anti-mage unit. 
  • However, her physical bulk is pitiful, making it crucial to keep her out of reach from opposing physical damage dealers as well as dragons who will always target her low Defense stat.
  • Ninian sits in a powerful niche as the only dancer with access to breath attacks. This allows her to access a wide range of powerful weapon effects: Light Breath allows her to buff teammates, Dark Breath gives her the ability to debuff enemy heroes, whereas Lightning Breath can grant Distant Counter without sacrificing a crucial A slot skill.
  • Without a doubt, Ninian's defining feature is Dance. Compared to other dancers, her Attack is among the lowest, but this is mitigated somewhat by the refinery effect of breath attacks granting adaptive damage. An Attack boon can also grant a helpful +4, though this isn't recommended over a Speed boon, as the extra Speed helps Ninian massively by improving her offense and defense.
  • Fury or Triangle Adept are among Ninian's easily accessible choices for A slot skills, but she can also get decent mileage out of the Steady/Warding Breath + Quick Riposte set popularised by other dragons. Though expensive, and less effective than on her competitors Nowi and Corrin (F), Ninian can pull these builds off with reasonable success.
  • Oboro shares a lot of similarity with Lukas, though her stats are less specialized to fit the same role. Her Speed and Resistance are still too low to tank mages effectively without favoritism, and she falls short of Lukas' Attack and Defense values.

  • Lukas is the superior physical wall thanks to his high Defense, whereas Nephenee is the superior generalist and mage-counter thanks to her great Speed stat.

  • Nephenee is even the better anti-armored unit, having a similar armor-effective prf in Dauntless Lance, but with an additional -1 cooldown effect.

  • Investing in mixed tanking is just about the only way Oboro can carve a niche for herself, but even then she only does it alright. Higher Resistance lancers like Fjorm or Dragons like Nowi will generally end up doing this better.

  • Ultimately, this makes Oboro generally worse than the aforementioned units, and likewise unless one is already a huge fan of Oboro, it makes it hard to want to give her the expensive skills such as Steady Breath she would need to succeed when there are so many units who will utilize them better.

  • Fools! To think you had the audacity to question the interstellar brilliance of Odin Dark - warrior chosen by the darkness to transcend the boundaries of time and space?! Now bestowed with the divine tome, the Dark Grimoire, Odin Dark is, without question, the most powerful, talented and good-looking hero in all of Askr.
  • With this fell tome, Odin Dark can channel the strength of his allies to deliver destruction upon his enemies. The Grimoire surpasses the measly Bladetome that other practitioners of the arcane arts wield, and bestows untold power upon the gallant and dauntless Odin Dark!
  • In order to provide some fighting chance to his opponent, Odin Dark will only unleash his true power once he has received assistance from an ally. Only then will Odin Dark release the full potential of his eldritch power! Until such a condition is met, Odin Dark will stay his tome-hand.
  • Dance is an exceptional support skill. This alone grants Olivia enormous versatility and a spot on almost any team composition. 
  • Olivia can also perform well in combat if needed, particularly as a dedicated Weapon triangle check by utilizing a Ruby Sword.
  • Despite her amazing supportability, Olivia is hurt by her status as a refresher due to its BST penalty. This takes away from both Olivia's ability as a standalone unit as well as her ability to score in arena. 

Oscar: Agile Horseman isn’t at the very top of the lance cavalier pyramid, but he’s actually quite close to it. Featuring an offensively-focused statline and a prf that grants a slaying effect plus extra Attack and Speed for himself and his allies upon a refine, Oscar is one of the few among his peers that can offer team support as well as a threatening offensive presence. Just be sure to keep him away from dragons unless he’s running a Firesweep Lance – the fact that they target his low Resistance makes him a poor answer to them.

  • Panne’s unique weapon, Taguel Fang, is the key to her capabilities; maintaining all the prerequisite conditions gives her an effective +9/+3/+7/+7 to Atk/Spd/Def/Res as well as preventing follow-up attacks against enemies that she initiates against.

  • It’s important to note that all of these stats have conditions attached to them. This means that using Panne requires the player to constantly be aware of maintaining these conditions which can make her rather tricky to use for not much payoff (compared to some other powerful units).

    • For example, Panne almost exclusively wants to be in teams with 3 mobility beasts like the Tibarn or Kaden so they can both keep up with her movement and enable her transformation. Non-beasts like typical cavalry will be difficult to use alongside Panne because they’ll prevent her transformation if they start the turn adjacent to her, which is a notable hindrance on Panne’s performance.

Performing Inigo
  • Peri's 33/33 Atk/Spd is fairly strong, though not outrageous. Her 30 Res also helps her utilize ploys to double in support.

  • Her new weapon, Peri's Lance, can help her gain a lot of stats paired with other skills such as Brazen skills or Fury, which is a fairly welcome boost.

  • Among lance cavaliers that existed in the game at launch, she's generally one of the better ones, but faces a lot of competition from both other lancers and other cavalry, many of which have quite dynamic skill effects that can grant Distant Counter, guaranteed follow-ups, and other powerful traits.

Picnic Genny
  • As the healer with a strong offensive spread and an extra point of movement, Priscilla combines firepower with mobility.
  • Priscilla can utilize these aspects in order to cripple enemy heroes using Gravity+ and Dazzling Staff. Running these skills in tandem allows Priscilla to initiate on enemy heroes without fear of retaliation and reduce their movement to 1. This makes her incredibly effective in setting up kills for her teammates without threat.
  • In addition to this, Priscilla can run both Dazzling Staff and Wrathful Staff in her weapon refinement and B slot skill simultaneously. This allows her to deal potent damage while crippling the enemy team.
  • Rhajat's offensive spread of 35/34 gives Nino a good run for her money, though generally Nino's extra points in speed make her the more effective green mage.
  • Nevertheless, Rhajat can make good use of the standard Blade tome build, or with the Keen Gronnwolf+ she carries in her base kit. She relies on Distant Def 3 to survive against most green and blue mages, but she can be an effective check to these units provided she survives the initial attack.
  • She can be a reliable counter to Reinhardt in particular, who is notoriously common on Arena Defense teams. She faces stiff competition from other green mages however, including Sonya, Julia and Deirdre.
Robin (F)
  • Robin (F) gains a fairly appreciated boost with Tactical Gale, which when refined grants her the ability to apply all four Tactics buffs at once. While the support is quite useful, it does not do much to fix her poor 29/29 Atk/Spd offensive spread, and the fact that these boosts are buffs rather than combat boosts (like Drive Atk) means she cannot efficiently combine this support angle with assists such as Rally Atk/Spd.
  • Aside from its support abilities, Tactical Gale is otherwise just a slightly stronger Gronnraven tome, meaning she still remains a niche blue/colorless counterpick like she was before that will severely struggle outside of these situations.
  • Though Heroic Grails grant her access to merges, she still remains unable to utilize IVs, which she still quite desperately desires given her flat statline.
Robin (M)
  • Though Roy will never shake off his mediocre, balanced stat-line, the long-awaited refinement for the Binding Blade grants a powerful Quick Riposte effect as well as effective damage vs. Dragons. This gives Roy a powerful niche as an Enemy Phase dragon counter.
  • Roy's awkwardly balanced defensive stats were once his greatest shortcoming, but now grant him respectable bulk against dragon heroes. His Speed is also high enough to avoid follow-ups from most dragon heroes, with possible exceptions being the faster heroes like Legendary Robin (F) and Corrin (F).
  • While Quick Riposte vastly improves Roy's usefulness in the Enemy Phase, his mediocre stats are still a glaring issue. Roy will be reliant on Swordbreaker to avoid falling to almost every sword-wielder that can ensure follow-up attacks, and he still remains vulnerable to blue mages.
Roy (LA)
  • Roy (LA) boasts impressive mobility, a fantastic base 35 attack and surprisingly decent defensive stats. His speed is incredibly poor, making a Brave Bow+ an obvious investment.
  • It cannot be overstated how powerful 35 attack on a cavalry archer truly is. With an attack boon, Brave Bow+ and Death Blow, which he already has in his base kit, he boasts a stellar 51 attack with a brave effect before buffs. Coupled with his strong mobility, Roy (LA) should have no trouble engaging and defeating a wide range of enemy heroes.
  • Though his HP is quite poor, Roy (LA) can make great use of a Guard Bow+ for a more defense-oriented build. The extra points of HP from the refinement go a long way, and stacking a Distant Def seal grants an effective 39/42 defense/resistance against ranged opponents.
Ryoma’s unique weapon Raijinto granting him Distant Counter sets him apart from other sword-infantry. His solid offensive spread of 34/35 and decent enough defense at 27 makes him a great frontline unit. Furthermore, Vantage ties his kit together perfectly, allowing him to deal considerable damage to targets at range, and KO many of them with or without his special skill ready.
  • Saias is incredibly similar to Arvis: the Wargod's Tome is near identical to Valflame in that it grants the effects of Attack Ploy 2 and Res Ploy 2 simultaneously, and Saias also has Spd Ploy 3 in his base kit. This makes Saias a useful supporting hero.
  • In regards to his stats, they're slightly weaker than Arvis. 33/30 in Attack and Speed is one point less in each, and these extra points go to his Defense and Resistance of 18 and 34 respectively. Saias can be a great magic tank, but his poor Defense and Speed is a glaring weakness to any hero that can exploit it.
  • Overall, Saias is a strong hero who excels in a supporting role much more than a combat role. Though he is comparatively weaker than Arvis, his status as a blue mage rather than a red mage may give him utility over Arvis.
Saizo has pretty great bulk for a dagger user, with 34 speed and 33 defence. He can take a physical hit reasonably well, but 16 resistance leaves him very vulnerable to mages. Considering that many different magic users are common in Arena, this makes him less useful than he first appears. 29/34 offensive stats means he’ll do alright with a Poison or Silver Dagger+.
  • Sanaki's biggest strength is her stellar 37 base attack, with which she can KO select heroes in a single hit. Though she lacks the speed stat necessary to make follow-up attacks reliably, she can make great use of -breaker skills to hard-counter a specific unit-type.
  • What sets Sanaki apart from her rival Lilina is Cymbeline: her unique tome which can be upgraded through weapon refinery. The unique upgrade grants +3 Attack to nearby allies and a +5 to Attack and Resistance to Sanaki herself when nearby a flying ally. This makes her an incredibly powerful unit on mixed class teams.
  • Sanaki's high resistance makes her a strong check to common green mages, though her defense is a clear weakness. Most physical attacks will KO her due to her low Def and HP.
  • Shanna can hold her own alongside the other offensive lance fliers thanks to her good offensive stats and powerful personal weapon.

  • Her personal weapon, Shanna’s Lance, acts as a combination of Slaying Lance and Harmonic Lance, granting accelerated Special charge and extra damage from her Specials. This is a very powerful combination and greatly helps Shanna in her damage output.

  • While her 30/35 offensive statline is pretty good, it is completely outclassed by Cordelia, Tana, Shigure, and Sumia, all of which have offensive stats that are objectively superior Shanna. Despite this, Shanna is still able to remain alongside them thanks to her personal weapon, while the aforementioned units all lack a personal weapon with the exception of Tana.

  • Before weapon refinery and Fighter skills, Sheena previously suffered from her middling Attack stat and mediocre Killer Axe+. Now, with access to an upgradeable Slaying Axe and a range of powerful armor-exclusive skills, Sheena can excel as an incredibly strong defensive hero.
  • With an impressive defensive spread of 36/33, Sheena is unique in her ability to shrug off magical attacks as well as physical attacks. In addition to survivability, this also grants impressive bonus damage from Special skills like Bonfire and Ignis.
  • Access to Special Fighter and Vengeful Fighter vastly improves Sheena's combat prowess. Vengeful Fighter ensures that Sheena's low Speed stat doesn't inhibit her offensive strength while accelerating her Special skills. Special Fighter provides more defensive utility but also accelerates her Special skill. Both of these B slot skills enable Sheena to use Specials with longer cooldown, such as Aether or Ignis.
  • Shigure boasts very similar stats to both Tana and Cordelia: his offensive spread of 33/37 makes him the fastest of the trio, and his defensive spread of 27/25 is superior to both other pegasus knights. He also matches Cordelia's 40 HP.
  • With the Harmonic Lance in his base kit and impressive offensive stats, Shigure naturally leans towards offensive builds. He can make great use of offensive skills like Swift Sparrow, as well as special skills with short cooldowns.
  • The other great merit to Shigure is that he can do exceptionally well with a Firesweep Lance. His high Speed makes achieving follow-up attacks easy against all but the fastest of heroes. Shigure's only problem is that his marginally lower attack makes Tana or Cordelia better users of the Heavy Blade seal.
  • Shigure, unsurprisingly, has a large weakness to bows. Any archer that can make a follow-up attack will almost guarantee Shigure's demise, whereas other archers with high Attack stats run the risk of felling Shigure in a single blow. His mediocre Resistance means that Shigure should be wary of green mages as well, but archers remain his greatest counter.
  • A powerful offensive spread of 34/35 coupled with his unique weapon, the Dark Greatsword, makes Siegbert one of the most threatening Player Phase units in the game.
  • Stacking Swift Sparrow 2 in the A slot alongside the Dark Greatsword's effect grants Siegbert an effective +8/+8 to attack and speed when initiating combat. With a +Spd boon, Siegbert can reach an impressive offensive spread of 58/45 before buffs and seals.
  • Firesweep Sword+ is a noteworthy alternative, but Siegbert's exclusive weapon is so good that you'd be hard pressed to find a viable replacement.
  • Sigurd's Divine Tyrfing and Crusader's Ward allow him to soak ranged hits with ease.
  • 34 attack and 32 speed makes him a respectably strong offensive unit, and 35 defense grants him great physical bulk as well.
  • Sigurd makes excellent use of skills like Close Defence 3 and Distant Def 3, either in his A slot or S slot.
  • Distant Counter harms the effectiveness of Crusader's Ward, but allows him to retaliate against enemy ranged units. Crusader's Ward remains useful against heroes using weapons with a brave effect, namely Reinhardt.
  • The Quick Riposte seal greatly benefits Sigurd, allowing him to ensure consistent KOs against enemy heroes during the Enemy Phase.
  • Soren used to have little to distinguish himself from other green mages with stronger offensive stats, but weapon refinery has brought him a new tome: the Wind's Brand. This unique tome combines a solid 14 might with the Chill Attack effect, and can be upgraded further to incorporate an Owl-tome effect as well.
  • With his new tome, Soren's role is much more flexible: he can still perform well as an offensive unit, but he can also adopt a more defensive play-style and focus on debuffing enemy heroes. Furthermore, his build doesn't heavily cement his play-style unless you choose to replace the Wind's Brand, meaning Soren can adapt to the needs of his team in normal Arena play.
  • Despite his newfound strength, Soren still suffers from an incredibly mediocre defense stat. Just like in his origin game, Soren will crumble to physical attacks without any shadow of a doubt: particularly against physical weapons with Brave effects.
  • Sothe currently boasts the highest attack stat of any dagger unit in the game: his 36 attack surpasses Kagero's 35. He also wields the exclusive weapon Peshkatz, making him extremely potent in an offensive role.
  • Peshkatz is useful for applying a heavy debuff across a wide range, but Sothe can also make great use out of a Poison Dagger+ or a Kitty Paddle+. This flexibility makes Sothe a useful counter for any type of unit that the team might be weak to.
  • His survivability is surprisingly decent thanks to his high speed, which allows Sothe to avoid follow-up attacks.
  • With all of that said, Sothe is among the best units within the worst class. Dagger users are still inherently weak, and though he reigns as one of the best, he faces heavy competition from more capable offensive units.
Spring Alfonse
  • With a stellar offensive stat-line of 35/33 in Attack and Speed, Spring Alfonse is among the strongest choices for an axe cavalry hero. His high attack power, solid speed and powerful weapon makes him a strong hero with both Player Phase and Enemy Phase oriented builds.
  • In addition to his strong offensive stats, Spring Alfonse has a pretty respectable Defense stat of 33, and an HP stat of 41. These values make him a competent physical wall when coupled with his Speed stat.
  • Spring Alfonse will struggle against the numerous anti-cavalry measures that frequent Arena, particularly trenches. As a melee cavalry, trenches heavily hinder Spring Alfonse's Player Phase effectiveness.
Spring Bruno
  • As a cavalry unit, Spring Bruno has fantastic mobility and access to cavalry-exclusive buffs.

  • He can further take advantage of this thanks to having access to the Dazzling/Wrathful Staff combo. His offensive stats aren’t particularly well suited to this, but he can still make it work thanks to his mobility and access to buffs.

  • Spring Bruno has a niche in his strong physical bulk, as he is capable of surviving attacks from physical damage threats. He can be a good physical tank thanks to some interesting utility from weapons like Absorb or Witchy Wand.

  • Unfortunately, Spring Bruno’s Resistance is awful and his Speed isn’t particularly impressive, which limits his potential.

Spring Camilla
Spring Catria
  • Spring Catria has some impressive offensive stats for a cavalry unit: offensive stats of 32 Attack and 35 Speed makes her one of the strongest users of a Blade tome. Tactics skills allow Catria to maximise her damage output on mixed class teams, and with her increased movement, Spring Catria can cover a huge area of the battlefield.
  • For those looking to use Spring Catria more defensively, her unique weapon allows her to act as a debuffer. Huginn's Egg grants an extra +3 Res, and the debuffs allow her team to deal more physical damage to enemy heroes while taking less damage in return.
  • Neither of Spring Catria's defensive stats are spectacular, which leaves her vulnerable to most heroes with high attack.
Spring Kagero
  • As a dagger-wielding flier, Spring Kagero is arguably the strongest offensive dagger user in the game. With an impressive offensive stat spread of 35/34 and flier mobility, Spring Kagero can deal considerable damage to enemy heroes and bypass all negative terrain.
  • By equipping different daggers, Spring kagero can deal effective damage to a range of different enemy heroes. This makes her a flexible choice for Arena Assault or a dedicated counter to more troublesome units. Her Lethal Carrot weapon is a well-rounded choice for those looking to improve her damage output.
  • Despite her near unrivalled offensive prowess among daggers, her low defense and weakness to bows makes her incredibly vulnerable to archers. Physical heroes with high defense will also give her trouble unless she has a strong special skill charged and ready.
Spring Loki
Spring Marisa
  • Spring Marisa is yet another offensive lance flier unit, though her offensive stats are notably a bit better than most of the others, particularly with a +Spd Asset since it gives her +4 instead of +3.

  • Lacking a Prf weapon means that she lacks any way of really distinguishing herself compared to units like Catria and Est.

  • However, she is still a flying unit with strong offenses, so ultimately she’s not significantly better or worse than other comparable units.

Spring Palla
Spring Sharena
  • Spring Sharena boasts fantastic offensive stats of 32 Attack and 36 Speed. This makes her very similar to Nino: the only major difference is Sharena's improved Resistance, which makes her a better user of Ploy skills.
  • Like Nino, Sharena excels with a Blade tome provided she has a dedicated partner providing the necessary buffs. Her unique weapon Muninn's Egg is a fine alternative however, and allows Spring Sharena to take on a more supportive role by debuffing enemy heroes. The extra +3 Res also makes her Ploy skills more effective, and the debuffs allow her to engage against armor units with Distant Counter more effectively.
  • Spring Sharena's biggest weakness, like most mages, is her low Defense. With only 37 base HP and 16 base Defense, most physical attacks that Sharena cannot avoid will OHKO her, or deal heavy damage.
Summer Camilla
  • Summer Camilla shares an offensive stat-line with Summer Tana, and a superior stat-line to her blue tome rival Summer Corrin: 33/36 means that Camilla has an additional +2 to Attack and Speed compared to Summer Corrin. Camilla's weapon of choice is crystal-clear, as she can take advantage of a Blárblade+ tome and flier buffs.
  • Like other tome fliers, Camilla excels with a Blárblade+ tome. The Juicy Fruit weapon in her base kit can do little to rival the sheer offensive power of a Blade tome, and Camilla's oppressive strength is furthered by her ability to ignore terrain.
  • Like most mages, Summer Camilla has poor defensive stats and must rely upon Desperation to avoid enemy attacks.
Summer Cordelia
  • Summer Cordelia makes for an impressive choice as an offensive lance fighter thanks to her impressive 32/38 offensive spread. She can make great use of highly offensive weaponry such as Firesweep Lance and Harmonic Lance.

  • One would think great offense would come with poor defense, but that’s not the case here. Summer Cordelia also possesses 40 HP and 28 Defense, making her not too shabby at taking physical hits. Her Resistance is very poor however, so taking caution around magical foes is needed.

  • Being a cavalier does limit her offensive potential somewhat due to being restricted from using skills such as Wrath and having to deal with forests and trenches. Still, it’s not enough to make her weak and she still performs very well on the attack.

  • Thanks to her status as a flying unit, Corrin has the benefit of not being hindered by terrain obstacles such as forests and mountains as well as access to powerful class-exclusive buffs such as Hone Fliers. 
  • This pairs well with her offense oriented playstyle. Sporting a solid 31 Attack and 34 Speed, Corrin performs exceptionally well as a Blade tome user.
  •  Corrin's weakness stems from her poor physical bulk, making her often reliant on Desperation in order to avoid getting KO'd by enemy counterattacks. 
Summer Elise

Summer Elise is undeniably strong: 36 attack and 34 speed is an offensive spread identical to that of Delthea. With her exceptional Attack, Summer Elise can wreak havoc with skills like Gronnblade, Life and Death, Desperation and Moonbow. However, she does face a number of shortcomings in regards to her usability and practicality: she is a seasonal unit with limited availability and she also requires heavy skill investment. Therefore though her statline is impressive, players may prefer to invest in mages with better availability such as Nino.

Summer Gunnthrá
Summer Helbindi
Summer Innes
Summer Laevatein
  • Laevatein has relatively lopsided stats: stellar Attack alongside respectable defensive stats and an awful Speed stat. Despite her poor follow-up potential due to her Speed stat, Laevatein can defeat many opponents with a single attack,  

  • Despite her poor Speed, Laevatein can be quite a versatile hero. Her defensive stats aren’t bad at all, allowing her to pull off a defensive build reasonably well. Alternatively, she can invest entirely into her Attack stat and augment her attack with a suitable weapon and skills.

  • Laevatein’s main drawbacks are her inability to access vital skills, and her Speed stat. As a flier, Laevatein cannot benefit from Special Spiral, Null Follow-up or other powerful upgrades, forcing her to use lesser alternatives like Chill Res or G Tomebreaker.

Summer Linde
  • Combined with her effective five tile range and access to class-exclusive buffs, Summer Linde’s superb offensive stat spread of 34/35 distinguishes the young maiden as one of the strongest Player Phase dagger units currently in-game. 
  • Summer Linde’s status as a dagger unit allows her to be quite versatile, being capable of equipping a variety of different weapons to best suit one’s needs. In particular, her access to effective daggers such as Cloud Maiougi makes her a flexible choice for Arena Assault, though, for more generalist set-ups, she can effectively utilize Lethal Carrot, Barb Shuriken, or even her native Starfish to a general degree of success. 
  • As a direct consequence of her low BST and statline’s strong focus on her offenses, Summer Linde’s overall bulk is disappointingly low. She will often have to rely on skills such as Desperation and Ardent Sacrifice to avoid otherwise deadly counterattacks and engage in extended rounds of combat. 
Summer Noire
Summer Tana
  • Summer Tana offers a stronger offensive stat-line over her rival Halloween Nowi: 33/36 offers a fantastic foundation for offensive builds with the ever-popular Rauðrblade+ tome, though she also possesses a unique weapon that can provide useful team support in the Fruit of Iðunn.
  • As a flying tome user, Tana excels under the influence of Flier buffs while equipped with a Blade tome. Few other builds can rival the offensive strength this combination provides. Tana also has the benefit of ignoring terrain, allowing her to approach enemy heroes from inaccessible spots on the map.
  • Despite her offensive power, Summer Tana has weak defensive stats. She must rely upon skills like Desperation to avoid defeat from enemy retaliation.
Summer Ylgr
  • With flier mobility, a stellar offensive spread and a unique defense-oriented weapon, Tana is one of the most versatile units in the game.
  • Vidofnir grants extra defense against axe, sword and lance users, which greatly improves Tana's enemy phase potential. This effect stacks with similar skills such as Close Defense.
  • On the flip side, her 34 attack and 36 speed is exceptional for offensive builds, and Tana has no shortage of options. A refined Slaying Lance+, a Firesweep Lance+ or a Brave Lance+ are all strong choices with different pros and cons.
  • Tana's weakness to bows can be patched up with the Iote's Shield seal, and her unrestricted movement allows for effective use of Hit & Run or Drag Back. These skills make it much easier for Tana to escape enemy attack range after her action.
  • The King of Bern faces stiff competition from the likes of Zelgius, Black Knight and Arden, but his strong defensive bulk and high attack makes him a competitive unit. As an armour unit, Zephiel can circumvent his low Speed with Bold Fighter or bolster his defensive presence with Special Fighter or Vengeful Fighter. These choices make Zephiel a powerful threat.
  • Though he wields the legendary Eckesachs, Zephiel would much rather have a refined Slaying Edge+ or Wo Dao+ as the effect of Eckesachs has not aged well since Zephiel's release. Both of the mentioned alternatives allow him to deliver high-powered Bonfire specials to enemy units.
  • Zephiel can make good use of the Quick Riposte seal against physical units thanks to his high HP and Defense, allowing him to wield another powerful skill in his B slot.
  • Zephiel must be wary of common blue mages, especially if he forgoes Wary Fighter. His low Resistance leaves him vulnerable to these heroes, as well as dragon heroes that frequent high-level Arena.

Tier 4

Tier 4 units are respectable heroes with good matchups against common units. Some of these heroes may be more niche or have less specialised stat distributions than units in the above tiers, or will be more dependant on certain skills, but they can still perform their given role well. Some of these heroes can be somewhat reliant on considerable resource investment, additional merges and synergistic team composition to perform as well as units in higher tiers.

  • On paper, Abel is a very average lance cavalier. His stats all around are very mediocre and fails to stand out in the crowd from a statistical standpoint, especially compared to other more standout lance cavaliers.

  • Abel does have one notable thing going for him: Panther Lance. This powerful weapon grants Abel with Attack and Defense equivalent to double the amount of allies within two spaces. More notably though, the refine for the weapon grants a brave effect whenever Abel has a sword, lance, or axe cavalier within two spaces.

  • This weapon is powerful but far from perfect. The requirement to have a sword, lance, or axe cavalier nearby is painful and limits Abel to cavalry focused teams. He will be tricky to properly utilize to his full potential when on mixed movement teams for example.

Alfonse, Prince of Askr, has a very straight-forward stat-line. High HP, attack and defense offset by low speed and resistance. Alfonse can pull his weight in Arena without too much investment, but he's still horribly outclassed by many other sword-wielders. Low speed hurts his usefulness as an offensive unit, and leaves him very vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Alfonse's unique weapon is situationally useful, so it's worth replacing it with a Brave Sword+ to take advantage of his high attack and Death Blow 3 in his base kit.
  • Barst has decent or good stats in everything but Resistance.
  • His solid HP stat of 45 makes him a reasonably effective user of Infantry Pulse or Panic Ploy, and his balanced stats make him an effective generalist with skills like Fury, Wrath and a Slaying Axe+.
  • Though doing so is expensive, replacing the Brave Axe+ improves his odds of avoiding follow-up attacks from speedy mages, many of whom will ORKO him if they can land a second attack.
  • His offensive prowess cannot hold up to other axe wielders such as Cherche or Raven, but he can be a reasonably effective unit with some investment.
Beruka's got pretty fantastic stats for a defensive wall: 46 HP and 37 defense give her solid base stats to work with. Her main issue is that the rest of her stats don't live up to the same standard: 29 attack is mediocre, whereas 23 speed and 22 resistance leave her incredibly vulnerable to mages; even blue mages that she should have an advantage against. Her position as a flier does little to help her defensive capability either: the added mobility is not enough to compensate for a glaring weakness to archers, as well as a lack of access to Steady Breath. Beruka is a solid physical wall nonetheless, though she will struggle to keep up with other axe users like Hector, Brave Ike and Amelia.
  • Brady is a staff infantry unit with a well-rounded stat line that focuses on magical defense.

  • His high HP is his standout feature. He can prove to be quite effective at defending against magical foes thanks to this and his acceptable Resistance. He also comes with serviceable offensive stats.

  • Brady may not bring anything new to the table as a staff infantry, but he is simply a strong and versatile healer that can be run offensively, defensively, or in a full support role.

Bridal Caeda
Bridal Charlotte
Bridal Lyn
  • On paper, Cain is a very average sword cavalier. His stats all around are very mediocre and fails to stand out in the crowd from a statistical standpoint, especially compared to other more standout sword cavaliers.

  • Cain does have one notable thing going for him: Bull Blade. This powerful weapon grants Cain with Attack and Defense equivalent to double the amount of allies within two spaces. More notably though, the refine for the weapon grants a brave effect whenever Cain has a sword, lance, or axe cavalier within two spaces.

  • This weapon is powerful but far from perfect. The requirement to have a sword, lance, or axe cavalier nearby is painful and limits Cain to cavalry focused teams. He will be tricky to properly utilize to his full potential when on mixed movement teams for example.

The first lance user with a Distant Counter weapon, and he's a powerful one at that. 32 attack and 33 speed are strong enough to make him a powerful offensive unit with skills like Life and Death or Fury, whereas 31 defense and 42 HP lend themselves to more defensive builds with skills like Vantage or Quick Riposte. Gradivus naturally grants him an advantage to all sword users, including Ryoma, Ike and Xander. Overall, a powerful and flexible unit.
With an offensive spread of 32/25, Cecilia trades a lot of offensive power for her mobility. Blade tomes work well, but being unable to make follow-up attacks will prevent her from making several ORKOs. Thus, her usefulness outside of a cavalry team is questionable when compared to other mages. Though she can excel in a cavalry team, her poor speed, HP and defense leave her very vulnerable in any other team composition.
  • Clair has fantastic speed: a neutral base of 36 allows her to easily avoid follow-ups from common blade-tome mages with minimal investment.
  • Though previously discarded for her low attack, Rhomphaia gives her a new offensive role thanks to its built-in Flashing Blade effect. With this new refinement, Clair can deal high-power specials regularly.
  • Her defense isn't too hot, but a solid 33 in resistance pushes her towards the role of an anti-magic flier unit that can take a lot of punishment. She fares particularly well against mages, as her strong mobility and high speed allows her to safely engage them without fear of dying. 
Corrin (M)
  • Donnel is something of an all-rounder when it comes to Infantry Lances. He can run sets both with or without Speed.
  • He has a high stat total, but it's rounded distribution means he lacks a niche compared to other units, even within his tier.
  • better lancers such as Brave Lucina and Ephraim come with powerful unique weapons that boost their offense or grant team support.
Fallen Takumi
  • Fallen Takumi has a reasonably standard offensive spread among archers: 31/34. He gets an extra +3 Speed from Skadi however, which allows him to fare a bit better as an offensive Player Phase unit.
  • Skadi sets Fallen Takumi apart from archers with similar statlines. With a unique damage and panic effect that triggers on the third turn, Skadi can be a strong, but often unreliable tool at Takumi's disposal.
  • Unfortunately, Skadi is not enough to give Fallen Takumi the edge over many other archers. As a Grand Hero Battle reward, he cannot have a boon/bane stat, which hurts his offensive role.
  • Frederick's solid Attack and Defense stats of 35 and 36 make him a powerful front-line unit. Much like Cherche, he can benefit from inheriting Death Blow and a Brave Axe+ to become a major offensive threat, or he can focus on a more physically defensive set with Fortress Def and a Slaying Axe+.
  • The Hammer+ helps his match-ups against armor heroes, and may have its uses in the higher levels of Arena play, but Frederick's status as a cavalry hero means that it is unlikely that he will find himself facing heroes where this weapon would be the most effective choice.
  • Poor Speed and Resistance leave Frederick incredibly weak to magic attacks and dragons, as well as powerful sword infantry.
  • 30/34 offenses are decent for a mage, enough to be able to wield a Blade tome effectively. However, Gharnef’s lack of IVs hinders his potential.

  • Gharnef has decent mixed bulk, especially when wielding Imhullu. His base Resistance isn’t particularly good but can be boosted high enough to be decent for Ploys for a support setup.

  • Imhullu can be devastating if properly utilized, as it can allow teams to completely steamroll their opponents with the proper setup.

With the prevalence of Brave Lyn, Gordin finds a useful niche as a high defence archer. High def allows him to survive either her Mulagir or Brave Bow+ builds, and skills like Death Blow and Bowbreaker allow him to check almost every other archer in the game. Slaying Bow+ is also a great new choice for a weapon to complement a more defensive build.
Gray has fantastic stats across the board, with the lowest being his 22 resistance. Besides that, he boasts strong HP, attack, speed and defense; making him a formidable front-line unit. His main problem is that his 32 speed is rather weak compared to the more popular sword users like Ryoma and Lucina. An optimal boon, Fury or Life and Death can improve his speed, but he will still be comparatively weaker. A Brave Sword+ can be another alternative, but he is outclassed by Chrom in this role. Nevertheless, Gray is a good option for a frontline unit with decent power, speed and bulk.
Halloween Sakura
Halloween Sakura's stats are incredibly optimised for her ideal role: an anti-mage dagger user. Compared to the obvious comparison, Felicia, she trades a small amount of speed and resistance for a much higher attack stat. This makes her much more effective when it comes to KOing magic users rather than merely tanking them, especially with her unique weapon: the Kitty Paddle+. Effectiveness against magic users allows her to win almost any match-up against tome users; with the major exceptions being any mage using a Raven + TA build. Halloween Sakura's solid anti-mage role and her fabulous stat-line place her among the strongest dagger users in the game.
For a long time, Hinata was a fish out of water: specifically an infantry that wished he was an armour knight. Nowadays Hinata can find reasonable value as a red physical wall: 47 HP and 36 defense is nothing to scoff at, and access to the Ruby Sword+ grants him a dedicated role as a green check. With that said, Hinata is much more effective with high value skills like a Slaying Edge+, Steady Breath, Swordbreaker or Quick Riposte.
If you've ever been skeptical about Jaffar's title of 'Angel of Death', you can easily be forgiven. 26 attack is criminally low, and though it's somewhat offset by his unique dagger, it doesn't do enough to salvage Jaffar's capability as an offensive unit. The Deathly Dagger gives him an unrivalled ability as a support unit that can cripple and weaken his enemies for an ally to finish off. Dealing -7 to Def, Res and an effect akin to Savage Blow leaves most enemies broken and vulnerable, though he will rarely, if ever, be able to take on an enemy alone. Ironic, given his appearance in Battle Before Dawn.
  • Jeorge’s offensive stat spread of 32/32 is reasonably solid, albeit somewhat lackluster in comparison to the more optimized statlines seen in the more newly released archers. 
  • Thanks to the power of his refined Parthia, Jeorge can stack his Attack stat and OHKO capabilities against ranged foes to exceedingly high levels, gaining a unique niche as an offensive anti-ranged unit. He can also run the standard Firesweep and Brave Bow builds to great effect. 
  • Unfortunately, Jeorge finds himself constantly outclassed in virtually every other niche by other archers due to his comparatively weaker offensive stat spread and lack of access to class-exclusive buffs/skills. 
  • Furthermore, although Jeorge’s relatively decent HP pool provides him just enough bulk to generally safely take a single hit from an enemy, his low defensive stats make him liable to dying outright to sustained offensive pressure without taking the proper precautions. 
Joshua easily falls into the growing category of sword users with solid stats across the board, though unlike other similar units, his base values in every stat are actually very good. An offensive spread of 31/35 is pretty good, his high speed is a great offensive and defensive asset, and Audhulma pushes his 28 base resistance to a much more respectable 33. Joshua can deal with mages reasonably well, and his 30 base defense allows him to effectively take on melee units too. Audhulma's high might and the -1 special cooldown allows him to use a variety of special skills to great effect; including healing skills like Noontime or damaging skills like Moonbow or Iceberg. The lack of a boon and bane stat hurts his usefulness a little bit, but the fact that his stats are already so balanced makes this less of an issue compared to other GHB or TT units. Though he falls short of the calibre other sword users like Ayra and Mia have set, Joshua is a safe bet for a sword user thanks to his solid stats and great flexibility.
A mounted red mage with a legendary weapon sounds great at first glance, but Leo’s disappointingly low stats make him hard to recommend. Offensive stats of 29/22 are mediocre at best, and his respectable defensive stats of 25/30 mean very little when Leo is taking follow-up attacks so often. Leo can be reasonably effective with a Close Counter + Quick Riposte, but he's still heavily reliant on buffs from his allies to make this set work.
Great offensive stats, a legendary weapon in the Regal Blade and a strong 30 resistance make Lloyd a fearsome red infantry unit. Unfortunately, his low defense means he will struggle against other melee units compared to his competitors, of whom there are many. Nevertheless, he has a strong niche as a mage-killer: Distant Counter allows Lloyd to deal with green mages without sustaining much damage at all.
Lukas is essentially an armoured unit with two movement. Compared to most other lance infantry, he trades a lot of points in speed and resistance for a fantastic 35 attack and 38 defense. This allows him to run physically defensive builds with Steady Breath or Fortress Def, or offensive builds with a Brave Lance+ and Bonfire/Ignis. However, his stellar physical defense is offset by his pitiful resistance: low speed and low resistance allows almost any mage in the game to tear through Lukas like a hot knife through butter. Therefore, he should be kept away from magic users as much as possible. Though he can be a bit expensive to build, Lukas is undeniably one of the strongest physical walls in the game if you're willing to give him the necessary skills.
Lyn is a deadly attacker, but her reliance on HP thresholds make her substantially worse than swords who can clean up from turn one. Lyn's Sol Katti gives her the effects of Desperation 3 and Brash Assault (although with a 75% threshold). With other skills like Wrath, Lyn can cut through many foes with low-cooldown Specials. Unlike some high-tier swords who can OHKO foes with just one hit, Lyn can be stopped with Swordbreaker, and her low base Attack means she can't net KO's against en[emies with high defense. As Lyn must be at low HP to reach her full potential, she is also weaker as an enemy phase unit, making her less flexible on the field.
  • With a unique tome granting advantage against colorless units and a strong defensive stat-line for a mage, Lyon cements his role as a powerful enemy phase mage that can perform exceptionally well against green and colorless heroes.
  • Compared to Sophia, Lyon trades access to boon and bane stats, plus unlimited merges, for an upgraded version of the Rauðrraven+ tome. This is a reasonable trade, at least until Lyon's lack of merging becomes a more prominent hindrance. 
  • Nevertheless, Lyon is a great unit to have waiting in the wings. Though he desperately needs Triangle Adept to strengthen his role, he can be a fantastic check to green and colorless threats.
Though she only has 31 speed, Mae's whopping attack stat of 36 makes her a powerful magic damage dealer, and she has a lot to gain from Skill Inheritance. Darting Blow, Life and Death or Fury are all stellar options on Mae to enable more follow-up attacks, and a blade tome can bolster her damage output immensely.
  • With high HP and speed, Marisa fills an interesting role among speedy sword users. She can make great use of Infantry Pulse, and her stats make her a surprisingly bulky unit. Unfortunately, Marisa faces extremely heavy competition from many similar units: Ayra, Mia and Soleil are all vastly superior as offensive units.
  • The lack of boon/bane stats and limited merges gives Marisa little room for flexibility. Her offensive stats will see little improvement outside of skills and weapon refinery, making a defensive build worth strong consideration.
  • For offensive options, Life and Death with a Spd forged Wo Dao+ puts Marisa as high as 44 speed. This can be further augmented with a Sacred Seal, which may be necessary to ensure consistent follow-up attacks. 30 attack is somewhat mediocre as a base however, meaning Marisa will be very reliant on damage from her special skill.
Morgan (M)
  • Morgan (M) falls into a similar category as Tharja and Katarina thanks to his near identical offensive stat-spread. His unique tome Grima's Truth sets him apart and allows Morgan to take on a more support-oriented role in the team. As an offensive unit however, there is little to distinguish him.
  • With an average physical bulk of 57, Morgan is exceptionally vulnerable to units with Distant Counter. The majority of blue units will have little trouble OHKOing him, and many red units will reach this threshold as well. This makes Windsweep a must-have skill if Morgan is to be used for his utility.
  • Morgan can perform adequately as a support or offense unit, and this flexibility makes him a useful hero. He can struggle against armor and dragon units however, making him an unreliable answer to some of the more common heroes in Arena.
  • New Year Corrin boasts a high Defense stat for an archer, surpassing both Halloween Jakob and Gordin.
  • His offensive stats are reasonable as well: 32 Attack and 30 Speed is serviceable, though he is inferior to many other archers when it comes to offense.
  • Unfortunately, New Year Corrin faces one heavy drawback: his low Resistance. Coupled with his middling Speed stat, New Year Corrin will struggle to take hits from any mage at all.
  • Furthermore, New Year Corrin is currently unable to alter his stats with a boon or bane, as he is a Tempest Trial reward. While this hurts his usefulness as well as his long-term value, he can still increase his merge level through Heroic Grails.
Picnic Leo
  • Picnic Leo is a green mage cavalier with a focus on defensive capabilities. He comes with good Attack, poor Speed, and decent defensive stats.

  • In his primary niche, which is being a defensive ranged unit, Picnic Leo can perform well and without much investment required. He can reach high Defense and Resistance against ranged foes, making him tricky to take down.

  • Picnic Leo is hindered by his niche of ranged tank being not very desirable overall. His low BST hinders his desirably as a tank when compared to melee counterparts.

  • Defensive lance cavaliers are a rarity and a overall lackluster category, but Quan is able to stand out in the crowd thanks to his good stats and personal weapon.

  • Gáe Bolg is a simple weapon that boosts Quan’s Attack and Defense against all non-flier opponents. While simple, the strengths of this weapon are very apparent and is what helps him to be strong defensively.

  • With 44 HP and 31 Defense, Quan possesses the physical bulk necessary to fulfill his role as a defensive cavalier well. His ability to resist magical foes is pitiful however, as his 16 Resistance and 29 Speed makes him an easy target for any offensive-oriented mage.

  • His offensive capabilities are not lacking either. His huge 37 Attack stat leads to him being easily capable of a lot of damage in a single attack. He is also capable of putting a Brave Lance to good use.


Roderick’s offensive statline of 31/34 is respectable and provides him with solid damage potential when capitalized on properly. When combined with his access to class-exclusive buffs and superb mobility as a cavalry unit, he can prove to be a rather effective offensive frontliner.

His main defining feature is his unique personal weapon, Steady Lance. A direct improvement upon his default weapon, Steady Lance’s base effect negates all enemy counterattacks and can even be refined further for its built-in Darting Blow effect for an increased likelihood of performing follow-up attacks. While relatively straightforward, this weapon grants him a marked boost to his combat prowess and makes him one of the better offensive lance cavaliers around. 

His inability to function in the Enemy Phase detracts from his overall usefulness and makes him somewhat inflexible as a unit, but his performance on the offensive does make up for this quite a bit. 

Roderick’s main weakness lies in the several restrictions and shortcomings placed upon him due to his status as a cavalry unit. In addition to being hindered by certain terrain, he suffers from severely limited skill availability as well as a debilitating weakness to cavalry-effective weaponry.

  • Seth is a very middle of the road unit. While he possesses balanced stats that let him fulfil a variety of roles, he will struggle to perform up to the standards of anyone who’s more specialised.

  • His personal weapon, Silverbrand, is simply a more powerful Ruby Sword. It can be refined to grant Spd Tactic, but this is entirely useless on a cavalry team, but it can be still refined for regular stat boosts instead. Given that gem weapons are relatively poor choices, one will likely find more use out of a Slaying Edge or similar weapon for Seth.

  • His 32 Attack and 32 Defense are serviceable. While these stats are fine, Seth sits at an awkward 31 Speed, placing him into a poor Speed range where he’s not fast enough to consistently perform follow-up attacks against slower foes while also not able to consistently avoid follow-up attacks from faster foes.

  • Seth’s personal weapon, Silverbrand, is a poor choice for combat. However, it is excellent for support and allows Seth to use three Tactic skills at once, making him an excellent buffer for mixed movement teams.

Setsuna has fantastic speed, but mediocre attack compared to other available archers. With that said, she can perform very well with the right skills and a +Spd IV, allowing her to attack some enemies four times. With that said, she is outclassed by Summer Gaius: who remains the strongest choice for a Quad Build on an archer. She has superior HP and defense, but this advantage does not help her as much as more attack resistance would.
Sharena has a solid stat spread to play the role of a bulky support. Fury and Lancebreaker allow her to deal with other lance wielders with ease, making her a great check to swords and lances. Though she faces strong competition from other lance infantry and she unfortunately cannot fine-tune her stats with a boon and bane, she can be a reliable addition to a core trio as one of three permanent bonus units.
  • Shiro is one of the strongest Enemy Phase infantry units in the game, thanks to his solid base attack and defence, as well as his unique weapon: the Bright Naginata.
  • Steady Breath is a great addition to his arsenal, boosting his defense further and granting improved special charging. Distant Counter is another alternative, but it only really gets effective use against archers.
  • Quick Riposte allows him to KO most enemies on the Enemy Phase, and faces little competition for the B slot skill.
Sophia is an odd sort of mage, with low Speed and high mixed defenses separating her from her peers. Her defensive builds are great at dismantling green and red units who dare to attack her. However, her relative lack of power and low Speed make her prone to Quad-attackers and those who can 2HKO her before her Special triggers, which leaves her in Tier 5.
Spring Chrom
Spring Chrom is an axe-wielding infantry who can perform very well with a Brave Axe+ build thanks to his naturally high attack, or with a generalist build utilising the Carrot Axe+ or a Slaying Axe+. With a Brave Axe, he can both ORKO strong physical walls such as Effie, Lukas and Nowi. He will be very vulnerable against any enemy that he cannot defeat in one round of combat however: Chrom has decent enough defensive stats, but the loss of speed from the Brave Axe will leave them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
Spring Lucina
  • Stahl is a sword cavalier who can fulfill offensive or defensive roles
  • With Cavalry Buffs, he can become a potent anti-armor unit.
  • His middling statline and lack of a unique weapon make him perform worse compared to mid and high-tier swords.

Though Sully: Crimson Knight is hardly at the top of the list of lance cavaliers, she isn’t quite at the bottom either. While her awkward stat distribution means she doesn’t really excel at any one thing, her base kit is tailor-made for countering reds with next-to-no investment, and her Speed is just high enough to not be absolutely terrible. Moreover, her exclusive lance, the Bull Spear, is essentially a higher mt refinable Sapphire Lance, which means she can boost any one of her stats if she wishes. Just don’t bother with the effect refine – Sully doesn’t have an ideal stat distribution for it.

Summer Gaius
  • Summer Gaius’ excellent base Speed stat of 37 provides him with a good foundation for performing follow-up attacks. Additionally, this makes him an exceptional user of the Flashing Blade seal which can be used to elevate his otherwise mediocre damage output through faster Special activations. 
  • His high Speed stat lets him perform satisfactorily as an offensive nuke when equipped with a Firesweep Bow or Brave Bow, though his decent base Resistance also allows him the option of functioning as a serviceable anti-mage when capitalized with an Asset and Slaying Bow or Guard Bow. 
  • Although he remains a serviceable unit in his own right, Summer Gaius is severely outclassed by other archers both offensively and defensively, most notably by his mounted counterparts due to their superior mobility and access to class-exclusive buffs. 
Summer Robin (F)
Summer Robin's somewhat balanced stats are salvaged by her impressive 34 speed, which is high enough to allow her to avoid most follow-up attacks with a +Spd boon. This is crucial due to her low HP stat, which is hindered further by -2 if she sticks with her exclusive weapon. Robin becomes a lot stronger with some skill investment however; Fury gives her an effective +5 to every stat on the first attack as it stacks with the Deft Harpoon, whereas Vantage allows her to survive past the first battle.
Like Summer Robin, Summer Tiki has balanced stats across the board and a somewhat low HP stat. Her main problem however is that her neutral speed is only 30, which leaves her vulnerable to follow-up attacks from a wide range of units. This is especially true considering she will often be using a Brave Axe+ to take advantage of her 36 attack. With that said, a +Atk Summer Tiki with a Brave Axe+ isn't much weaker than Cherche.
Summer Xander
If we didn't already have enough variants of Xander with absurdly high defence, Summer Xander is here to amend that. With that said, his decent attack and speed make him more usable than his Spring variant, and exclusive access to Infantry Pulse makes him a respectable defensive support unit. Unfortunately, his speed isn't quite high enough to avoid follow-up attacks from mages, making him incredibly vulnerable to even blue mages. In addition, he faces heavy competition for the role of a defensive axe wielder from Brave Ike, Hector, Amelia and Sheena.
  • Once a dominant force in the meta, Takumi has fallen incredibly from grace and is now heavily outclassed by many stronger archers. Still, he remains a decent archer.

  • His offensive spread of 32/33 is decent and he can make good use of Firesweep Bow or Brave Bow with some support, but many other archers can make better use of these weapons.

  • Fujin Yumi, Takumi’s personal weapon, is very weak unrefined. Even when refined, it’s hard to justify using it over a Firesweep Bow or Brave Bow. It can have a fun niche of allowing Takumi to be very mobile by constantly teleporting to allies, but it’s underwhelming in practice when compared to using the aforementioned weapons.

Titania has great speed, sitting at a neutral base of 34. A respectable defensive spread of 25/30 gears her towards a bulky cavalry unit that can take a lot of punishment. She fares particularly well against mages, as her extra movement can allow her to engage them from outside their attack range. She faces many shortcomings however; her HP is only a disappointing 37, and a neutral stat of 28 in attack means that she’ll fail to much damage to anything that isn’t a blue unit with the Emerald Axe+. Swapping her weapon for a Silver Axe+ or a Slaying Axe+ is an option, but Titania’s damage output will still be reliant on her special skill. Nevertheless, she can do pretty well on a cavalry team as a fast, defensive unit.
Ursula suffers from generally mediocre stats: quite balanced, with the exception of her pitiful 19 defence. She can take on the role of a Raven mage akin to Robin (M) reasonably well, but she faces heavy competition from Reinhardt and Olwen: two mounted blue mages with stronger stat-lines. Her usability is relatively limited to cavalry teams, where again, Reinhardt and Olwen remain the stronger options.
Valentine's Mist
Valter is a defense-oriented lance flier that has a few interesting skills in his base kit. The Cursed Lance is a great exclusive weapon that improves Valter's somewhat middling offensive stats, but the -4 damage from every encounter hurts his effectiveness as a defensive unit in extended battles. As a Grand Hero Battle unit, he is also unable to fine-tune his stats with a boon/bane. Despite this, Valter can be the most impressive defensive lance wielder among the fliers if you have the right skills to invest. Close Defense can allow him to shrug off enemy melee units and Quick Riposte can compensate for his middling speed stat.
  • Xander wields Siegfried: a unique legendary weapon that grants Distant Counter. While this is a strong effect, Xander's mediocre stat-line and inability to possess a boon/bane stat hinder his effectiveness with this weapon.
  • Access to Distant Counter and a free A slot is a great boon, allowing him to run powerful skills like Distant Defense or Fury. He also has good choices for a B slot in Swordbreaker, Renewal, Quick Riposte and Vantage.
  • Xander's high Defense means that defense-boosted special skills like Bonfire or Ignis can make up a lot of damage. However, his low Speed will leave him vulnerable to follow-up attacks and ensure that he cannot make follow-up attacks of his own without a powerful buff or a -breaker skill.

Tier 5

Tier 5 units have passable match-ups against most units, but tend to struggle to compete against a selection of heroes. These heroes suffer from more prominent weaknesses, demand greater investment, and may be comparatively inferior to units in higher tiers. These heroes are not definitively weak, but are less consistent in most team compositions. Nevertheless, with heavy investment, these heroes can perform adequately.

Anna has phenomenal speed, but much less impressive attack. This stat spread isolates Anna into a build utilising either Life and Death or Death Blow with little room for error if she wants to take on an offensive role. Otherwise, she can utilise skills like Fury to capitalise on the effect of her unique weapon, without sacrificing her offensive or defensive ability. Though she can still be used to great effect, she may miss some ORKOs on bulkier targets, and still has to beware of red enemy units. She's unable to have a boon and bane stat, but the fact that she is one of three permanent bonus units makes her a worthy investment.
Arthur has incredibly mediocre stats: offensive stats of 32/29 means he won’t do much more than a dent in anything that isn’t a blue unit. On the flip side, his defensive stats aren't impressive enough to soak damage well, especially considering his low speed will leave him vulnerable to follow-up attacks regularly. Unfortunately, Arthur has no outstanding role that he can perform better than other axe users.
Azama's survivability makes him a great healer outside of the Arena, but he lacks the offensive prowess of other healers. His low Attack means he deals less raw damage than his counterparts, and also heals less compared to them. His defensive qualities don't hold up so well in the Arena, where units are fully built and commonly run Specials like Moonbow and Luna which ignore Defense.
  • Berkut: Prideful Prince is something of an anomaly among defensive heroes, let alone cavaliers. Boasting a decent 34 Attack, and reasonable defensive stats of 43 HP and 31 Def. His base kit and skills push him in the direction of a magical tank, but his poor 22 Speed and 24 Resistance grant a shaky foundation for this role. His cavalry class also do him no favours: the extra movement is less useful on an Enemy-Phase oriented hero, and he is unable to inherit potentially useful skills like Warding Breath and Wrath.
  • As an anti-mage hero, Berkut heavily struggles without considerable investment. Distant Counter is a highly desirable skill for the Rigelian prince. However, even with this costly skill, his poor base stats ensure that most mages will still outspeed and KO him. Other heroes can perform this role to greater success; even other lance-cavalry heroes like Peri or Mathilda suit the role better than Berkut. Cavalry buffs will greatly improve his ability, but the same could be said for his competitors.
  • As a physical wall, Berkut's troubles are much the same. Though his Attack and Defense aren't bad, other heroes can perform this role better than he. Silas and Quan put Berkut to shame in this regard.
Boey's stellar defense stat is unusual for a magic user, but it makes him a great choice for a Raven tome user. With the classic combination of Gronnraven+ and Triangle Adept 3, Boey can serve as a hard check for any archer in the game as well as most blue units. Though he'll struggle against any unit outside of this criteria, he's a great inclusion in an Arena team looking to check any major blue or colourless threats.
Clive suffers from many of the same problems as Berkut. His low speed and lower resistance restricts him to Quick Riposte or Brave Lance oriented builds, and a lack of boon/bane stats means that other cavaliers with similar stat-lines will simply perform these roles better. Low speed and resistance means he'll be chewed up by enemy mages, but against physical threats he can fare reasonably well. There are stronger options for a physically defensive lance user however, namely Lukas, Effie or Nephenee.
Gunter, like Frederick, has high HP, attack and defence, mediocre speed and poor resistance. Though Frederick is objectively stronger in every stat but resistance, Gunter can make a decent alternative. Gunter’s Hone Cavalry skill is a noteworthy attribute, but this can be passed on to another unit.
Hawkeye's stats are relatively optimised to suit the role of a defensive powerhouse. 45 HP is solid; and helps him take full advantage of skills such as Panic Ploy or Infantry Pulse, whereas his defensive spread of 28/30 is pretty respectable as well. 33 attack is passable, though his speed stat is well beyond saving. Hawkeye desperately wants skills such as Slaying Axe+, Wrath, Distant Counter and Panic Ploy to take full advantage of his stat-line, but he can make do with other sets as well. Death Blow in his base kit lends itself to a Brave Axe+ build, for example.
Though he can't hold much of feather (pun intended) to his seasonal variant, Henry at least has a niche as a high defense Raven tome user. His HP pool of 45 is massive for a mage, and 32 neutral defense gives him great bulk against archers. Though he is outclassed by Sophia, he can be an effective archer check in a pinch. With that said, he's incredibly reliant on Triangle Adept, and a strong defense-based special skill to do any signficiant damage.
Jagen suffers from poor stats almost across the board with a single exception: his resistance. Though Mathilda or Peri are stronger alternatives to an anti-mage cavalier, Jagen can find niche use if he relies on Iceberg or Glacies to make up for his low attack.
Jakob's stat-line is depressingly mediocre: every single one of his stats is incredibly middling, and the fact that daggers are forced into a more supporting role means that Jakob can do little else other than serve as a support/debuffer unit. Unfortunately, this niche is particularly useless in Arena, where there is such a heavy focus on securing ORKOs on enemy units.
Laslow's stat-line makes it clear that he desperately wants a Brave Sword+. +Atk with Death Blow 3 and a Brave Sword+ grants an effective 52 attack on initiation before buffs or seals, which is enough to take care of numerous low-mid defense threats. Though he lacks the mobility of similar units like Luke, his solid HP and Defense give him reasonable survivability despite his low speed. With that said, he will still have to rely on getting bailed out by a teammate if his opponent survives his initial attack.
Luke has many similarities to units such as Laslow and Alfonse: high attack and defence, low speed and resistance. etc. He can be effective with a Brave Sword+, but he is very reliant on a +Atk boon and Death Blow to match-up to other offensive units. His mobility can be very useful in fulfilling this offensive role, but his low speed forces him to rely on teammates to pull him out of danger, which may be difficult at times.
Mathilda has a great resistance stat and a respectable speed stat, but her HP and defence are simply too low for a frontline unit. She has niche usage as a magic tank, as with a lot of expensive skills like Berkut's Lance+, Distant Counter and the Distant Def seal, she can reach a very high resistance stat. However, she remains outclassed in every other role.
  • Matthew's high Speed alongside reasonable HP and Defense stats make him a surprisingly bulky unit. That said, Matthew's 25 Attack is pitiful, and cripples his inherent damage potential.

  • His Prf, Spy's Dagger, has a "reverse Bladetome" effect, boosting his damage by the amount of debuffs on his opponent. This can help make up for his low Attack, but even in favorable situations he will still only end up hitting about has hard as a higher tier offensive unit would without said setup.

  • The fact that Matthew's weapon scales off his target's debuffs rather than his own buffs make it significantly harder to utilize than an actual Bladetome. This limits the applications of Spy's Dagger to either Vantage builds or to use alongside start-of-turn debuff skills like Chills.

  • All in all, Matthew tends to perform rather sub-par given the extensive effort it takes to make him function.

  • A legendary pity breaker, Mist is regarded as one of the weakest staff units and it’s not hard to understand why.

  • Mist has little going for her in terms of stats. Her offensive statline of 27/28 is very poor overall and she struggles even with the powerful Wrathful and Dazzling Staff combination that healers enjoy. However, this setup is so strong on its own that Mist can still use it to decent effect.

  • The one standout thing with Mist is that she has decent magical bulk thanks to her 39 HP and 34 Resistance. This also makes her decent at utilizing Ploy skills in a support role.

  • With everything considered, it is hard to justify using Mist over almost any other staff unit outside of personal enjoyment.

Contrary to his own praises, Narcian is an incredibly mediocre unit. With what are possibly the most middling stats in the game, his most standout qualities are 42 HP and 32 Defence. While these stats, with his Emerald Axe+, allow him to be a decent answer to blue units, this is literally the extent of his capabilities. His offensive stats are far too weak for an aggressive build, and the inability to fine-tune his stats with a boon and bane hurt his role as a defensive unit.
  • Though Oliver is undeniably the most beautiful unit in the game, that beauty comes at a price: namely, his pitiful speed and defense stats, which clock in at 20 and 23 respectively. These values cannot be improved further, as Oliver is a Grand Hero Battle reward, and thus exempt from boon and bane stats.
  • His attack and resistance are vastly improved, though he struggles to get much mileage out of these stats due to his low speed. Oliver falls short as an offensive unit, and his low defense makes him a poor mixed tank.
  • Though skills such as Distant Def, Quick Riposte and a Sacred Seal can vastly improve his usefulness, he still performs a niche role compared to other blue mages such as Micaiah.

Raigh’s overall statline is a rather misfortunate case. Although his base Attack stat of 32 is decent and does allow him to deal respectable amounts of damage, the rest of his stats range from middling to unimpressive and make it difficult for him to truly shine in comparison to most of his direct competitors without sufficient merges and the proper set-up. 

A welcome addition to his kit, Raigh’s unique personal weapon, Hermit’s Tome, provides him with the ability to function as an adequate counter to cavalry and ranged foes alike. It can be refined further for a built-in Owl tome effect and increase his stats based on the number of adjacent allies he has, which serves as a good method to bypass his otherwise mediocre statline. 

However, much like his performance prior to obtaining access to his PRF, Raigh still requires a substantial amount of team support to function properly. Furthermore, his performance outside of scenarios where he can take full advantage of his PRF’s strengths (such as in the Player Phase or when fighting against melee foes) leaves much to be desired, rendering him sorely outclassed by mages who have much more applicable offensive and defensive capabilities. 

Overall, although Raigh can definitely be a serviceable unit to his own right, the amount of support and investment necessary rarely makes it a worthwhile endeavor outside of one’s favoritism for a specific character, as other units can take that same investment and achieve far more favorable results.

Occupying an awkard middle-ground between speedy archers like Summer Gaius and Setsuna, and generalist archers including Takumi and Jeorge, is Rebecca. Rebecca has decent speed, but a relatively mediocre attack of 29 and a pitiful 21 base defense. This makes her a less suitable candidate for a Brave Bow+ than Setsuna or Summer Gaius, as well as a weaker generalist. Innes, Niles and Faye all have a stronger resistance stat, meaning Rebecca cannot really fill the mage-killer niche either. She's not a bad unit per se, but she doesn't bring much to the table to differentiate herself from other archers.
  • A jack-of-all-trades, Sakura sports a relatively balanced statline across the board, making her one of the more versatile healers around thanks to her ability to run a variety of different builds effectively. Most notably, her base Resistance stat of 30 is respectable and provides her with decent magic soak and Ploying capabilities. 
  • By merit of being a healer, Sakura is a fantastic support unit who can cripple entire teams through the use of powerful weapons such as Gravity and Pain while simultaneously being able to provide healing support. 
  • This also grants her access to the coveted Dazzling + Wrathful Staff combination to safely apply her weapon’s effect without fear of counterattacks and circumvent the damage penalty applied to staff units to deal good amounts of damage. 
  • Sakura’s balanced statline is both a strength and a weakness. Although it does contribute to her versatility as a support unit, it unfortunately also makes it incredibly hard for her to specialize as much as other offensively or defensively oriented staff users with more optimized statlines.
At first glance, Selena's biggest selling point is her solid 35 speed. Coupled with reasonable defensive stats of 32 defense and 28 resistance, Selena can serve as a passable defensive unit. Problem is, her base 25 attack means she'll retaliate the with the force of a wet tissue without an attack boon or Triangle Adept, meaning she'll only really be suited to fighting green units.
Spring Xander
Spring Xander's solid 35 defense is possible his only noteworthy feature, as the rest of his stats are quite lacklustre: excluding HP, Spring Xander's next highest stat is a 28 in speed. He can be a reasonable physical wall, but he faces competition from infantry and armour units such as Lukas and Effie for this role. His poor attack forces him to use Bonfire or Ignis as his only reliable source of damage, though the power of these special skills should not be underestimated.
With a unique spread of 35 speed and 35 defense, Subaki is a surprisingly bulky unit thanks to his ability to avoid follow-up attacks. Iote’s Shield helps to guard him from archers, making him a reasonably effective tank. Unfortunately, his low attack means that he’ll only deal reliable damage against red units with a Sapphire Lance+, or with a Slaying Lance+ and Moonbow. Hard to recommend over a stronger tank such as Effie or Nowi.
Summer Frederick
Summer Frederick has good values in every stat except for resistance, making him one of the more flexible dagger users. However, he is generally outclassed by other dagger users who have higher attack and speed such as Kagero or Gaius. His stats and weapon push him into the role of a generalist, though he may be reliant on skills such as Close Counter and Vantage to perform this role effectively.
Summer Leo
Tobin suffers from a lot of shortcomings that hinder his usability. He has fantastic defensive stats of 33/26 and 46 HP, allowing him to wall enemy units effectively. Unfortunately, he is an expensive unit that still ends up sub-par: his weapon has to be replaced, he ideally needs Distant Counter to deal with mages and being an infantry unit prevents him from accessing class buffs and Wary Fighter.
  • Often considered as one of, if not the weakest healer, Wrys is a poor choice for a staff unit. It is very hard to justify his use over almost any other healer.

  • Wrys barely has any offensive presence to speak of. A 24/23 offensive statline will get him almost nowhere and he relies on Pain to deal any amount of significant damage. Even with the Wrathful and Dazzling Staff combo, his offensive performance will be very underwhelming.

  • Wrys does come with impressive magical bulk. Thanks to his 42 HP and 36 Resistance, he can take a few magical hits before going down. However, his very low Speed does hurt his ability to tank magic since he is easily doubled. It does make him great at utilizing Ploy skills too.