News and Updates

05/15Updated Basic Hero Ratings.
05/14Farming Hero Feathers Guide Updated.
05/12Udpated GHB Ursula Guide.
05/08Fire Emblem Heroes Arena Rating Investigation
05/04Methodology for Unit Evaluation - Intrinsic Rating Criteria
05/02Skill Analysis Guide
05/01New Inheritance Tier List
04/26A first look at: World of Radiance
04/25General Team Building Guide
04/24Making the Non-Inheritance Tier List - Methods and Observations.
04/19Skill Inheritance – The Do’s and Don’ts.
04/18A first look at: World of Shadows.
04/13See skill sets from other players.
New Damage Calculator
04/12Version 1.2 Thread
Updated IV Calc stats for improved accuracy.
04/03Updated Tier List with Spring Units
03/30Updated JP Tier List
03/24Added IV Sets to IV calc.
All units stats are now "true stats" and have had their weapon and passive bonus stats removed.
03/23Inheritance Stat Planner
Added movement type sorting to hero list and removed weapon and passive skill buffs from hero stats.
03/22Grand Hero Battle: Michalis - Lunatic.
03/21Skill Inheritance Site Plans.
03/17Added Passive Skills Star Rarity Chart.
03/16Added Non-Inheritable Skills page.
Updated Passive Skills list and hero Passive skill sections
03/15IV Calculator Updated with New Units
03/14JP Tier List Updated
03/10IV Calculator Stats Input Guide
03/09Damage Calculation Guide.
Grand Hero Battle: Ursula - Lunatic
03/07Updated Unit Stats on IV Calculator
Heroes Summon Simulator: Princes
Heroes Summon Simulator: Princesses
03/03Which team will you join in the voting gauntlet?
Hero Battle Schedule - March.
03/02Dancer Team Comp Guide.
02/27JP Reroll Tier List Updated
Sibling Bonds Summon Simulator.
02/25Battling Robin Summon Simulator.
02/23Double Dragon Team Comp Guide.
02/22Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F) - Hard.
IV Calculator Updates.
02/21Updated Heroes IV Calculator.
02/17Updated JP Reroll Tier List.
02/16Special Skill Guide.
02/15Updated Hero List
Updated JP Reroll Tier List with new units.
IV Calculator Updates.
"Family Bonds" Gatcha Simulator
02/11Updated JP Reroll Tier Lists
Added stats to Hero pages
IV Calculator Updates.
02/10Added JP Reroll Tier Lists
02/09Fire Emblem Heroes Summon Simulator
02/08Farming Hero Feathers
Weapon Advantage Guide
Orb Purchasing Guide
02/07Fire Emblem Heroes IV Calculator.
02/06Free to Play Orb Breakdown Guide.
02/05More Tier List Updates.
02/03Updated Tier List
Preliminary Heroes Tier List
02/02Beginners Guide: How to Reroll, Unique Character Stats, and Hero Battles
Which Hero Summon should I pull from?
02/01List of Heroes (Updated as new info is discovered)