Grand Hero Battle: Ursula - Lunatic

Grand Hero Battle: Ursula
Required Stamina
Map/Enemy Details
Recommended Units

Ursula's map has two ninja's with the weapon, Poison Dagger+, while Ursula herself has the weapon Blárwolf+.  As a result, Infantry and Calvary units are going to have a tough time surviving unless you play cautiously. 

Green units

Bring two units, one with high Resistance to combat Urusula effectively, and the other with high Defense and HP to tank the ninjas. It's suggested that you focus on bringing physical damage over magic since everyone besides the Green Knight have a decent amount of Resistance unless your mage has a high Attack stat.

Blue Units

Bring flying units with Brave Lance+ to double attack the enemy ninjas. Regardless of their high speed and low defense, there's a good chance you can one shot them. Another option is to bring a Knight to soak the damage from the ninjas and provide a solid shield for your team.

Red units

Very limited options. A red mage with high Defense to take on the Green Knights and tank some damage from the ninjas or a dancer like Olivia to buff slightly weaker units and give you a little more wiggle room in what you can bring to the map. 

Neutral Units

Bring healers to keep your tanks alive instead of damage dealers since the only counter to ninjas are units with Assasin's Bow+.