Tempest Trials - Reunited at Last

Tempest Trials - Reunited at Last
Event Overview

This special event contains a series of maps you must fight your way through from beginning to end. Losing does not mean game over, as you can retry with a second team. Therefore, teams should try and prioritise for speed as well as survivability. There are a few changes this time around, which make the trials easier. The important ones are as follows:

  • Focus units gain significant stat boosts (HP+10, +4 other stats).
  • Focus units gain double EXP and SP.
  • Your first two runs per day earn triple points.
  • There is a new easier difficulty and normal difficulty Trials cost 15 stamina
Bonus Allies

If you include a bonus ally on your team, you can increase your score. If you add multiple bonus allies, only the highest bonus will apply. Bonuses do not stack. Bonus Allies gain stat boosts equal to +10 HP, and +4 to all other stats.

Bonus Allies
Preparing for the Trials

Before you can attempt the Tempest Trials, it’s assumed that you have a decent pool (at least two of each colour) heroes at five stars, or four stars with a high merge value. It’s also expected that you have a recommended skill build, as some of the fights will be very tough. It’s a lot easier to claim rewards this time around, so although the highest difficulty gives the most points, it is possible to claim the important ones on lower difficulties. Losing a team will not significantly affect your point yield, so don’t stress about losing time. With the triple points bonus at the start of the day, it is very easy to obtain the top seal without excessive grinding.

Notable Rewards

4★ Clive (6000 Score)

  • Clive is a blue cavalry unit with great HP and defense, and decent attack. He is comparable to Berkut but has slightly better speed. He comes with the previously-exclusive skill Hit and Run, making him a valuable reward for the trials.

Breath of Life 1 seal (12,000 Score)

  • This reward was offered during the first Tempest Trial, but is back. It's a great pickup for units looking for minor healing to offset penalties from skills such as Fury. For those who already obtained this reward during the first trial, it will be converted to 300 feathers instead.

Atk Ploy 1 seal (20,000 Score)

  • A seal that can lower the attack of foes, depending on the unit's position and resistance. A very valuable pickup, as it allows units to instead run more powerful buff skills without sacrificing Slot C for threaten. Useful for nearly all types of units.

5★ Clive (30,000 Score)

  • A second copy of Clive, coming at five stars. A free 5★ unit is nothing to be sneezed at, and he remains the best F2P choice for a bonus unit.

Hardy Bearing 1 seal (40,000 Score)

  • The Hardy Bearing seal nullifies the effects of skills that change attack priority (provided the unit is at max HP). This is a great way to counter users of Desperation and Vantage, two popular B skills that are difficult to deal with. Highly recommended to pick this up.

Without further ado, let us jump into the team-building part of the guide. Instead of talking about just completed teams, I’ll be talking about the elements that make those teams successful, so that players with varying boxes can construct viable teams. Unless otherwise stated, all units from here on out are assumed to be running their recommended builds. A team with the best chance of success will have the following: 

  • As many bonus units as possible!
  • Source of healing.
  • Strategy for Sonya.
  • A unit to beat each colour.

Bonus Units

The first units you’ll want to think about using are of course, the bonus units. With their huge stat bonuses (+10 HP, +4 to all other stats) They will punch far above their normal weight. The F2P options this time around are Berkut and Clive. Both are powerful even at four stars, providing powerful blue options for the team. Celica, Delthea and Sonya are all powerful units, Celica in particular being notable for her Ragnarok tome and type advantage against the final boss. Alm can provide valuable healing, but Gray has a better statline and provides a larger bonus. If you can’t find room in your team for a bonus unit, consider starting with a throwaway team that features one.  Suffering one defeat with a bonus unit will still give you a higher score than if you never used one.

Official Healers

Healers are fantastic in the Tempest Trials, and can single-handedly sustain your team throughout the duration of the run. However, running a healer can compromise your team (unless you can get Wrathful Staff). It’s highly recommended to take a healer for safe runs, but keep in mind that they will slow your runs down compared to more offensive teams. Genny is the best choice due to her utility as a bonus unit and stat boosts.

Unofficial Healers

There are a few types of builds which can be used to heal teams without using a valuable team slot on a dedicated healer. The first of these is the “Falchion Medic”, a build type which requires a user of the legendary Falchion. With Renewal in B slot and Reciprocal Aid as a support skill, this build can provide healing to allies without sacrificing offensive power. Notable units who can pull this off include: Alm, a bonus unit and Masked Marth, who appeared as a free four/five star reward from the first trials. This is a great option for those with the units, but expect a lower amount of raw healing. If you have Linde, you can run a Breath of Life build. The effects from Aura (Linde’s unique tome), Breath of Life, and the Breath of Life seal stack to provide a whopping 15 health to all units around her when she attacks. Make sure to take Reciprocal Aid along with this build, to ensure that Linde herself can be sustained. If you don’t have Linde, the build can be applied to any character, but will only heal 10 HP. Remember that a dancer can potentially double this healing output!


These are some of the most potent allies for Tempest Trials, offering both safety and speed to your run. In short, they are great for all the usual reasons, but are affected by their low combat stats, which can hold them back. Due to team limitations, if you choose to field a dancer they must be a respectable combat unit in their own right, with either a full build or something close.

Triangle Adept + Raven Tomes

This skill build is amazing for the Tempest Trials, granting a significant amount of sturdiness to a team combined with a strong attacker. These units are capable of defeating many foes in a row without losing much HP, which makes them an idea choice for the trials. At least one unit with this build is highly recommended. The most common users are Robin(M), Sophia, Cecilia, Boey and Spring Camilla. Sophia is especially useful, as she can be used to safely KO Sonya, the final boss.

Example Teams

Celica, Delthea, Sonia, (Dancer)

The triple mage core is one of the most potent teams available for the trials. Celica and Delthea have extreme statlines after their stat boosts, and are capable of carrying the trials entirely on their own. Sonia provides a third mage, but can be replaced with Julia or Nino if necessary. The final team slot is best used on a dancer: Azura, Olivia or Ninian. Breath of Life should be the C skill on at least 2/3 mages, to provide heals for the team.

Clive, Xander, Cecilia, Genny

As a surprise to no-one, Cavalry teams are as powerful as ever during the trials and can be built very cheaply and entirely F2P. Clive is the bonus unit of choice thanks to his superior speed compared to Berkut. However, Berkut can be used before Clive is obtained. Xander is recommended due to his Distant Counter weapon, but Eldigan or Eliwood can be used instead. Cecilia provides the team with a raven tome and a valuable resistance tank. Genny is the healer of choice, but can be replaced with any other healer (mounted healers are preferred), or Falchion medic. Running Breath of Life on the fourth slot is a solid option if they aren’t cavalry.

Clive, Hector, Kagero, Masked Marth

Another decent team, Clive and Hector can KO most units with Kagero cleaning up mages and grey units. Kagero is the primary unit slayer, and should be running Breath of Life to give some healing to the team. She can run Green Tomebreaker to combat Sonya in the final round. This is a mostly balanced team, but lacks a dancer. Masked Marth is the flex unit of the team and can be replaced by Olivia or even a dedicated healer. Azama is a great choice in this regard, thanks to his high defense and natural access to Pain and Rehabilitate. Mounted healers are also exceptional choices, to provide even more buffs to Clive.

Stage Map
Stage Map
Lunatic Enemy Units
58 54 38 20 38
Weapon Dark Excalibur A Mirror Strike 2
Support B Vantage 3
Special Moonbow C Res Ploy 3
Hard Enemy Units
44 36 32 17 33
Weapon Dark Excalibur A Mirror Strike 2
Support B Vantage 2
Special Moonbow C Res Ploy 3
Normal Enemy Units
32 32 23 12 23
Weapon Rexcalibur A Warding Blow 1
Support B
Special New Moon C Res Ploy 2
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
Echoes Emblem
Updated: 2017-09-05

Submitted by PK21


Why have 1 bonus unit when you can have 4? Sure you won't get more points but when everyone has busted stats, the mode becomes a joke.
The roles are fairly basic. Alm for support and some damage; Celica for killing everything; Clive for physical tanking; and Genny for healing, damage, and magic tanking.
I sometimes swapped out Clive or Genny for Sonya for variety (she basically acted as a green Celica).

Each color Killer
Updated: 2017-08-24

Submitted by LesdanGer


Celica as a bonus boosted unit is very powerfull killing greens and few reds and colorless
Cherche with Brave Axe is op killing everyone who has low Def
Linde is for poor Res enemys
Olivia (every dancer) is for end the map quickly

Celica and Reinhardt
Updated: 2017-08-22

Submitted by sugoiboi13


All of my support skills revolved around positioning, so keep that in mind. I ran 3 repositions (on Julia, Reinhardt, and Ryoma) and one Swap on Celica. My Celica unfortunately has a -Spd IV, so I ran Quick Riposte 2 on her to cope with that. Keep in mind that this is a non free-to-play team (meaning that ALL units must be summoned.) My Julia has a Breath of Life seal as well as Breath of Life 3 in order to have passive healing of 10 HP when she attacks near any allies, which greatly helps extend longetivity of this team. Key skills necessary to run are Lancebreaker 3 and Death Blow 3 on Reinhardt (and Quickened Pulse if you have it). My Ryoma has Triangle Adept 3 to deal with Sonya in one hit to prevent her from proccing Vantage and destroying the rest of the team. He also has Vantage 3 because lol and Hone Spd 3. Buffer skills are ultimately up to preference, but make sure to keep Breath of Life 3 on Julia.

Deadly Duo
Updated: 2017-08-20

Submitted by riccochet


Brave Axe Frederick and Delthea handle most of the job. Frederick kills most of the blue and squishy green units while Delthea kills what Frederick can't. Masked Marth healer build.

Lies lies lies lies lies LIES!
Updated: 2017-08-19

Submitted by Weather Report


A simple cavalry with berkut the lies man

Waifus buffing lolis
Updated: 2017-08-18

Submitted by Garrapto


Eirika with hone Res seal goes on 9 stats buffs for Nino's blade tome. Fury on tanky Ev + Swordbreaker makes her a great buffer and first line unit. Finally stats: 42hp/ 42/38/33/31 on Atk/Spd/Def/Res.
Nino is the main offense unit, desperation on B, and mine has defiant atk on A cause she is -Atk/+Spd, you're doubling all at 38 Speed. With moonbow, you will kill Sonya at once at desperation zone. 33, 43/39/19/26.
Azura is the classic dancer, but ends on a huge blue offense unit. On wings of mercy males a great job with defiant Nino (+7 on blade). 36, 43/39/21/24.
Delthea is the second nuker you have, also heavyly boosts Eirika and Azura with her dark aura placing their attacks at 48/49 respectively. She also gets the focus buffs making her another huge unit, 41 unbuffed Speed with + nature. Drive attack also ups your entire party. 46, 51/38/18/35.

Reposition to everyone gives you huge movility.

Holy Crap Sonya
Updated: 2017-08-16

Submitted by koala911


This is pretty simple. Sonya on her own is a great unit, but with those buffs she amazing on the hardest difficulty. I myself have a Sonya hp+ and res- so it's not like a had the perfect stats. Anyway then a dancer is needed, hone attack is great on them. Then a falchion healer, preferably Chrom but Alm is nice too. Any off healer is great. Then I guess the next hero is your choice. If you have Celica that's great too, I assume she can be great at taking care off the Sonya at the end of the battle.

Lunatic F2P Calvary
Updated: 2017-08-16

Submitted by cast2698


Cecilia : requires the most of SI, death blow 3, hone calvary, any position assist skill
Xander : stock specials and abilities with hone calvary and reposition
Camus : stock special and ability and reposition and fortify calvary
4th unit : any bonus unit you want
Cecilia will be OHKO everyone as much as she can while the other units keep her alive with reposition. Use Xander and Camus to bait or tank as you wish. If you have some trouble surviving to round eight, equip Cecilia with Breath of Life or give the other two tanks recovery. Keep Xander's special ready at the last map to kill Sonya in one hit.
If you have a Reinhardt with death blow 3 and fortify calvary, you can swap out Camus for more damage.
So far I have been getting maximum amount for points throughout most of my runs.

Delthea / Cherche core
Updated: 2017-08-14

Submitted by Night


Delthea (+atk-spd)
She reaches a whooping 62 atk with hone atk + tempest buff. She can single handedly defeat most of the enemies, save from those on the last map.
Dark aura
Draw back
Death blow
Blue tomebreaker / lance breaker
Her signature C

Cherche (+atk -hp)
Brave axe +
Death blow
Hit and run
Hone def

She can kill whatever delthea can't.
With both their repositioning skills, they can dance around the ennemy easily

Lightning Breath +
Reposition (to help the dancing)
Quick Riposte
Breath of Life (+seal)

She shouldn't attack anything, except for revenge killing Hectors and finishing some aweakened enemies to heal the other two.

I won't lie, it doesn't happen much. They rarely leave anything living.

Olivia (neutral, 4stars)
She basically is a dancer, so she shouldn't engage anything. Delthea and Cherche take care of the greens themselves anyway

Just in case she runs
Triangle adept
Hone atk
She can help if the last map is too crowded with high res greens

All maps cleared
Updated: 2017-08-14

Submitted by Remnant


A good rounded team if you have Berkut as the only bonus unit. With the bonus buff Berkut becomes almost unkillable by all units except for Sonya if you are not careful. Maria with Kindled-Fire Balm and Rehabilitate will keep everyone alive on the team. Sanaki will be a good green unit check since with Triangle Adept she will most likely oneshot everyone. Nino instead acts as the nuker of the team getting a buff from Sanaki's Hone Atk and Maria's Fortify Res giving her +8 damage to her weapon that is no small thing

Berkut Lv.40 4*

HP 43
ATK 42
SPD 20
DEF 29
RES 22

Weapon: Berkut's Lance
Support: Pivot
Special: Sacred Cowl
A: Water Boost 2
B: N/A
C: Ward Cavalry
S: HP +3

Sanaki 40 5* + HP - Def

HP 36
ATK 52
SPD 26
DEF 13
RES 34

Weapon: Cymbeline
Support: Harsh Command
Special: Iceberg
A: Triangle Adept 3
B: Axebreaker 2
C: Hone Atk 3
S: Attack +1

Nino 40+1 4* + Spd - Atk

HP 35
ATK 40
SPD 41
DEF 20
RES 27

Weapon: Gronnblade
Support: Draw Back
Special: Moonbow
A: Fury 3
B: Seal Res 3
C: Hone atk 2
S: Squad Ace A 1

Maria 40 5* + Atk -HP

HP 38
ATK 37
SPD 34
DEF 19
RES 32

Weapon: Panic
Support: Rehabilitate
Special: Kindled-Fire Balm
A: HP+5
B: Live to Serve 2
C: Fortify Res 3
S: Breath of Life 1

Valentian Royalty
Updated: 2017-08-13

Submitted by Danko Kaji


Bonus team that takes advantage of all the ridiculous buffs. Alm for support; pseudo-healing and Windsweep. Celica for dispatching Sonya and high defense units and Berkut for all the pesky mages and low defense units. Any dancer is flexible, as long as they have Hone Attack.

Berkut's Lance+ | Reposition | Moonbow
Death Blow 3 | Brash Assault 3 or Drag Back or Vantage 3 | Savage Blow 3
Seal: Quickened Pulse

(His default lance, stacked with his bonuses, can have him soak up to 32 Res. Opted for Reposition instead of Reciprocal Aid since I have Alm to heal him. B slot is flexible. Savage Blow helps chip damage to allow for easier OTKs when the dancer restores his movement, and QP for faster special.)

Celica (+Hp/-Def)
Ragnarok | Draw Back | Moonbow
Distant Defense 3 | Renewal 3 | Spur Defense 3
Seal: Hardy Bearing 1

(Opted for a defensive build that emphasizes survivability, since some of the maps feature defense tiles, and DD on top of bonuses can stack up to 32 Def and 29 Res against ranged units. Renewal helps with timely reuse of Ragnarok's effect, and Draw Back helps move allies into range of dancer or out of danger from attacks. Hardy Bearing will help prevent Sonya from counterattacking.)

Alm (+Spd/-Res)
Falchion | Ardent Sacrifice | Draconic Aura
Darting Blow 3 | Windsweep 3 | Threaten Speed 3
Seal: Phantom Speed

(This build utilizes his Windsweep, dispatching problem units without suffering from damage. Thanks to his bonuses, at a boon of 33, his speed will sit atop 37; with Threaten Spd, Darting Blow, and Phantom Speed, nobody alive can hope to outrun him. Also takes care of dragons and healing, thanks to his Falchion healing him at the start of every map.)

Azura (neutral IVs)
Sapphire Lance+ | Sing | Moonbow
Fury 3 | Wings of Mercy 3 | Hone Attack 3

(Standard dancer build. Hone Attack with any of my front liners produces monstrous success. Rarely does an enemy unit survive, and when they do, someone else helps finish the job.)

Mage Temple Raid
Updated: 2017-08-13

Submitted by Earthes


Celica- Distant Def/Renewal/Hone Attk/Threaten/Rag
Delthea- Blue Blade Build
Julia - Naga/Rage/G Break/Hone Atkk
Ninian/Azura - Rage/Wings/Hone Attk

Your simple Mage Raid. Just position and bait whenever nescessary. Celica can survive hits and reactivate rag via renewal. Delthea blue blade can one shot just about any unit except Tank Green units. Julia takes care of your blue mage problems. Ninian/azura for dance. azura plays more defensive while ninian can be used to bait enemies due to her strong bulk

What do you mean they won't die??
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by GhostBlade


This build focuses on decimating the opponent during the player phase, while also being able to retaliate and stay alive. Ryoma, Delthea, and Nino will take out units, while Chrom heals them up if they get too low. Chrom also serves as a tank and can take a couple of hits in case the AI surprises you. The units buff each other in order to maximize damage while covering for each other. Usually get the full 705 points on Lunatic.

-Nino (+SPD/ -DEF)
Draw Back
A: Fury 3
B: Desperation 3
C: Hone ATK 3
S: your choice

Ryoma (+SPD/ -HP)
A: Fury 3
B: Vantage 3
C: Hone SPD 3
S: Speed +1

Delthea (+SPD/ -ATK)
Dark Aura
Draw back
Draconic Aura
A: Death Blow 3
B: Desperation 3
C: Drive ATK 2
S: Breath of Life 1

Chrom (+ATK / -RES)
Reciprocal Aid
A: Fury 3
B: Renewal 3
C: Spur Def 3
S: your choice

Either swordsman can take out Sonya, deal with opponents accordingly. Be wary of Firesweep Bow or Firesweep Lance. Good Luck!! ^_^

Lunatic Double Nuke
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by Dualahan


Dancer doesnt really matter. Clarine can be replaced by most other healer calvary units. Nino and Celica are the focus though nino could be replace by a good iv summer Elise. If you run into brave bow users that kill Celica theb use Nino to kill them which has worked for me.

Mixed Emblem (no high lvl bonus unit)
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by Nicky Boy


Team (5* level 40, no merging):
Effie: Silver Lance+, Pivot, Noontime, Death Blow, Wary Fighter, Fortify Def, HP+3 Seal

Athena: Wo Dao+, Reposition, Moonbow, Fury, Vantage, Hone Spd

Camilla: Legion's Axe+, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Fury, Vantage, Fortify Res

Takumi: Fujin Yumi, Swap, Vengeance, Vlose Counter, Vantage, Hone Atk

Perfect Score on Lvl 30 Hard:
Using Effie and Takumi, you can ORKO virtually any unit on the first 3 floors. Athena and Camilla can attack, too, *after* that, to avoid triggering their Fury too much.

Optional: Surrender after killing most units on the final floor (or die if something goes wrong) and have a team, that counters the remaining unit(s), that includes a bonus unit, to raise your score.

An extra high level team proves needed on Lunatic, though.

magic is... everything
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by trickstars


reinhardt is.. well, reinhardt, just make him stay away from green mages and titania (and arthur on lunatic maps), you are ready to go, his usual build is fine

sonya should bear green tomebreaker to check both the threats for reinhardt AND to kill the sonya on last map

tharja is there for cleaning up, with the desperation build and enough speed buffs she will do the job brilliantly

ike will fight for his friend, give him reposition and you will see how he handles things, other than that he can serve either for baiting (and killing) the colorless units or as a second opt of cleaning up

Double Dancer Bridelia+Delthea.
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by falchionwithin


This team is good for a lot of tempest trials. Bonus unit (in this case, Delthea) is replaceable with other bonus units for future tempest trials. This team is guaranteed 705 points unless something unfortunate happens. Have a good backup team just in case.Olivia and Ninian are real MVPs for buffing their girlfriends. Bridal Cordelia is the best attacker ever, and Delthea's just there for bonuses but she's fantastic too.


Draw back, Desperation, and Drive atk 2 are necessary to make life easy.

Dark Aura boosts Olivia's and Ninian's damage output but not for Bridelia's. Instead her Drive Atk does. Running Desperation 3 is also good due to buffed stats inside tempest - neutral speed reaches up to 38 speed. Having the new Atk Ploy 1 seal with her boosted 38 res (at neutral) is also great. She is also a killer machine that can take out units if Bridelia can't, mainly including those high defense units (like Lukas, M!Robin, Boey, and such).

Bridal Cordelia

Typical Brave Bow+ LnD3 Desperation 3 Luna set.

Ultimate quad-killer machine. Main attacker. Literally beats every unit except Henry (at later stages), Merric, M!Robin, Boey (at later stages), and armours (she can sometimes kill Hector, but Olivia does the job.)
Basically has a harder time vsing high-defense units that can retaliate. She can pick off units such as Ryoma, Matthew, and Leon if she has Luna activated.
Running Breath of Life 3 and Breath of Life 1 seal also lets her do the healer's job. She is basically an attacker and healer at the same time. She can also be support with rally atk/spd, or drawback. She basically does everything and is the core of this team.
Without a +ATK IV'd Bridelia, you will need Delthea's Drive Atk 2 to one round Sonya. If you have Luna activated it shouldn't be a problem.


Running Quickened Pulse + Miracle is a very interesting option. Having Miracle can activate her Escape Route 3 pretty easily. Hone atk 3 helps Bridelia and Delthea kill, and so can Hone spd 3. +SPD IV is necessary (for an easy time), and Escape Route 3/Wings of Mercy 3 is necessary. Escape Route 3 pairs well with Miracle as she doesn't attack.

Her main job is teleporting everywhere to help Bridelia and Delthea kill everything. Once her Miracle is activated she can easily activate her Escape Route 3 by tanking any hit, regardless of colour. As she is also quite bulky she is able to reduce her HP past 50% due to her high speed (not getting doubled often). With a Wings of Mercy 3 build, she does not need to engage in battle.


Olivia's best use is dancing of course, but second goes to killing Hector. Delthea can take out Hector but only with desperation activated, so having a designated Hector killer is good. Wings of Mercy is necessary to make this team great. As she does not need to fight anyone but greens, she makes an excellent support. Running Hone atk 3 is also good, but it can clash with Ninian's - Having one with hone spd and the other with hone atk is good. I run both as Hone atk 3 to get an attack boost no matter which dancer Bridelia/Delthea stands next to.

No Cavalry Here!
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by Axel_The_Mage


Gray has Wind Boost, Desperation, and Bonfire to deal massive damage to Sonya and any cavalry unit.
Celica with Renewal, Distant Def and Spur def to help allies. With Drag Back and Azura at her side, she can pull allies away from danger.
Boey is the healer, with Renewal, Breath of Life, and Ardent Sacrifice.

Mage Central
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by Blargmarffins


The idea behind this team comp is that each mage takes down their respective color with triangle adept/weapon breaker skills, and have a healer heal up any damage from fury or damage taken in battle with heavenly light.

Celica is your main bonus unit and with the bonus stats as well as Ragnarok's effect, you should be able to kill practically anything regardless of its color. She's your main ultimate weapon and should be protected at all costs as she is also your Sonya slayer in the final map.

Robin is running Triangle Adept Blarraven+ with swordbreaker. Pretty standard but very effective. He'll take next to no damage from any kind of bow user and can usually ORKO swords on player phase as well as bait bow users. Magical colorless damage is ignored because wrathful staff is rare and Robin can usually survive anyway and get the kill.

Soren will take out any blue units, especially speedy flier lances with lancebreaker. Triangle adept isn't necessary but having a green is good as Robin's raw attack isn't great and he has trouble killing non triangle-adept units.

Lucius is really replaceable with any healer. Give them rehabilitate and heavenly light to keep all the weapon breaker skills and ragnarok at their threshold and you're good to go. Slap on live to serve if you want so the healer doesn't die. I'm just using Lucius cuz I got a 5 star of him a long time ago.

Everyone but the healer also has draw back/reposition so that you can move everyone safely since there's no slot for a dancer since you need a healer for this.

Three Mages- Perfect Score on Lunatic
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by DeLunatic


Celica +3
A: LnD 3
B: Desperation
C: Breath of Life 3
S: Breath of Life
Special: Moonbow
Assist: Reciprocal Aid

Delthea +4
Dark Aura
A:LnD 2
C:Drive atk 2
S: spd +1
Special:Draconic Aura
Assist: Ardent Sacrifice

Sonya +3
Dark Excalibur
A:Mirror Strike 2
B:G Tomebreaker 3
C:Res Ploy 3
S: atk +1
Special: Moonbow
Assist: Reposition

Azura +1
A: triangle adept 3
B: vantage 3
C: hone atk 3
S: fortify res 1
Special: moonbow
Assist: sing

Whenever celica drops from full HP, use ardent sacrifice from delthea to heal her up. When celica attacks again, she heals back delthea. Azura is used for either attacking twice or healing twice. All three mages are capable of getting kills due to being bonus units, especially between azura and delthea's buffs.

Lets Have Some Fun
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by BladeGuy9


Celica and Sonya are the main stars of the team, being able to kill things left and right, buffs sometimes needed.

Celica (+Atk/-Def): Red nuke, found out she can go through pretty much the whole TT without her Ragnarok buff. Distant Def combined with her high attack really make for a combo that's hard to kill.

Sonya (+Spd/-HP): Green nuke that manages to outspeed a lot of units than expected. Fury and Desperation make for a good combo.

Masked Marth: Healer of the team, and designated Sonya killer when it comes to the final round of TT.

Azura (+Atk/-Res): Singer, but can get in there and destroy some red units if needed.

I've had extremely good runs with this team, never had to call in a new team, but did have a couple deaths. One was because of a stupid play I made, and the other was a sacrifice play, which I needed if I wanted to win.

Buffed stat team
Updated: 2017-08-12
Sonya Emblem
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by NeosKun


Sonya(+Atk,-Hp): Pretty much the star of the team, she can kill almost everything, red, blue, green, yellow, black, a monster with +4 Stats and act as a buffer with Res Deploy skill.

Lucina(-Spd/+Res): with heal build, Reciprocal Aid and Defiant Spd or whatever A skill, but she can double when you need to Kill.

Delthea(-Spd/+Hp): Bonus unit +4 stats, a monster with LnD, Hone Spd/Drive atk, a buffer.

Ninian(+Spd/-Atk): A dancer, with TA2 and she can benefit of Delthea buff if you want her to kill!

Cherche and The Horse Boys
Updated: 2017-08-12

Submitted by Doragon_Central


Try it, its literally the best team on this tempest trial
Cherche with Brave axe plus and Fury 3
Camus with Ventage 3
Xander with Quick Reposte 2 and Reciprocal aid
Reinhart with breath of life 1 seal

Girl Squad - Lunatic 7 Battle 2 team clear (A/B score)
Updated: 2017-08-11

Submitted by makkakaus


Delthea deletes the abundant reds and Julia deletes blues and some greens.

Ninian is there to dance anyone that needs to attack again to get a kill in, or to get them out of enemy range.

Lucina is a heal bot that steps in to finish off the occasional high-res low-defence unit that Delthea and Julia struggle with.

Lucina can be substituted for any red heal bot (masked earth, chrom). Julia can be replaced by Sonya due to TT bonus stats.

Bonus Boosts are Broken
Updated: 2017-08-11

Submitted by SharpEyLogic


Basically use the bonus hero boosts to your full advantage. Celica and Sonya cover each other's colour weaknesses decently, so with a healer, they could potentially solo the entire trial given that one has Green Tomebreaker to deal with Sonya. Ike can be replaced with any physical wall, ideally one with Distant Counter such as Xander, Camus or Hector. Likewise, Priscilla can be replaced with any healer, but it's better to have it mounted (Clarine, Elise or Priscilla) and have the Rehabilitate staff on them for easy healing. Add -breaker skills to Celica and Sonya for an easier time in the trial.

bonus units only
Updated: 2017-08-11

Submitted by randante


Full perfect run with only bonus units. So much easier than using my other previous units.

(link) https://youtu.be/M8AhDn8ErEA

Klein the MVP (Lunatic Lv 35)
Updated: 2017-08-11

Submitted by kazusunes


Klein- Brave Bow+, Reposition, Glacies, Death Blow 3, Quick Riposte 3, Threaten Spd 3. Say goodbye to Sonya, all fliers, and pretty much every non-Raven tome user.

Berkut- Berkut's Lance+, Swap, Bonfire, Attack +3, Swordbreaker 3, Ward Cavalry. Basically Effie on a horse. All reds die to him. Protects Elise with Cavalry buff.

Elise- Assault, Rehabilitate, Kindled-Fire Balm, HP+5, Live to Serve 3, Hone Atk 3. Standard healing with great damage buff.

Hector- Armads, Swap, Bonfire, Distant Counter, Vantage 3, Threaten Def 3. KOs all lances, archers, and daggers. Hector is just Hector.

Easy 400 points each time. Haven't lost once with this team, and it's a good way to rack up points pretty quickly if you don't have the right people to take on Lunatic Lv 40 c:

Flawless Lunatic 7 Battles Team
Updated: 2017-08-11

Submitted by randante


No 2nd team needed with them.
(link) https://youtu.be/hMNItdEnX3U

Lunatic Farm
Updated: 2017-08-11

Submitted by Kraagenskull


Est is a 4 star merged +9 with Brave Lance+. Sonya and Delthea are standard (just summoned them), Tiki Young has Nowi's weapon.
Basically, even in Lunatic, everyone falls to Est or to the boosted mages.

Delthea the Goddess
Updated: 2017-08-11

Submitted by legios


1 Ardent Sacrifice to activate Desperation and turn Delthea into a war machine. Just have a red cavalry unit with re-position and a dancer to support her. Preferred red cavalry unit with axe breaker to deal with Hector or the tankier axe users. Have one healer just to heal any unit that is used as the tank.

More Frederick Emblem
Updated: 2017-08-11

Submitted by TheSeunger


This team strictly focuses on Frederick, Reinhardt and Celica. The dancer can be anyone of your choosing.

Frederick (+ATK -HP)
- Brave Axe+
- Reposition
- Luna or Bonfire
- Death Blow 3
- Drag Back or Hit and Run
- Threaten Def 3 or Hone Cavalry

Reinhardt (+ATK -DEF)
- Dire Thunder
- Reposition
- Luna
- Death Blow 3
- Lancebreaker 3 or B Tomebreaker 3
- Hone Cavalry

Celica (+HP -DEF)
- Ragnarok
- Draw Back or Reciprocal Aid
- Moonbow
- Life and Death 3
- Renewal 3
- Flexible (Hone Atk or Spd 3 preferred)

- Dance/Sing
- Whatever skills she has for offense or support

Key Strategy:
Celica is absolutely good here thanks to the bonus stats she gains throughout this Tempest Trial, so she can actually hit pretty hard as well as capable of outspeeding some units. She will be dealing vast majority of the Green units, especially Sonia at the end.

Frederick can take care of physically frail and majority of Blue units that does not resist his sheer Cavalry might. He can also easily take out Sonia due to her being physically frail.

Reinhardt, likewise, is also very good to use here because of his high raw damage and mobility as well as being able to take out threats neither Celica nor Frederick can take down.

It is absolutely necessary to bring a dancer unit to keep the three alive from beginning to end, otherwise you may find yourself a hard time achieving full score.

With that, this team, so far, has achieved full 2,116pts twice in a row, thanks to triple score multiplier, and as well as making it out deathless. Still, watch out for Hector; he can easily ruin your day if you do not come prepared for him.