Tempest Trials - Dark Clouds Over Awakening

Tempest Trials
Event Date
Start June 8, 2017 at 7:00 AM UTC
EndJune 22, 2017 at 6:59 AM UTC
Event Notes
  • 705 max points can be acquired per map (chain) at the highest difficulty (lunatic).
  • It will take around 142 perfect map runs, around 20 perfect runs on the 7 battles (405 Stamina), to reach the max score of 99,999.
Event Overview
  • A special event where you're pitted against successions of maps (chains). Repeatedly chain maps to accumulate points, and climb up the scoring ladder to obtain special rewards!
  • Your units won't recover health between battles, and their Special charges will be preserved as well. Any ally that falls in battle is unavailable until the end of the chain, whether through victory or defeat.
  • Many difficulties are available; each difficulty presents its own amount of maps to chain and sets the amount of teams you're allowed to use.
  • Scoring is based on difficulty level, amount of maps cleared, speed and ally survival rate.
  • Failing a map doesn't end the chain! You get to keep fighting by swapping heroes or teams. Every foe on the map will be revived, but they'll have 20% less hp to make the battle easier to finish.
  • You get points even if you don't make it to the end of the chain.
Bonus Allies

If you include a bonus ally on your team, you can increase your score. If you add multiple bonus allies, only the highest bonus will apply. Bonuses do not stack

Bonus Allies
Notable Event Rewards

A total of 31 orbs can be obtained through the event.

Sacred Seal: Quickened Pulse 50,000
5★ Masked Marth30,000
Sacred Seal: Breath of Life 120,000
4★ Masked Marth6,000
Feather Rewards
1 - 1,00010,000
1,001 - 5,0008,000
5,001 - 10,0006,000
10,001 - 50,0004,000
50,001 - 100,0003,000
100,001 - 200,0002,000
200,001 - 300,0001,500
300,001 - 400,0001,000
400,001 - 500,000500
Last Stage Map
Tempest Trials
Normal Veronica Stats
HP36 WeaponÉlivágar
ATK40 SpecialBonfire
SPD18 AFury 1
DEF22 BRenewal 3
RES17 CSavage Blow 3
-- SQuickened Pulse
Hard Veronica Stats
HP53 WeaponÉlivágar
ATK54 SpecialBonfire
SPD29 AFury 3
DEF33 BRenewal 3
RES27 CSavage Blow 3
-- SQuickened Pulse
Lunatic Veronica Stats
HP66 WeaponÉlivágar
ATK57 SpecialBonfire
SPD32 AFury 3
DEF36 BRenewal 3
RES29 CSavage Blow 3
-- SQuickened Pulse
Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
40% bonus
Updated: 2017-07-04

Submitted by Night


Team is a classic old recipe :

* Lucina as a strong red damage dealer with pseudo healing capabilities (Falchion + Aether + reciprocal aid). Also the bonus unit.

Nino as a widow maker. Blade tomes + multiple buffs (+Speed from Azura, +Res from Lucina, +Atk & +Def from Sharena). She more or less soloed most of the maps

Azura as a red slayer + dancer

Sharena as a tank.

Usually I could go to the end of the trials with this team.
Some wicked arrangements of Veronika's Team needed improvement (Leo + too many reds or Jaffar / Takumi at the same time). But in the end it was quite rare.

Don't fall asleep.
Updated: 2017-06-21

Submitted by INightshade


Death blow 2 Reinhardt can cheese most every unit sans a few healers, Niles, Felicia, Cecilia, Veronica, and last-map Hector (survives with 9hp) and Soren. I haven't seen an enemy Julia yet, but he can't kill her either.

Lucina/M!Marth handles what's left and provides bonus points. You need 37 spd to double Veronica.

Freddy(hone horse) + Olivia(dance) are support. They also can tank an attack, slaughter a weak unit, or be sacrificed if needed.

Ninian saves everyone
Updated: 2017-06-21

Submitted by BarbsZah


Overall, Robin serves as a bonus unit and to deal with any archer/dagger user who would 1-hit kill Julia. Xander does the save, and if you use him as a shield to Titania or daggers he will build up Blazing Light to deal a huge damage on Veronica. Ninian is the dancer to make sure everyone stays out of a deadly blow while they charge up their attacks to prepare for the lasts hits. Julia is a blue unit killer all the way, if Reinhardt shows at the right spot, she is perfect to kill him AND charge at least 3/4 of her Dragon Fang, then, just keep her out of neutral units with more speed than her and use her to kill any more blue units (Or Veronica if you get her to max up Dragon Fang)

Self-Sufficient Double Strike Team
Updated: 2017-06-20

Submitted by Lightning


Can handle any color even beating the last map through all seven stages. Sakura or any mage would have Rehabiltate and that heals the bulk of the tanks, or use Azura for 2x healing. Azura would be the Resistance tank as well as a hone RES in case the Hector/Ike need it. Ike has Quick Riposte (2 or 3) for double damage. He has fairly high speed so he can win most bouts as well as healing himself. Ike gets Reposition and Hector Pivot so they jump over each other if characters need their backs watched.

Mages, a Dancer, and Pseudo-Healing
Updated: 2017-06-18

Submitted by Allerleirauh


This team is relatively glassy, so they pack a punch but can't take too many hits themselves. However, with proper positioning and skills that increase mobility, I've managed to get through the 7 stage Lunatic with all four intact until the final round consistently. With Lucina/Robin, you also get the 40% bonus.

Nino and Robin M are there to handle most threats (hopefully in one shot and being able to double), and both have Draw Back. Azura will sing and then whichever mage is attacking can draw her back to safety. After that, you have an additional use of Draw Back from the other mage if necessary. Lucina and even Azura can handle the threats that the mages will die to. Always keep an eye on the danger zone.

I skipped out on the Fury/Desperation build for Nino, and instead gave her Darting Blow/G Tomebreaker/Breath of Life for a pseudo-healing build. She still packs quite the punch with her +atk nature (atk is sitting at 49). Swift Sparrow instead of Darting Blow would be better if you have it. Nino handles most enemies by herself or with Azura's help, but look out for red mages and archers (let Robin deal with those...except for Celica, you'll need Azura or Lucina for that). She is key to killing off all the scary blue enemies that surround Veronica in one hit, including Reinhardt (but be sure you attack him and not the other way around).

Robin M is really only good with Triangle Adept, so make sure he's equipped with that, as he will struggle more against reds and colorless with his lower atk and spd compared to Nino (though he is tankier than her and can survive much more). Keep Bonfire of course. Swordbreaker would also be useful. Robin is best at handling threats like Takumi and Kagero, and with TA takes 0 or very low damage from colorless foes most of the time.

Azura's role here is best as support, but she is capable of doing some serious damage as well when ranged attackers might decimate the health of your mages. My Azura has Fury and Wings of Mercy to up her survivability and mobility. With Nino's healing and her role as support, you shouldn't have to worry too much about her. She takes care of threats like Ryoma and Leo pretty easily as well.

Finally, Lucina. Lucina is your only real chance at slaying Veronica/Hector in one hit, so keep her safe or you won't have a chance at victory. Lucina is also a pseudo-healer that packs a punch, acting as the red sword physical attack counterpart to Nino on this team. She will need Falchion, Reciprocal Aid (what I have) or Ardent Sacrifice, Aether (or your choice of special, but the extra healing is a godsend), Fury, and Renewal. Falchion and Renewal (3 is preferred but 2 works just fine) will give consistent healing that is boosted once in a while by Aether. Not only does this keep her HP up after Fury lowers it, but with Reciprocal Aid/Ardent Sacrifice, she can abuse those heals and transfer them to Nino who can't self-heal (or really anyone else who needs an HP boost when Nino's Breath of Life won't help you). This means that after doing so, since Robin and Nino have such low max HP, she will have to be kept out of the way for a few turns to recover while the mages do most of the heavy lifting.

Mage Emblem, sort of.
Updated: 2017-06-16

Submitted by Yantze


Celica is a very hard hitter, especially at HP full. Perfect for taking down Veronica. Tharja is a very good bonus unit for a 4*. Julia destroys Mage Cavaliers Unit, especially Reinhadrt. I use Effie with Breath of life, so she can heal all other units along with Julia. I use Draw Back for Tharja, Reposition with Julia, Swap with Celica and Smite with Effie. I also use Sharena with inherited Poison Attack and Rally Attack replacing Effie

Horse Blade
Updated: 2017-06-16

Submitted by sivo


Cecilia/Olwen(can changed with Ursula) /Leo / Priscilla(can actually any Staff Horse
This 3 have ofc all Blade and Priscilla is for Heal buff.
With this Team alone you just one shot everything, Mix the grp with Hone/Fortify Cav and have fun to murder this map.
Give Leo Axebreaker more save give Cecilia Axebreaker too.
This 3 will kill everything under Blade buffs and with Axebreaker on this 2 ensure to kill always Legion. It should be the most esay team to do this map. Be care of Panic Ploy some have it but that can be esay dodged.

Almost always got 705p
Updated: 2017-06-15
Marth and Ladies in Waiting
Updated: 2017-06-15
Cheap way of battle
Updated: 2017-06-15

Submitted by Ike


Eliwood can kill Veronica within 1 turn. Ike is able to survive/counter the ranged units. Klein should be able to kill the mage appearing on the left side. Marth is just there for tanking. Marth/Eliwood can be replaced with Lucina.

You win if you are lucky
Updated: 2017-06-15

Submitted by Sean


Try to kill all with a one hit. If you failure, use a defence team (Nowi, Hector, Tiki and Healer) or if this the final stage: Nowi, Tiki, Xander and Olivia

Distance counter
Updated: 2017-06-15

Submitted by TuQRo


Ryoma must have quick reposite nowi sword breaker

Updated: 2017-06-14

Submitted by Sigurd


Robin with T.A and Swordbreaker
Nino and B. Lyn standard builds
Olivia with T.A and wings of mercy
C slot up to the player

Elite 4
Updated: 2017-06-14
Cordelia is all you need
Updated: 2017-06-14

Submitted by Satellier


+spd cordelia brave bow with life and death 3, escape route 3, savage blow 3, miracle special, +1 attack
Nowi with fury and whatever else
Lyn has rehabilitation
Ninian exists

Trust me on the miracle special, cordelia will OHKO or near to it on everything cept last area. Nowi is for luring enemies and expendable, rehabilitation will instantly max cordelia after miracle triggers and anti-counter is good for whatever B.Cordelia can't ohko, like hector or veronica

Decent Team (No SI)
Updated: 2017-06-13

Submitted by NightTehFaux


I'm sure there are plenty of more viable teams, but this one has been pretty solid overall to carry me through the first couple of maps, and they were the few units I had as a F2P.

Lyn is fairly strong and has decent enough speed to where being doubled won't be much of a problem. Galeforce is also a godsend if you have trouble with that speed bonus.

Subaki is my main tank with 30 Def and natural Saphire Lance. Even Lucinas will do mostly single digit damage to him. Swap is also good for moving units one tile closer to a target or to Lissa so that she can heal them, or, yknow, to swap if I need him to cover a choke point.

Raven works out nicely with his Brave Axe, to where I use him to kill most colorless (especially archers). His stats are decent enough to where he can not get doubled all the time. Also Sol allows him to heal up when Rehabilitate from Lissa won't.

Lissa has Rehabilitate which comes in clutch more often then not. She also gets Fire-kindled Balm which will usually give my units just enough of a boost to kill enemies they normally can't.

My biggest issues are archers, namely. Faye that come out of nowhere and kill Subaki with Wings of Mercy, though Takumi is also a threat if Brave Axe doesn't kill him in one go.

I also tend to struggle on the 4 Flier Ambush map when all the units are blue because Raven can't get around to killing them all before they reach Lissa or Lyn. This happens way too much, by the way.

I really only use them to carry me to the final boss, then suicide for more Veronica-Focused team compositions with the nice 20% handicap to boot.

High Tier Tempest Trial Team
Updated: 2017-06-13

Submitted by DeathlessIce


Lucina: Lucina deals with most ranged units with her incredible speed and damage. She can also deal with certain green units effectively. The biggest reason for her is actually the Falchion, which heals at the start of every round and every 3rd turn. Combine this with Ardent Sacrifice and you heal 20 for free per round sometimes. If you have -HP Lucina, give it desperation, which allows her to 2 hit most nonblue characters after an ardent sacrifice, even a few blue lancers. Great for the last boss stage and Veronica as well.
Replacements: Any Falchion user. Ryoma. Erika. Xander.

S Lucina: Spring Lucina is incredible versus most characters excluding green units. She does great damage, and can likely 2 hit. The Blue Egg is actually awesome in the Trials, as she can take/trade a hit and heal back up for the end. Remember to use Moonbow!
Replacements: Any high dmg mage (pref blue). Reinhardt/Linde might do well, although blue egg is great here.

Y Tiki: Tiki is great to deal with green units cost effectively. She can also contribute heals to the team. Great at countering those green units S Lucina can't handle. She has decent resistance and defense as well. Consider giving her draw back for S Lucina. The two compliment each other's weaknesses. Also deals with Hector/ Last boss.

Nowi: Nowi has good defense and resistance, and can distant counter. With lucina adjacent dmg buff, she can do decent damage, and take decent damage, and is a good heal target. If you use a different color mage, consider giving nowi drawback instead. Only use with vantage. Defiant attack also holds some value in a bind. Remember to use Moonbow! Great fodder or bait for the last boss floor.
Replacements: Azura/Ninian. Instead of taking the hit and healing, you can dance to make your team even better.

In this team your mage does most of the work + drawback, except for choice interactions, where someone takes a hit and heals up or a good exchange.
Lots of different builds work with this team, and there are lots of neat interactions between many units of this team, and it has surprising sustain. If you're missing a major unit, consider a healer with Rehabilitate or Olivia for Dance. What I find is this comp is great for doing moderately well in Lunatic, but more importantly, is a very good outline for people considering their options. Good luck in the Trials.

Solid til last map
Updated: 2017-06-13

Submitted by misterpool


Able to make it to 7th map most times carrying a level 20 4* Nowi for bonus. Will need another team to do 7th map usually

I Need Healing (Healer Lucina)
Updated: 2017-06-13

Submitted by Mafuu


Lucina and f Corrin should be your frontline heavy-hitting units while Camilla and m Robin should be your cover units. Lucina recovers a lot of hp in a short amount of time so use her Reciprocal Aid to heal her teammates whenever needed. f Corrin is the main physical tank of the group and will successfully tank more than just the sword users. Camilla will help in taking out blue units while m Robin is a good cover against colorless units and red mages (use bait tactics). Also, use the positioning assist skills as needed as they can be quite useful in getting out of a potential mess, especially when dealing with Veronica and her minions.

Lucina's Healer Build includes Renewal 3, Reciprocal Aid, and your choice of sacred seal (I use Speed +1) on top of her maxed original skills. Either Luna or Moonbow would work well for her special.

f Corrin's build works best if her IVs has a +atk boon, ideally +atk/-res. On top of her maxed original skills, she carries Death Blow 3 (to deal loads of damage and OHKOs many sword users if she has the right IVs), Reposition, and Attack +1 sacred seal. I recommend her original special, Draconic Aura, be replaced with either Moonbow or Bonfire.

Camilla's build consists of Poison Strike 3, Reposition, and choice of sacred seal (I use Fortify Res 1 in order to make up for the team's overall low res) on top of her maxed original skills. Her original special, Draconic Aura, should absolutely be replaced with something like Iceberg.

m Robin's build should be utilized to bait colorless units and red mages. He has TA (2 or 3), Quick Riposte (2 or 3), Swap, and choice of sacred seal (I use HP +3) on top of his original maxed skills. His original special, Bonfire, should suffice.

Horse Emblem + Healer Lucina
Updated: 2017-06-13

Submitted by RyanSwag


Basic Horse Emblem set, but I'd like to give a shout out to Healer Lucina!

Falcheon and Renewal proc at the start of each fight. Combine that with Ardent Sacrifice and you don't even have to think about gimping your team with a Staff unit! That, and she's a bonus unit. What more could you want?

Tempest Lunatic Final Map
Updated: 2017-06-13

Submitted by メイナス


Roy's natural Triangle Adept helps him take multiple hits from Veronica and allows him to get close to Veronica to kill her. He is also effective against most green units that may appear. Liliana is taken due to the large amount of greens you are able to face and her natural base damage. Personally, I also have Triangle Adept 3 on her as well to tank more and deal more to greens. However, Lilina can be substituted for other red mages like Tharja or Celica. Next is Ursula who is taken due to her Blarwolf's effectiveness against calvary units such as Cain and Stahl. Tempest trial always has two calvary units to fight against, which makes Ursula's tome highly useful. Lastly is Julia. I like Julia due to her natural high magic resistance and high attack. The rightmost unit on the map tends to be Cecilia, Olwen, or Reinhardt. Julia can one shot Olwen and Reinhardt, and she's able to tank and return damage to Cecilia without being one-shot. However, sometimes the rightmost unit may be Leo, which I have Ursula available to ORKO. Additionally, I recommend taking mages because the final map has one armored unit who spawns in four units above the second-to-last on the right of ally units. Armored units have natural low resistance, thus making mages very useful.

Fury&Desperation and L&D&Vantage, and Nowi
Updated: 2017-06-13

Submitted by Asant


(Disclaimer: This is gonna be long ?)
Stats and skills for each char listed below~ (skippable)
Nino: +SPD -RES (4 star not merged)
Hp:31 Atk:42 Spd:40 Def:19 Res:23
Assist->Draw Back
A->Fury 2
B->Desperation 3
C->None(possibly Fortify Defence)
Sacred Seal->SPD+1
Role: Main damage dealer
Nowi: +RES -SPD (5 star not merged)
Hp:45 Atk:45 Spd:23 Def:30 Res:30
Weapon->Lightning Breath+
A->Triangle Adept 3
B->Quick Riposte 2
C->Hone Attack(might switch)
Sacred Seal->Fortify Res 1
Role: Support/Semi Tank
Kagero: +ATK -DEF (5 star not merged)
Hp:31 Atk:48 Spd:36 Def: 15 Res:24
Weapon->Poison Dagger+
Assist->Rally Defence
A->Life and Death 2
B->Vantage 3
C->Hone Spd 3
Sacred Seal->Atk +1
Role: Secondary damage dealer
Olivia: Neutral IVs (4 star +1 merge)
Hp:35 Atk:34 Spd:32 Def:24 Res:23
Weapon->Ruby Sword
B->Escape Route 2
C->Hone Atk 3
Sacred Seal->(None)
Role: Dancer&Green Check (albeit a mediocre one)
Gameplan (Stages 1-6): So what I always do in my runs is make sure Nino deals with the early couple of stages and lose HP without fear of retaliation from enemies that she will OHKO. I dont heal her up as much, mainly because she is alot more capable of killing alot of units with Desperation active. (she'll always have 1 HP at the last stage) Kagero is going to be the staff/high res unit killer and she can kill any unit Nino miiight not have a good shot with. (mainly red units or pegasus knights) Kagero can also buff Nino with a +4 in Hone Spd and Rally Def if she doesn't want to pick a fight~.(and basically kills every thing if an astra activates execpt armored units) Nowi is the bonus unit on my team and can check reds without an issue at all. As well as being able to kill the right side horse mage (execpt Cecilia but thats something else) if Ignis can activate which is guaranteed on the first fight or Nowi's counterattack. Olivia is the dancer of the group and allows Kagero specifically to 2 round units if she is unable to double them. Olivia can also check green units decently, although she isn't complete so she doesn't serve that purpose just yet. This team is basically a Semi Aggressive team that won't rush right in unless they can kill anyone that stands in their way, and only Nowi is capable of tanking a couple of hits. Which makes this team squishy with Kagero and Nino with very low defences.
Final Map(Stage 7): For this part it can be a little tricky to deal with, because if there are many reds there it'll be a cake walk with Nowi there. If there are some blues though it requires a little more positioning and more caution. (i literally hate Peri with a passion here) Now if there are alot of Greens...thats when this team falls apart, Cecilia specifically in the final map is a bane for this team. Nowi isn't able to bait her, Kagero loses because of Gronnraven, and Nino can't exactly ORKO her, Olivia could be able to kill cecilia but she isnt able to safely with what she has now. Hector can be taken out easily unless he has Wary fighter, which is god awful. Titiana has great Res and Spd to not get doubled by Kagero and cant die to Nino, again Olivia could kill her but she wouldn't be safe if she tried.
Veronica herself is pretty awkward to deal with. Kagero can 1 shot her with an attack buff and an astra to score the kill, Nino with Luna and 2 buffs at least can ORKO her as well. Nowi could be considered dead weight actually if the final map doesn't have any Reds.
Overall if i feel like Kagero can be switched with a strong Red Sword or Mage in order to check Greens and Veronica easier(about 4 options, theres choices ?) as well as putting an Archer such as Bridal Cordelia or Setsuna.
This is such a long explanation on a team for something that lasts about 2 weeks, although i feel like SOME sort of explaining should be on each of the teams here ? or even just skill sets to make each team look more efficient and proper, and not have people wonder what each unit has in their skill slots. Ok thats all~♡

Blue and Red Gods
Updated: 2017-06-12

Submitted by PSI_FeelingOkay


In short, this team revolves around using Azura to sing for Ike or Reinhardt. Hector helps with any pesky Blue units that could kill Ike or Rein, and can be used for bait on Veronica for her -6 chip damage from fury. Use Ike and Azura's sing to easily kill off Green units and Veronica.
Reinhardt - +ATK/-SPD
Dire Thunder
Draconic Aura
Death Blow 3
Lance Breaker 3
Threaten Res 3

Ike - +ATK/-RES
Reporical Aid (Aether regains any of his lost HP, and can be used to help give any unit HP back)
Heavy Blade 3
Vantage 3
Threaten Def 3

Azura - +ATK/-SPD
Brave Lance+
Wings Of Mercy 3
Fortify Res 3

Hector - +ATK/-RES
Distant Counter
Vantage 3
Hone Atk 2

Use Reinhardt and Ike to deal with any units, have Azura use to sing on them for cleanup kills, and use Reinhardt's reposition to save units. Use Hector as bait.

Marth or nothing
Updated: 2017-06-12

Submitted by Grimcreeper


Just get Marth, Azura and either Robin or Julia to the end (preferably both). Azura for dance kills, Robin should be swordbreaker for guaranteed sword kills, Julia with bowbreaker to make her more effective and Marth for making sure Veronica dies in the final fight

My Tempest Team
Updated: 2017-06-12

Submitted by Gatts


Ryoma: Great frontline unit that can tank damage and keeps a check on most green units and can help take down Veronica (and many of the physical Calvary units on the left side) during the final battle.

Celica: Great offensive unit that can erase a lot of the roster thanks to her Ragnarok tome and LnD 3. Can easily duel Veronica if Celica has at least 30 health (assuming Celica has neutral Resistance). Can also be used to kite the armored unit in the final battle and destroys Hector should he appear. Also functions as a Pseudo Healer if you're using Renewal and Reciprocal Aid. This allows Celica to effectively heal the entire team before engaging the enemy team on most maps that aren't the final battle.

Takumi: Fulfills his role as a source of neutral damage and check on all fliers that don't have Iote's Shield equipped. He is crucial in the final fight because he can effectively duel Reinhardt and kite armored units (as long as they aren't Hector, but Hector shouldn't be a problem as long as Celica and/or Ryoma survived).

Azura: Takes low to no damage from all red units due to her Sapphire Lance, working as an effective counter to Red units. Has Sing, allowing for great mobility around the maps or the ability for a unit to retreat after attacking. Great coverage is granted by Wings of Mercy 3 as it allows for another unit to retreat via Sing or for her to finish off the unit that the other unit was fighting.
NOTE: Keep away from ALL green units. Most physical green units will be able to flat out kill her due to her only semi-decent defense and severe color disadvantage. She will be able to survive attacks from a few green mages due to her high resistance, but it's best to still keep her away and deal with greens with either red unit.

Strategy for Final Battle: I usually send Ryoma up the left side with Celica close behind because he can deal with many of the units that appear on the upper left side and Celica stays behind him to decrease some of the damage he takes through Spur Def 3 and the Spur Def 1 seal, and to finish off any unit Ryoma can't kill. Azura stays behind with Takumi to kill the Calvary Mage on the right side. In the case of Reinhardt or Olwen, wait until they come into the range of Azura and Takumi and then engage them. Dire Thunder will likely kill either of them if you're not careful. Leo can be killed if you just bait him out with Takumi. Celicia can be killed with Celica or Ryoma if you bait them. The armored unit should be left to be taken care of last. Veronica can be taken care of with Celica alone if she has a high enough health total. Veronica's body guard can be any Infantry Ranged Unit so it's best to just take them out with whatever unit works against them best. The armored unit can be killed through kiting and Hector can be killed through Celica and/or Ryoma after healing up because they should be relatively low after their battles.
NOTE: This strategy won't succeed if any of this team dies before the Final Battle. It is also possible to be screwed over by skill variance i.e. Reinhardt having Distant Defense could be a problem because it reduces Takumi's damage against him by 12, which could be disastrous. It is to be noted that a unit will always have their base kit plus random skills in the empty slots. For example, Leo will always have Brynhildr, Quick Riposte, Blazing Light, and Savage Blow.

I've found this team composition and strategy to be very successful in my Trials, but it could vary between people. Thanks for reading this far and I hope this helps whoever tries it out.

Endgame Beserker
Updated: 2017-06-12

Submitted by Wingedflight


This team works roughly 80% of the time depending on your units on the map and their skills.

Keep this in mind:
• Your key attacking players are Linde (or whatever extremely powerful mage you need) and Marth. Marth is a must. If you don't have Marth, use a speed and attack heavy unit with Luna or any upgrade of Night Sky.
• Marth is usually placed behind Linde (or whatever mage you picked) on the first turn to attack the rival mage. The speed boost can save you.
• Marth's Escape Route WILL save you a lot. The tank unit can help by bringing Marth closer to Veronica or any major green units.
• With a +Spd Marth and Fortify Res 3 currently buffing him; he actually WILL survive an attack from Veronica. Even a -Res Marth will survive, as I use a +Spd/-Res Marth
• Azura or any dancer/singer works. However, if you are doing THIS team, I highly reccomend Wings of Mercy. This is a beserker team, therefore your team will reach half and below health quickly.
• I personally use Chrom as a tanking unit or - sadly - as bait who can land a few hits. I choose him because of Falchion, therefore giving him a bonus. Use someone who tanks the units to your preference here.

I'll give you my team reference with boons/banes, and skills:
• Marth: +Spd/-Res. Uses Falchion, Pivot, Luna, Escape Route 3, and Spur Spd 3. No A passive or S passive as of writing this.
• Linde: +Spd/-HP. Uses Aura, Adrent Sacrifice, Glacies, Spd +3, Vantage 2 (for now. Desperation can work, but it depends on preference), Fortify Res 3. No S passive as of writing this.
• Azura: True neutral. Uses Sapphire Lance+, Sing, Astra, Spd +3, Wings of Mercy 3, Fortify Res 3. HP +3 for S passive.
• Chrom: +Def/-Spd. Uses Falchion, Pivot, Aether, Defiant Def 3, Vantage 3, Spur Def 3. No S passives as of writing this.

TL;DL: Marth and Linde (or any heavy damage & speed orientated sword user and mage) are your main units as they double almost everyone and kill them, Chrom is a tank that can be replaced by your preference, and Azura is your major dancer/support that is needed to survive. Skills are the key issues with this, but this team's main skills aren't a hassle since they come from their own skill sets... with minor SI. You are very likely to be left with two or three units after this, but you'll win most of the time.

Works fine for me
Updated: 2017-06-12

Submitted by Jeannie


It makes me clear the first six maps with an ease. Most of the time I just use Linde to kill all reds and when she gets damaged just a little bit, she can take out almost everyone as long as she outspeeds them with Desperation 3. Olivia is mostly there to buff everyone up with Hone Atk for extra damage and to dance, just like a normal dancer in a team would. Hector is like the physical tank for my mages to suck up all physical attacks, since both Tharja and Linde have paperthin defenses (mostly Linde, in my case). And then Tharja, mostly because she's a bonus hero lmao. But seriously, she can somewhat take out most annoying green units that goes towards Linde and also the most important thing, she can mostly kill Veronica when she's in Desperation, even if sometimes she struggles to do it.

Cavaliers Team - Xander on Main
Updated: 2017-06-12

Submitted by Khaòs


This team can deal with some of threats , but it can't deal much with Veronica to OHKO with Xander ( On Lunatic , but with Special it can.)... It's that why Leo is here : For slay her.
"But why this team ?!"
Let me explain :
- Xander is the main of this team. With Hone cavalry , he boosts allys and take out most of Green threat and can OHKO Veronica with Fury and a strongful special. A very strong unit that can slay any green units and boost allys.
-Cecilia take out most of colorless units like Takumi due to Hone's boost. With that , her res stat deal with Reinhardt and Olwen in last Battle , living them no chances to live. She deal also with Effie , but with Reinhardt's help.
She can also boost her allys with Fortify Cavalry.
-Reinhardt is the 2nd main of this team. Due to his double attack with his start tome , he leave no chances to enemies. Due to the boost , he is a Threat that can deal with most of annoying units like Nowi or else , but die easily to Veronica and green units who survives. Pair up with Cecilia , to kill them , is the best option.
- Leo is seriously a "Veronica slayer". With his strength , he can deal with her when he is optimised and boosted. Due to savage blow , he can payback others units who stands close to him , leaving the next job to the others.
Enjoy this team who can deal with oponents !

Rein OP
Updated: 2017-06-12

Submitted by EHStar


Reinhardt is really good for blowing through most of tempest trials, except for the mountain map with a tree in the middle and Veronica. Both Reinhardt and Julia have breath of life to keep each other and fury lucina healthy.

Keeping Lucina healthy by the end of the 6th map is critical for success on the 7th as even Gtomebreaker Julia has trouble outdueling Veronica in addition to fighting the other units. Julia is useful for killing Olwen/Reins that spawn on the right side and can outduel Cecilia with breaker but takes heavy damage in the process. Moving Julia to the very right and breaking the box is better than moving her right to the box since it limits movement options. If a red cavalier spawns it may be better to take out the armor first with dancer Reinhardt since he will usually taken pretty heavy damage and not KO the mage, but a Hector would be problematic since Lucina can't one round him. +Atk Fury moonbow Lucina is able to one round Veronica if the special is active or has a 1 turn CD assuming Veronica did not receive a speed boost so if Lucina is dead it's likely over.

Alternatively another strong red sword user can be used such as Ryoma, though without falchion he probably won't be able to use fury as well. Sanaki is really powerful on the last map, but fights a slot with Lucina who is currently a bonus unit. Nino is also pretty strong on the last map, but double breath of life is just a really strong strategy for keeping your team healthy. And Reinhardt is OP of course, so he is hard to replace.

My full unit build is:
Lucina (+atk - def): Falchion/Swap/Moon bow and Fury/Sword breaker/Spur atk and speed seal. I am thinking desperation would be pretty good for B here, SB is mainly from arena. Luna may also be workable but moonbow hasn't really failed me yet.

Julia (+atk -def): Naga/Reposition/Moonbow and Darting blow/GTome breaker/Breath of Life and breath of life seal. I tried using Fury but felt it weakened Julia too much and often brought her under tomebreaker ranger. I swapped it for darting blow, which I had on her earlier, so there's probably better skills, but you do get surprise doubles occasionally. LnD may be okay but I feel like her res is quite a valuable stat. Death blow is probably ideal, though both DB and LnD are hard to obtain. Flat stat bonuses may be okay.

Azura (+def - spd): Sapphire lance/dance/moonbow with Fury/WoM/Hone Atk and fortify res seal. Pretty standard. Any dancer can probably be used and it's pretty much necessary to have a dancer.

Reinhardt (+atk - hp): Dire thunder/drawback/Draconic Aura and deathblow/WoM/Breath of life and +atk seal. WoM can be lancebreaker or r or b tomebreaker, doesn't really matter.

Having a unit that can reposition rein and the dancer is important, having swap is also really useful for moving a unit one space. Double breath of life makes this mode much easier.

This worked for me
Updated: 2017-06-11

Submitted by Esbenmik


This team worked great for me.
Celica teamed with a healer can use her tome for massive damage. and is a good counter for Veronika
Robin M with triangle adapt can deal with both Red and colorless.
Titania this teams physical attacker. She is also fast and a effective blue counter.
Elise is a good healer with nice movement as a horse emblem.

Veronica Breaker
Updated: 2017-06-11

Submitted by Earthes


Team consists of g breaker sanaki, fury Azura, vantage hector, Support Elise. Sanaki ohko any green tome spawns and Veronica taking 0 damage from them, hector destroys lance and reinhardt, azura destroys reds and dance, Elise for heals amd support buffs.

Range Abuse
Updated: 2017-06-11

Submitted by Chukobeng


This team is basically just full of fast powerful mages that can ORKO most units so long as they are equipped with fury and desperation. As they are both with blade tomes and both have hone skills, their synergy is quite good. I also gave them both draw back to get out of range if need be.

Any dancer is fine as long as they can hold their own as well as they may be called upon to kill some enemies that your mages can't handle by themselves, most preferably with the wings of mercy. I chose azura as she can comfortably deal with most red units by herself and can save nino in a pinch

Finally any healer will do for the last spot, mine happens to be lucius as he has a lot of hp

Overall Type
Updated: 2017-06-11

Submitted by Orochi


Julia helps a lot with her breath of life, dragons and many enemies who are blue, slow or low resistance.
Cordelia is strong with her brave lance+ and taking out a lot of red and blue units.
Ike tanking many green and armor units
Lucius for healing and surviving enemies from his miracle

Healer Boey´s
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by AlexHam36


Boey (EB, renewal, Hone speed /Breath of life and reciprocal aid)
Olivia (Hone att - Res seal, any position assist)
Cordelia ( Quad Accel set with gale force and threat-speed/ def or speed buffer)
Tharja ( Any Special Darting/Death blow, Red/Green TomeB *Veronica still gets hard to beat* Flexible C)

Stick together your units, Boey can be use to bait enemies if surrounded by all other allies, he can pretty much survive almost any unit attack, tharja is benefit by this set with buffers. Cordelia and Olivia can almost assure GF activate.

7/7 Single Team 40% Bonus
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by Blargmarffins


This team focuses on ORKOing with good use of weapon triangle advantage, then repositioning away to heal off any damage.

Robin is the core member of the team with Blarraven+, Triangle Adept, and Swordbreaker. Reposition for support skill, and bonfire for special. He will tank any hits from reds/colorless and utterly destroy sword units in one round, and will be a pure anti-red/colorless wrecker. He is essentially irreplaceable as your main bonus unit.

Soren is your green version of this, destroying all blue units with either Fury/Triangle adept and lancebreaker, allowing you to bait and tank hits from reinhardt and kill him on the counterattack, as well as ORKO Effie despite her absurd hp pool in the final chapter as well as easily getting rid of the speedier pegasus knights. Draw back for support skill and iceberg for special. Nino also does this job well and with some buffs, her blade tome will be able to fill the same role.

Ryoma is mainly there just to cover greens, and can be replaced by any good red unit, however he is fast and strong enough to ORKO Veronica, Hector, Cecilia, etc, on the final map. Reposition for support skill, and draconic aura for special. Mine has fury and vantage, however his skills are less important as he's still fantastic vanilla.

Lucius can be replaced by any healer. He should almost never enter direct combat, and is only there to heal. While other skills might be good for low special cooldown, I have rehabilitate on just for the 7th level, and heavenly light to keep everyone topped off and refresh their weapon breaker hp threshold after fury.

The tradoff of having a healer makes it so that there isn't space for a dancer, however to compensate for this, both Robin and Ryoma have reposition, allowing you to move units in and out of range very freely with the freedom of having Robin tank red/colorless damage and ryoma killing anything green.

Altogether, I've been able to consistently do the hardest difficulty of lunatic in tempest trials consistently every time, as long as you are good at baiting and repositioning units to where they need to be.

7/7 Lunatic - Double mage, healer and singer
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by Smirk


The idea is simple. You got high movement with Azura and Tharja draw back, Priscilla 3 cases move.

Tharja and Linde destroy every units.
-Red and blue for Linde.
-Red and green for Tharja.
-Priscilla heal (really usefull for Fury on Linde/Tharja)
-Azura give another move

For last map, this compo still work, Tharja can one turn Veronica/Hector.

Let's stay healthy
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by aaronaut


Cover all colors/types while keeping your health up. Cordelia's Galeforce is actually super helpful with the Tempest Trials. Nurcina, Gronnraven Bunmilla, and Wrathful Staff Genny clean up. Also, having two fliers with reposition helps you go way faster on the terrain-challenging maps. I often get to the last map of lunatic 7 with this team at full health, but depending on the matchups may need to call in the reserves.

Final Battle Team
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by nate_dee


Bride Lyn can be subbed for anyone with Rehabilitate to be honest. Tharja (defiant speed 3 with desperation 3 is a good build) can be subbed in for Celica, but her damage is inconsistent, especially if the armor is wary Hector, or she is not buffed enough when going against Veronica. Same with Nino for Julia, though Nino is quite squish and damage output is also inconsistent (for blade units, the minute Veronica attacks, they are screwed). The blue dancer is for the occasional red cavalry and sweeping.

Julia is good at killing blue horse mages, and fights decently against green ones. She is also good against both blue and green armor units without distant counter. Also she can finish Veronica's minion and can take a hit from Veronica.
Celica is good for tanking green armors, red and green mages, cavalry and cavalry mages, and she can 1 round Veronica with full health. She can also help with killing the minion. Her biggest worry is Reinhardt.
A rehabilitate unit is useful if lady luck is not on your side and the armor is a Hector, and after facing off with Veronica.
Draw back or reposition would suffice, but a Dancer is useful to sweep and Azura's output on red units is quite good for the scenario when you'll need it.

Basically my Celica has renewal 2, life and death 1, breath of life 3 and reciprocal aid (native weapon and special, rising light)
Julia has her native weapon (for high mt) fury 2, vantage 2 and breath of life 2 with drawback and rising wind
Bridal Lyn has native skills except heavens light on the special (no A or C skill yet). She is only level 31.
Azura has native weapon and dance, new moon as special, fury 3 and escape route 2. She is the only one with a seal on my final team (hp +3) which puts all my units at 39 health except Lyn, making Reciprocal Aid useful.

Starter Team
Updated: 2017-06-10
Cavalry buffs!
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by Gwynnbeidd


Cecilia: triangle adept/gtomebreaker/Hone Cavalry
Reinhardt: Death Blow/Lancebreaker/Goad Cavalry
Priscilla: +HP/WoM/Hone Atk
Tharja: Daerhing Blow/Desperation/Spur Res

Attack and Defense
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by Astro


This team comprised of ridiculously rare units pays off quite nicely. With the right skills, you'll plow through Lunatic no problem.

Corrin's Dark Breath+ is a lifesaver as it debuffs everyone with Attack and Speed - 5 within a two space radius. This is great for Lucina, Azura, and Takumi because of their high speed. And with Hone Atk 3 and Rally Defense, you'll be taking quite a few hits. Corrin is very bulky with an amazing 40 Atk stat. (At least mine is)

Azura is pretty self-explanatory. Just Sing a lot. But she can be used for more than just transferring her turn to other Heroes. She practically eats swords for breakfast and has red tomes for dessert. Despite her thin defenses, she's actually great for taking sword units as they will do literally 0 damage. And red tomes hardly effect her because of her resistance.
Takumi is an amazing unit for this particular Tempest Trial. Simply because there is this one map with just flyers. They drop like flies around him. Takumi is also good for finishing enemies he wouldn't normally one shot. For example, if Lucina attacked a Blue Mage for example and couldn't kill them, she'd still do enough damage for Takumi to finish. I recommend putting Desperation on Takumi as it will allow him to double a lot of units.
Finally, we have the glass cannon herself, Lucina. Lucina is one of the bonus heroes that gives you a lot of points, even if you lose. Lucina is the bane of Veronica's life. With a whopping 50 Atk (53 if she has Fury 3) she can just one shot any green unit and a lot of red units. However, she is frail so I recommend you give Rally Defense or Fortify Defense to another unit so she can take more hits.

End game
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by oberon


built specifically for the last level. Tharja (green tomebreaker from Henry) cannot one-shot Veronica and needs Young Tiki or another red to soften her up first. Reinhardt can often kill every other ally of hers - set him up in the third slot, dancer in the second, and someone who can break the barrier in the fourth, and he can set up two turns of two kills each.

Phar_MARTH_cy and triangle adept
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by Gudako


Give everybody triangle adept for tanking, and transform Marth into a dps healer with revigorate+falcion+ardent sacrifice in the case something goes wrong

Easy Tempest Trials (Advice on description)
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by genervilz


Easly you can finish the Tempest Trials floors with this team. What is needed, is to have Nowi and Ryoma with Triangle Adapt. Other Advice, is to have Hone ATK 3 equpped (better on Priscilla). Green Tomebreaker is required on Ryoma, also Swordbreaker is required on Nowi. Other skill are not essential.

Ryoma -> Any good sword users (like Lucina, Marth and even Roy) Ryoma is the best cause he can counter by any distance.
Priscilla -> Any healer; skill: Rehabilitate (active skill), Kindled-fire balm (special), live to serve 1.
Reindhart -> with any blade users, or Olwen. (is better to have them with Death Blow (A skill)
Nowi -> if you are using another bonus hero, you can change her with wathever you like, but an axe user is apprecieted (like Cherche, Minerva, Camilla, with Triangle Adapt)

Last advice, if you're using Lucina as Healer, or any other charachter with Reciprocal Aid, you can change the healer (Priscilla) with an axe user (like Cherche, Minerva, Camilla etc with Drag Back and Death Blow; Also Brave Axe is good).

Linde Nuking
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by L.MichaelY9


The whole premise of this team is to set Linde up to potentially OHKO/2HKO most units in the game, (barring a few) with Desperation.
This is done by regulating her HP with Linde's Ardent Sacrifice or Lucina's Reciprocal Aid to either lower Linde's HP or provide her with enough HP to withstand a battle.
Lucina's role on the team is to provide a steady pool of HP to tap into for Linde or Hector as well as taking out green units that Linde is not as capable at dealing with, especially Veronica on map 7. Not to forget to mention she helps provide the ally score bonus at the end.
Azura's role as a SInger is to get Linde in and out of battle as fast as possible and to potentially move onto another unit within one turn. She proves especially useful in defending against red units such as Ryoma which Linde cannot always take out in one hit. In addition, Azura helps to provide significant buffs to Linde to help her in nuking as well as reduce turns taken and boost the overall speed point bonus at the end.
Finally, Hector's role is a crucial tank and counterattacker; he can either be used to obliterate blue units or soften up units for either Lucina or Linde to finish off. His Armads' ability to counterattack is kept active by using Linde's Ardent Sacrifice or Lucina's Reciprocal Aid to top up his HP.
I have found much success in using this team, many times not losing any units and consistently achieving over 500 points for every 20 stamina session.

Main Team
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by vinioc


This is my team!

Movement and preparation
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by DaveLeon


Pretty much a balanced team allowing color coverage and easy to use on a normal map. Against Veronica there is a setup: Lyn at low health and with Galeforce ready to blow. If you're careful enough, this won't be hard to prepare. Escape route 3 and Reposition for Lyn would be useful for good movement as well as Draw back and Wings of mercy 3 for Nino. Like this, when Lyn at low health Nino can poke (or even kill) safely more often.
Have Maria with Rehabilitate for good healing power and some regen skills like Live to serve or Renewal. Nowi is Nowi.

lmao just use spring units ez pz
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by Elegear


lmao just heal everything with lucina and chrom ez pz no need for a healer

"That tickles"
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by StraySheep


Reinhardt kills everyone except Veronica. Roy takes 5 damage against Veronica, paired with Azura, can 1 round KO her. Tiki for emergency purposes.

Just Counter Everything
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by GhostBlade


Essentially, the point of this team is to take advantage of the AI to destroy most teams and win the most maps. Be warned, one wrong move and this team can go down like dominoes.

-Ryoma: Deals with all Green Units and Shuriken users
-Nowi: Destroys all Red Units
-Nino: Fairly obvious, deals with all Blues, and healers.
-Elise w/ Rehabilitate: Ensures that you can bring your units back to full, in case they fall a bit too low for your liking.

Their Knight in Shining Armor
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by scatter-brained


Basically have Camus deal with all the physical ranged units, clerics, and red units. Lissa is important to heal him throughout. Nino and Tharja can take out those Camus would have trouble with. Tharja is pivotal to taking out Veronica. Good luck!

Player phase Blade assault
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by akosijabo



Tharja and Nino both carrying their blade tomes while also having Fury for A and Desperation for B skill. This ensures that they can double attack, and knock out same and strong-against color in a turn. If possible either or one of both carry Threaten Res and Threaten Spd. Tharja and Nino will probably stay with 1HP till the end, letting Desperation to always kick in.
Eirika functions as core support with Rally Def support skill and Fortify Res on C-slot (alternatively Rally Res and Spur Def), while Sieglinde and Hone Spd lets her cover all stats. This boosts the blade tomes to insane levels. Eirika with Moonbow and Renewal also allows her to be a shield-sub-attacker for the two.
Azura same with Eirika can cover for physical offense if needed, but she is primarily to keep Nino and Tharja to go on offense.

L formation with Nino-Eirika-Tharja will be a must, as well as smart positioniong. Retreat as needed as the Player phase is your domain.

Deathless Lunatic
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by jeffsunday


Schools Veronica and her gooines and reinhart and xander can pretty much sweep all the other levels

Braving the Tempest
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by jaystar


Lucina: Aether/Fury 3/Vantage 3/Spur Atk 3/Hp+3 seal with Reciprocal Aid to heal others.

Camus: Bonfire/Fury 3/Vantage 3/Fortify Cavalry/Spd+1 seal with Reposition

Reinhardt: Standard Luna/Deathblow 3/Vantage 3(can be switched)/Hone Cavalry/new breath of life seal with Reposition

Cecilia: Moonbow/Deathblow 3/WoM 3/Ward Cavalry/Atk+1 seal with equipped Gronnblade+ and Reposition

Preferred both Reinhardt and Cecilia are +Atk, IVs don't matter as much for Lucina.

Reinhardt and Cecilia destroy anything with medium/low res (high with Luna/Moonbow), Cecilia tanks Olwen and Reinhardt (and kills them) for the 7th map, and Camus tanks and kills Leo.

Lucina and Cecilia can both tank a hit from Veronica and deal significant damage to her (Lucina 1RKOs Veronica with an Aether proc as long as Veronica doesn't have a speed buff)

Use mages to kill things before melee units to maximize the amount of health they have for the final battle (primarily in the case of Hector, so Lucina has good enough HP to deal with him).

My Alternative Team!
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by hungd238


Effie is equipped with Distant Counter. I used this team to clear the last map of the lunatic seven-battle mode sometimes, but needs some strategies to be useful.

A Successful Team!
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by hungd238


The mages are equipped with Life and Death +3. The team has been successfully used to clear the lunatic seven-battle mode. Zephiel learnt Distant Counter.

Thar-Jedi Order
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by APerfect


In simple an assembly of ranged units with a stat buffer/supporter or whatever you want to call them to make a Team that can be filled with a lot of different units. This in turn makes it ideal for F2P players..... But is not a true F2P team because it does require Tharja and is best with units that can't be obtained F2P.

The goal of the team is to ORKO enemy units, then move the 2 Cannon units that did so out of enemy range and repeat

Tharja is considered the main on the team, being that she gives bonus points (40%) as well as is quiet a powerhouse. I heavy recommend the Shadows Of Ylisse set- With Renewal 3 rather then Swordbreaker 3, as it gives her a greater amount of sustainability.

Next you need another ranged powerhouse unit, preferably one that can ORKO like Tharja (In other words, another Blade Tome user). For me I used Quad-becca *gasp, one of these do exist*, but yes Brave Bow units also work very well for this role. (Bride Cordelia is the optimal unit this role)

Then you need a Horse Unit with Reposition at the minimum. But I will emphasize to great lengths that Mage Horse Units work best due to their damage/threat range. (Reinhardt is the optimal unit for this role)

Last but not least you need your buffer. Its pretty self explanatory: you need it to make Tharja and her as well as others Blafe Tomes OP as well as buff other members of the team.

Some alternates could include Robin (Either as a Blade Tome or Raven Tome sets), though the Wrealing Ball and retreat strategy of the team wouldn't work as well with them. A dancer could be used in place of the Reposition unit or buffer, increasing offensive potential but somewhat harming the retreat or Tharja/Other Blade Tome units damages rates depending on which one you switch.

The true F2P version would look something like:
Tharja/FRobin, BladeSofia/Brave Virion, Ursula/Cecelia and Sharena.

Range? No Problem
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by Kiklolaxer


Full Color coverage. Spring Camilla provides Rally Atk and gives the rest of the team ORKO potential along with Bridal Cordelia. Robin covers Reds and Colorless and can tank hits and set up with Draw Back. Tharja for ORKO and Bridal Cordelia to ORKO.

Extreme offense
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by Ninbyedog


+spd Tharja with darting blows 3 and desperation 3 allows you to double very often and with an atk boost destroys most greens and reds.
Azura because dancers are always nice and helps secure kills against bulky foes.
Anna with life and death 3 and atk +1 sacred seal reaches 51 atk and 43 spd. Add desperation and watch the fireworks.
Lissa for sustaining the team and keeping units alive. Renewal keeps her HP up if attacked and rehabilitate brings units on the brink back to full. Also Kindled-Fire Balm helps secure kills often.

Eirika and Friends
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by Sieglindefried


Lucina is not only a bonus unit, but also provides much needed support in the form of healing and being able to take on a few things that Nino and Reinhardt may struggle against (Julia and Veronica comes to mind, provided Lucina gets the first strike)
Eirika buffs both Reinhardt and Nino. Reinhardt with a standard loadout can sweep the first 6 levels with ease, Nino can drag him back to safety and abuse choke points this way to ensure that Reinhardt never takes substantial damage from engaging. Nino can clean up anything Reinhardt can't oneshot, like some fliers (Clair, Florina come to mind)
This team does struggle a bit against Veronica's map, but it can be done given a lucky loadout of enemies. Reinhardt can sometimes be completely useless as I've seen up to 3-4 green units (mostly mages, Veronica, Soren, Cecilia). In this instance sometimes even Nino can't take them all on, so Lucina and Eirika need to bolt and kill them as quickly as possible.

Solid as Ike can be
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by Yukari


As with most healing teams in Tempest Trials, the point of this team is to grind up skills while staying alive and hopefully have all skills ready by the final battle. Ike is non-negotiable as he is here to kill Veronica and act as a tank for anything that isn't blue - he should inherit a defensive support skill like Swap or Reposition, as they come in handy with squishy units like mages. Soren and Robin will take out whatever Ike can't, and should either of them fail to kill a unit, Ike can easily save them with his support. Lissa provides base healing and really doesn't need any skill inheritance, but I did give her a Physic staff in order to keep her away from harm. Robin with any rally skill can help keep Ike or Soren in check while still contributing to the team.

In the final map against Veronica, Soren and Robin can struggle to kill the forward armor knight based on which one appears, but are quite capable of dealing with everything else besides Veronica. In this case, you'd want to wait in a defensive position with Ike at the front backed by Soren and Robin while Lissa takes the back seat and wait for one of the units to approach you. From there, just roll the rest of the enemy team. In the rare occasion that Ike, Soren, or Robin can kill the armor knight, go for it and use Ike's swap if you must to save Robin or Soren.

Soren and Robin can be switched for other units like Boey, Merric, Linde, Reinhardt, or even for another physical tank like Hector or Ephraim, but Ike must be present to kill Veronica, andwhile Lissa provides base heals, she can be switched around for Maria, Sakura, etc. Really, this is just one form of the team, but it's the most solid version I've found.

Beating the current meta!
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by KiseSeryuu_AOA


This team provides a pattern of out-spacing your foes. You utilize huge damage output to finish off your foes with one attack turn and keeping things safe with Draw Back and Reposition.

Lilina -
Weapon: Rauðrraven+
Assist: Reposition / Draw Back
Special: Draconic Aura / Iceberg
A slot: Triangle Adept
B slot: Swordbreaker
C slot: Flexible
Boon/Bane: +Atk. -Spd/-HP
Sacred Seals: Atk +1 / HP +3

- Covers huge match up spread
- Huge damage output, can one shot most units
- Mage that beats current meta

- Fragile against most close up fights and some ranged damage because of low Def.
- Can't do anything against blue units
- Can't double because of low Speed (The huge damage makes up)

She plays the role as the finisher on this team, being the one to finish off sword wielders, green units and colorless units. With this huge coverage, she is the most important unit. She has to utilize Rauðrraven+ and Triangle Adept to make her a huge threat against green units and colorless. Adding Swordbreaker into play, it makes Lilina able to double any sword wielder. With her in the team, you cover up a huge matchup spread. And with either Draconic Aura or Iceberg to maximize her damage as much as possible. With her high base attack, Draconic Aura is preferred instead. The C slot is open to anything you prioritize. Hone Atk or Threaten Res would be a good choice.

Julia -
Weapon: Naga
Assist: Reposition / Draw Back
Special: Draconic Aura / Dragon Fang
A slot: Life and Death
B slot: Bowbreaker (Flexible)
C slot: Breath of Life (Flexible)
Boon/Bane: +Atk/+Spd. -Def/-Res
Sacred Seals: Atk +1 / HP +3

- Covers the rest of the match ups
- Huge damage

- Rather slow, can't double many
- Fragile, can easily be killed (Though can tank mages)

Julia covers up the battles Lilina can't do. For the green unit role, Julia can also be swapped out for Nino. This is basically a preference or to max out the team's potential. It's your choice. Julia pretty much relies on her heavy damage to finish things with Life and Death making her a Glass Cannon. Life and Death can also be swapped out for Fury. The reason not to is because you want to save up health points for upcoming battles. With Naga, she covers the Dragon match ups and has high might. Bowbreaker makes so that bow users don't one shot her, though thinking about her low Def because of Life and Death, other B slot passives may be better to use. I have not experienced anything to make use of it to be honest. That's why it is open to be replaced by other better skills. Breath of Life is to back up some health points for upcoming battles.

Linde -
Weapon: Aura
Assist: Ardent Sacrifice
Special: Moonbow
A slot: Life and Death
B slot: Desperation
C slot: Hone Atk (Flexible)
Boon/Bane: +Atk/+Spd. -Def/-HP
Sacred Seals: Atk +1 / HP +3

- Covers the last match up (red)
- Able to assist kills due to high attack and speed
- Easy to utilize because of set

- Fragile (Can tank mages)
- Hard time against counters

Linde is arguably one of the best Glass Cannons in the game. With her incredibly high base attack and speed, she can wipe out most units. Aura has the same purpose as Breath of Life that Julia utilizes. As many sets of Linde to max her potential as a Glass Cannon, Life and Death comes to play. With this high speed, having Moonbow as special skill is a good choice for extra damage because of its easy access. Desperation + Ardent Sacrifice is a great combo to easily one shot your enemies. As mentioned earlier, the C slot is always flexible. Depends on your priority.

Lucina -
Weapon: Falchion
Assist: Flexible (Draw Back/ Reposition)
Special: Moonbow/Aether
A slot: Fury
B slot: Vantage
C slot: Threaten Spd/Threaten Def
Boon/Bane: +Atk/+Spd. -Res/-HP
Sacred Seals: Atk +1 / HP +3

- Strong overall
- Great character in any situation
- Close up finisher

- Can be out-ranged
- Not that much of a use

To get BONUS POINTS! Jokes aside. Lucina's main purpose here is to be the attacking supporter. With this ranged team, Lucina is able to go close up and do the finishing blow. If it was to be an issue. As I said, Lucina roles an offensive supporter, only to make it easier for the mages to get the job done!

This is a team which provides utilization of your space around you. Be careful where you put every unit. To play this optimally is to think in and predict everything beforehand. Main focus is to kill off enemies and play it safe without any risk. If a situation comes where you have to take a risk, try to at least minimize your chance of missing a unit. This team can easily be used for arena as well. But still needs to be tested!

This team is still in progression. Give me any feedback! Switch and add what you think is better suited for your style of play or to optimize this team! Thanks for the read!

The Blue God Reinhardt
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by Venom


A horse emblem team + a dancer. Reinhardt is the core of the team and he sweeps all blue and red units. Xander takes care of the green. And Azura & Elise provide backup and recovery.

Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by WarTalonX


Cecilia is the heavy lifter here.
With a blade tome (even the 4* one), fortify calvary, and hone calvary not many units can stand up to her.
Using Xander to help position Cecilia so she isn't targeted on enemy phases is great especially since he can survive and even kill most units with quick riposte counters barring blue mages and other color mages that double him.
Elise is around to keep Xander topped off for when his HP drops too low to bait attacks.
Lucina is one of the bonus units and can pull her own weight with her speed an attack. Just keep her away from blue mages. Nowi would also work here (maybe even better) and would give you complete triangle coverage.

I made it through all of the tempest maps on lunatic with this team. I only lost Xander in the last match to Veronica because I wasn't paying attention to her speed.

Tempest Trial Team
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by ben80874


Chrom has renewal and reciprocal aid to serve as secondary healer and makes a physical wall (+def). Julia has Lancebreaker to decimate blues. Lucius serves as healer and possible magic soak if Julia is dealing with others. Nowi has triangle adept to make short work of reds. This team consistently won the first 6 battles on lunatic, but has a lot a trouble against Veronica.

Cordelia & minions
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by majaneeger


Cordy eats them all up.

7 battles with single team
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by randante


Kill everyone with Tharja, while sacrificing Hector. Should've been easier using Effie instead of Hector.
Link below.


Weapon Triangle Coverage
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by LJ


With Lightning Breath+ and either Triangle Adept or Distant Defence, Young Tiki can deal with the likes of Nino and comfortably tank hits by Veronica on the last map. (Beware of getting in Reinhardt's or Olwen's range though!)

Male Robin is for the bonus unit as well as an advantage against red and colourless units.

Cherche can tear through fragile units and blue units like Reinhardt if you play it right or deal a lot of damage when the enemy HP gets a lot higher on later maps. (Recommend Luna or Moonbow for the armour units that Robin can't defeat.)

Azura is mainly there for singing and support, but can be very useful against reds and especially if Leo is among the enemy units on the last map.

My Cherche and Robin both have Reposition to get units out of range of foes that could potentially eliminate them but you can change their skills to suit your needs.

Double Blade
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by KayDizzel


I constructed this team to capitalize of the Gron/Rauorblade with Eirika/w Hone Spd 3 C Assist, and Fortify Res Sacred seal. Azura to move them after other enemies. You can replace Azura with another powerful mage if you have one.

Tempest Trials
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by Dryalo


Quick overview of the skills
Spring Camilla with raven+ and TA
Nowi with quick reposte
Ryoma with fury and vantage
Clarine with rehabilitate

Hard to kill
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by Remnant


Lloyd works well as a magic countering unit and also with Regal Blade he can easely destroy Veronica on his own
Michalis is basically the physical bulk of the team allowing his team mates to repair behind him. With Luna he can also annihilate pretty much everyone on his path
Robin must be used mostly as a red unit and colorless unit counter. Nothing more
Klein is your destruction tool. Brave Bow+ and Deathblow allows him to take down enemies without leaving them time to react

All rounder
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by bdc_ray


Ninian for kill confirming dancing, and moving units to safety.
Klein for ranged and flier killing.
Lucina for clean up, green units and she is also a minor healer with ardent sacrefice.
Robin (m) for reds, armored units and colorless units

705p - 7/7 Lunatic - in second try
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by Kokapofy


Thraja (+spd desperation set) do most of work. Eirika give +3/+4/+0/+4, and Ninian get def bost and dance supprot. Klein kill all heavy res heros(like blue flyers). Eirika have Reneval, wich with my Tharja Reciprocal Aid can heal allies.

20% Bonus chain
Updated: 2017-06-08

Submitted by ReaperRizz


Covers all colors and works well vs Veronica.

Try one
Updated: 2017-06-08