Grand Hero Battle - Zephiel

Grand Hero Battle - Zephiel
Map/Enemy Details
Zephiel - Lunatic
Zephiel: The Liberator

Zephiel dons the battlefield escorted by two powerful knights, one green and one blue, and two mages, one blue and one red. With the enemies' positions and abilities, it is difficult to attack one enemy without being in range of a second enemy.

During the enemy phase, the enemies slowly back you into the south wall as they creep closer and closer.  The knight escorts will swap with the mages if the mages seize an opportunity to jump ahead of the knights to attack, and Zephiel walks behind the platoon as he enjoys the sight of his loyal servants cornering you. With the knights wielding a Brave Axe+ and Brave Lance+, any unit that can stomach their onslaught definitely cannot stomach the magic damage taking cover behind them and vice versa.

The best way to approach this fight is with a Hit and Run strategy that involves dealing as much ranged damage as you can each turn while retreating back to safety with the help of an ally's Support Skill.  Any units that can do one or both of those things are what you are looking for.

Unit Weapon/Skills/Passives
Blue Mage Weapon: Thoron +
Special: Blazing Thunder
A: Armored Blow 3
B: Seal Atk 3
C: Breath of Life 3
Axe Knight Weapon: Brave Axe+
Special: Sol
Support: Swap
B: Wary Fighter 3
C: Fortify Res 3
Zephiel Weapon: Eckesachs
Special: Reprisal
A: Life and Death 3
B: Wary Fighter 3
Lance Knight Weapon: Brave Lance+
Support: Swap

B: Wary Fighter 3
C: Fortify Res 3
Red Mage Weapon: Bolganone+
Special: Blazing Thunder
A: Armored Blow 3
B: Seal Atk 3
C: Breath of Life 3
First Step - Hit Hard

You want ranged magic users that can hit the low-res knights hard as well as kill the mages in as few attacks as possible. An alternative option is to use one or two Dagger users with Poison Strike, Savage Blow and Moonbow/Luna to quickly soften the clump of knights and mages while using heavy-hitting mages to clean up once they're ready to be served.

Second Step - Run Back

Any unit(s) with Dance, Sing, Reposition or Draw Back will make this fight much easier. Allow your damage dealers to hit a knight or mage and then move them back out of attack range. This works out well because the knights can only advance one step at a time, and they keep the mages behind them. You have a limited amount of space to do this, so the tough part is winning before you run out of leg room.

Recommended Units - Heavy Hitters

Avoid using red heavy hitters because there is only one green unit, and he is a low-res Knight that already take plenty of damage from blue and green mages.

Green Heavy Hitters:

  • Nino - Gronnblade, one of the strongest weapons in the game, allows her to decimate her opponents as long as she gets one or two buffs.
  • Julia
  • Robin (F) - Allows you to OHKO the blue mage using B. Tomebreaker.
  • Camilla (Spring Festival) - High defense allows her to take less damage from knights.
  • Merric
  • Cecilia

Blue Heavy Hitters:

  • Linde - Very high attack stat.
  • Lucina (Spring Festival) - Speedy with decent attack can allow a double attack initiation on the red mage.
  • Ursula
  • Reinhardt - 1-2 HKOs most of the enemies here.  
  • Olwen - Knows Reposition as well
  • Robin (M)
  • Odin

Colorless Honorable Mentions:

  • Jaffar - Weapon deals 7 damage after combat and stacks with Poison Strike.
  • Anyone who can use Poison Strike + Savage Blow.
Recommended Units - Support


  • Azura - Sapphire Lance increases her damage against both red units as well as decreases damage she takes from them.
  • Olivia - Provides Hone Attack buff to properly amp them up for destruction.
  • Ninian


  • Olwen - Serves as both a heavy hitter and a support unit.
  • Selena - Uses Armorslayer which helps against the knights here.
  • Any unit who has inherited Reposition and can function as a buffer or heavy hitter.

Draw Back:

  • Nino - Serves as an awesome heavy hitter as well.
  • Fae - Source of magic damage.
  • Sully - Can move three spaces in any direction.
  • Any unit with Draw Back that can serve as a buffer or a heavy hitter.

You will want to avoid using two Dancer/Singers because they cannot renew each other's turns which could leave you in an undesirable situation.

Team Statistics
User Submitted Teams
All Systems Go
Updated: 2017-09-13

Submitted by L0TTO


This should be really self explanatory

Using Zephiel
Updated: 2017-06-15

Submitted by Spica V.


-Zephiel and Robin are 4 stars, while Kagero and Lucius are 5 stars.
- Lucius must have at least Hone Atk 2 and the Spur Def 1 seal.
-Zephiel should have Swap.
- My Robin had Triangle Adept 1 and my Kagero had Rally Attack. but I think you don't need it.

1) Put Kagero in attack range of the red tome user.
2) Put Robin next to her.
3) Put Lucius behind her.
4) Move Zephiel to the right.

---The red tome user has attacked Kagero and all the other units move.---

5) Attack the red tome user with Kagero.
6) Heal her with Lucius.
7) Move Robin one space back.
8) End your turn.

---The enemy units move a little bit.---

9) Move Lucius and Kagero one space back.
10) Move Robin all the way to the right.
11) End your turn.

---The enemy units move some more.---

12) Move Robin one down.
13) You can heal Kagero and move her to the right.
14) End your turn.

---The blue tome user attacks Lucian.---

15) Attack the blue tome user with Kagero.
16) Use Lucius to attack the axe knight.
17) Swap Zephiel and Lucius.
18) Put Robin behind Zephiel.

---The axe knight and Zephiel fight. The lance knight and enemy Zephiel move to the left.

19) Move Kagero one down.
20) Move Robin to the space that Kagero was on before and attack the axe knight.
21) Move Lucius behind Zephiel and attack the axe knight.
22) Attack the axe knight with Zephiel.

---The enemies move.---

23) Move Kagero all the way to the left.
24) Move Zephiel to the left.
25) Move Robin one to the left.
26) End your turn.

---The lance knight is two spaces above your Zephiel.---

27) Move Robin to the left.
28) Move Lucius next to Zephiel.
29) Move Kagero behind Zephiel.
30) End your turn.

---The lance knight and Zephiel fight.---

31) Move Kagero to the left.
32) Attack the lance knight with Robin.
33) Move Lucius behind Zephiel and heal.
34) End your turn.

---The lance knight has attacked Zephiel.---

35) Attack the lance knight with Robin.
36) Heal Zephiel with Lucius.
37) Move Kagero to the right.

---Zephiel moves.---

38) Move Kagero to the left.
39) Heal Zephiel.

---The enemy Zephiel attacks your Zephiel, leaving it with only one HP.---

40) Attack Zephiel with Robin.
41) Attack Zephiel with Lucius.
42) Attack Zephiel with Zephiel, and you've won!

lunatic zephiel team
Updated: 2017-06-15

Submitted by ahydari


use nino to deal damage to the blue lance knight, then have olivia dance her and then make nino retreat while using drag back on olivia. then have olwen go in and deal the finishing blow to the lance knight. she should be able to withstand a hit from the red mage following up. after that, have her retreat back out of all range of enemies and bring lucina up close enough to kill the red mage in one hit. then use dance on her. she should be able to one hit ko the blue mage too. if not, have nino back her up. zephiel and the green knight should be off far enough to avoid. with the remaining two enemies left, use either lucina and nino (or lucina with dance) to handle the green knight. make sure she's out of range of zephiel (im not sure if he can kill her or not but i wouldnt risk it). I'd use olwen with dance to deliver the finishing blows to zephiel.

Hero Fest+ Lucina
Updated: 2017-06-13

Submitted by Hector Emblem


If you were fortunate enough to gain Takumi, Hector, and Azura from the Hero Fest banner, you can use this strong team. A neutral or plus-attack Ryoma with Fury could be substituted for Lucina here. Your first task is to get rid of the mage on the top right. Put Azura in his range but out of the knights' range. With a Sapphire Lance+, she should take no damage. Begin retreating, and when he has attacked a second time, use Azura and Takumi to take this mage out. After this, use Takumi+Sing to defeat the blue mage, letting him come to you. From this on, the going gets easier. Have Hector defeat the blue knight, while Lucina can finish off the red one with some assistance from Azura's Sing. Finally, Zephiel is the only unit left. Make sure to position your units near Azura, as she cannot survive a normal hit plus a Reprisal hit from him. Once Zephiel falls below 50% HP, you can bombard him with Azura's teammates to win the battle.

Great units w/ bad combination
Updated: 2017-06-10

Submitted by Sakuya the stand user


Just make hector tank

Quest with Zephiel and Sharena in the party
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by randante


Step 1: Line up Reinhardt and Olivia together under the safe zone

Step 2: Kill Zephiel with Reinhardt. Dance Reinhardt and kill the Blue Armorer.

Step 3: Kill the Red Mage with Reinhardt. Dance Reindhardt and move him away from the danger zone.

Step 4: Kill the Blue Mage with Reinhardt. Dance Reinhardt and kill the last armorer with him + everyone else. (done)

Details in the link below:

So easy... so good...
Updated: 2017-06-09

Submitted by DragonSlayer


Bait the red mage with Ryoma.
After atack with Linde and Julia /or Nino/ kill easy thanks to other turn with dancer s skill> Enjoy the reward

All about the ladies
Updated: 2017-05-11

Submitted by Reed


It's simple. The enemy can't even reach you with the team. By the team build , you'll know what to do. The final slot depends on the unit that can drag your unit back. Alternative to spring!lucina is M!Robin. Olivia works fine if you don't have ninian

Defensive Map Against Zephiel
Updated: 2017-05-07

Submitted by ShadowCorrin


Have Tiki Wait for the Knights or any other Mages to Come out and fight Since all of them Have Wary Fighter Use Jaffar with Posion Strike to Deal a Lot of damge to the Knights With Threaten Speed to Lower them down Enough for Tiki to do a 2 HIT KO on them: Michalis is Used with Quick Ripostle to Defeat the Mages with Blazing Thunder can do Massive Damage to the Mages and Zephiel Before Attacking: Nininan is Simply Used to Defeat Zephiel Use Dance on Jaffar Since he dosent have Distance counter on it

Updated: 2017-05-01

Submitted by Phdgf


Make sure robin has red tome breaker. Send him in the range of the red mage. Then, use Julia and Robin to kill the knights. Also use Julia to kill the blue mage.

Defensive Spur Core (With some SI involved)
Updated: 2017-04-23

Submitted by Pitaya


Prior to engaging the fight with the enemies on the map, I arranged my characters into a square just outside of the Red Mage's threat range, putting Adult Tiki on the upper left corner, Robin on the upper right, Kagero on the lower right, and Julia on the lower left.

Then the four units then move up towards the enemies by one block, prompting the red mage to attack Robin. Robin, despite having low RES, is helped by inherited Triangle Adept and R Tomebreaker skills and makes short work of the Red Mage while ATiki's Spur Res reduces the damage he takes to a measly 1.

Now, all four units on my team move back to evade the Blue Mage's threat range, luring both the Lance and Axe Knights out while Julia and Kagero switch horizontal positions. Now, ATiki moves two blocks moving to the other side of Robin, and Robin along with Julia then move one block up to gang up on and kill the Lance Knight.

The Blue Mage, Zephiel, and the Axe Knight should form a horizontal line, now, and Robin can now fall back behind Kagero and then let the enemies move, causing the Blue Mage to lose most of his health to attacking Julia. Now, as the Green Knight attempts to close in on Julia, I swap her out of the position for ATiki and have Kagero finish off the weakened Blue Mage. The Green Knight then attacks ATiki, deals no damage, and loses half of its health before being finished off on the next player phase by ATiki.

Now, Robin moves behind ATiki as ATiki prepares to take an attack from Zephiel. Robin's Spur Def negates the Threaten Def effect of Zephiel's weapon and lets ATiki comfortably take his attack for half her health. On the following turn, any of my teammates can easily gang up on and finish Zephiel off. Note that Kagero had inherited Hone Atk 3, most notably allowing ATiki to eliminate Zephiel without getting killed.

Mage killer gives the key damage to Zeph
Updated: 2017-04-23

Submitted by oberon


Lunatic: the red mage drives me nuts. This is the fastest way I found to kill it.
Inherit skills: Setsuna - red tomebreaker and an offensive skill.
Nino - offensive skill (I had Astra from a Virion, but you can use any of them that will give you a few more points of damage)
Setsuna kills the blue mage on turn 2. All units move down the very bottom of the map, and Setsuna uses Reciprocal Aid to refill her HP from Olivia. On turn 4 the red mage oversteps and comes to the very front. Setsuna OHKOs it.
Then it's mostly a matter of hit and fade with Nino and Olivia or Selena moving her back. Nino can 2HKO most knights and doesn't need to back down.
For Zephiel's last round it took a full team effort. Nino hits two times, Setsuna gives the key damage to put him in range of Selena's Armorslayer hit for the win.

Two Mages and Two Dancers
Updated: 2017-04-22

Submitted by BPHageman


Basically ripping off the two dancers/singers. Except the only high level mages I have are Linde( 5 star and level 40, yes I am lucky) and Cecilia(3 star and level 34). The Olivias are used were both 3 star, one level 15 and other level 10(just enough to get dance).
You put Linde into range to lure the red mage. Then you attack and dance just keeping your mages just out of range. For me only the blue mage was a threat, but beat Olivias untouched but Cecilia and Linde were single digit hp. I hope this helps. :)

Magic, Draw Back, and Dance!
Updated: 2017-04-22
Didn't Avoid using two Dancers
Updated: 2017-04-21

Submitted by Solunar


My Camilla has reposition so Julia could attack three times with no consequence. Took out the Blue Mage then Blue Knight with dragon fang in one turn. Julia tanks red Mage, now retreat and set up so that you're clear of attack and bait the Mage. Kill Mage with Camilla and Julia with dancers helping. The rest Julia's got. She can do anything! With dancers.

Nino, Linde & Ninian
Updated: 2017-04-21

Submitted by AshtinR


First I positioned my mages right out of the danger area with Ninian close by. On my second turn I took out the blue mage with my Nino and danced her to safety and I put Linde in the range of the red mage to bait him out and killed him on the enemy turn. After that I used Nino with dance to kill the blue lance knight. Then I used Nino with dance again to finish off the green knight and finally used dance with Linde to finish off Zephiel. The only skill inheritance for this team is life and death 2 on Nino. I ended up not using my Y-Tiki at all.

Leo, Draw Back, and the buffers
Updated: 2017-04-21

Submitted by TG15


This is by far the easiest way to do this. I had a spare Sully sitting unused, so I had Spring Xander inherit her Draw back (and sword breakers because why not). This team is essentially an auto-win button. All you have to do is continuously buff Leo, send him into the range of the red mage turn 1 (while placing your buffers closeby) and let him handle the mage with his quick riposte. Then you buff Leo's attack all over again and send him to the green knight, dealing heavy damage, and draw him back. Rinse and repeat until the knight is dead. By this time, his blazing light should have hit, and then you can one-shot the blue mage. Draw him back from the lance knight, and attack, buff and draw back twice on the lance knight. By the time he's dead, you should have enough to run blazing light a second time against zephiel (who has continuously took damage from savage blow 3) and with a charged blazing light, you can one shot zephiel and end the round. You really only need a Leo, a draw back user (cavalry is recommended), and someone who can use either rally attack or hone attack. You don't even need four characters. For reference, my Leo is +ATK -RES with no skill inheritance.

Eirika support
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by DrCherryCoke


Used Olwen to bait red mage. After they all swapped around, moved Olwen back and used Klein with Eirika buff to kill red mage. Blue mage attacked Klein and Klein countered with glaciers for ORKO. Knights swapped back and forth and used Raven's Threaten Def 3 and used Olwen and Klein with Eirika buffs to kill Knights. Used same strategy with Zephiel: weakened him with Olwen and Klein and finished with Eirika.

Blue-Green Reposition Dance
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by NeruaPlays


This is very Meticulous work as you need to have everything down to all the specific movements, and abusing the Dance support skill.

This Corrin had Reposition from inheritance, but anyone with Reposition is okay. Ninian can also be replaced with Olivia for Hone Atk instead of Fortify Def, and Robin can be replaced with Odin.

It's a series of hit and run and heavy damage with the mages and your dancer, and a reposition unit to cover more ground.

Ranged Hit and Run
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by heyydrew


Use Kagero to kill both mages. Hide Kagero after killing two mages.
Use Olwen for armor units and to reposition heroes to safety when fighting mages.
Use Fae and Azura to drag and dance most of the time; their close range attacks will put themselves in danger, so don't use them to attack.
To begin, use Fae to bait the red mage. She can easily take one hit from Red Mage.

Killing sequence: Red Mage/Blue Mage, Green Armor/Blue Armor, Zephiel

5 Star Top Tiers Can Do Whatever
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by DAD


Done with all 5 star team using Lucina primarily as a support unit and to fight Zephiel, Hector to counter the Blue Mage and skirmish with the Blue and Green Knights, Priscilla to buff defense with Spur Def 3 to counter Zephiel's Def -4 debuff with Eckesachs and to heal units as necessary, and Kagero equipped with inherited Threaten Atk 3 to debuff Zephiel and to kill the Red Mage with Poison Dagger+

Turn 1- Position Kagero far left (triggers different unit to swap? easier though) and move her 2 spaces closer to the Red Mage's attack zone. Position Lucina left of the Danger Zone's furthest point.
Turn 2- Bait Red Mage to attack Kagero (5-star, Poison Dagger+) with Lucina's positioned adjacent with standard Spur Atk 3, both units suffer damage but are not eliminated. The Knight closest to the Red Mage will then swap places with the injured mage, who will now have Blazing Thunder charged. The Blue Mage will also move into striking position from the left.
Turn 3- Move Kagero to safety and heal her. Position Hector in the Blue Mage's range and he will easily pick up the KO with his counterattack on the Enemy Phase.
Turn 4 to before fighting Zephiel- The Knights should line themselves up with Zephiel remaining in the back if you have positioned your team in the left corner before the hallway. Have Hector fight the Blue, then Green Knight with Priscilla healing him behind him providing Def bonuses and Lucina positioned to his left providing Atk bonuses. NOTE:** it is important to have Hector move out of the way and have Lucina KO the Green Knifht in one hit so she has full HP when Zephiel steps in to attack.**

Strategy for fighting Zephiel:
Have Lucina wait in front of Zephiel with Priscilla behind and Kagero tucked away in the corner with Threaten Atk 3 to effectively debuff Zephiel's Life and Death Atk bonus and avoid getting hit by him simultaneously. Lucina must be conscious of what turn of Reprisal charge Zephiel is because with 78 HP at his disposal, this special attack can hit hard. Lucina's best bet is to just wait every turn and get healed and for Kagero actually NOT to tack on damage and charge Reprisal. When Zephiel's HP is low enough go ahead and attack with Lucina (with a lot of health) and KO him with Kagero from a distance.

And boom! Zephiel is yours.

Tharja Can Do It
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by GC


This is a harder team for the map, but it is very doable.

I'm posting it to assure people that, even with a suboptimal damage selection, you can get Zephiel.

Tharja does a lot of the work for this, and it's important to note that Klein killed both mages, on subsequent turns. Azura (but, sub either other dancer, she took one hit from the red mage that did 0 damage at her lvl 38, Olivia would have survived that same hit red v red) allowed him to not be hit by either mage, going in for a kill and retreating.

First move I did was to hit the blue knight with Tharja to begin the enemy team movement. Red mage heals him a little when he hits Azura (who has gone into mage range to get Tharja out of knight lance range. He would have murdered her.) but that's fine.

The knights are going to be playing Swap while you kite the whole team down the corridor. Never let your teammates sit in knight swing range, because you'll probably have them color swap out on you and Brave Wep+ one of your people out.

Order of kills went Red Mage, Blue Mage (blue mage also hit Azura before Klein could kill him, so one caveat here is that Olivia might be precariously close to death or even fall if she's taken a red mage hit and then the blue one, if none of your ranged offensive units offer breath of life or something. Mine didn't but, Azura.), Green Knight (Tharja blasted and got the go again from dance), Zephiel (Klein had Glacies up after killing both mages. Used it on Zeph to blow away 44 hp, allowing Tharja to then double hit him for lethal) and finally the blue knight.

At this point, I swooped Camilla in from the sideline for no other reason than to be able to take some blue melee hits. Any other beefy green would likely serve better. She didn't end up being necessary at all though, because I moved Klein over to whack the knight for like 6, but Tharja (being a champ) hit him for 20 or so, and then got danced for another hit, which blasted him double this time for the map finish.

That is to say, with careful positioning, I'm pretty sure you can 3-crew this map on Lunatic with Klein, Tharja, and Azura.

It should be noted that Nino would have done a lot more damage to the blue knight, but I'm not sure you can take out Zephiel in a turn the way I did with Glacies+double turn Tharja with her.

I think the only hits taken with this team were by Azura, one each from the mages. If Camilla had been a healer, and Azura were Olivia, you can probably also do this map this way. But remember Tharja is doing more damage regardless of triangle because she's getting some buffs, etc.

Tharja: +spd -def, darting blow 3, spur res 3, raudrblade+, vengeance
Azura: (lvl 38) +hp -spd wings of mercy 2, fortify res 2, sapphire lance+, sing
Klein: -def +res, death blow 3, quick reposte 3, brave bow+, glacies
Camilla: +hp -def darting blow 3, savage blow 3, brave axe+, dragon aura

Leo, Nino, two blue boosters.
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by ThatDerp1


Leo can kill everyone but the blue mage if Nino draws him back, and Nino cleans up after boosts. Specific I.V's don't matter as long as Leo has enough bulk to survive a round of combat with the red mage

Leo attacks the lancer, Nino pulls him back. Next turn, hide Leo and use Nino to kill the severely weakened mage. Afterwords, buff Nino up before using her to bait the blue mage. Leo can use his special to kill an armored unit.

Leo with a drawback ally cleans up the rest.

All Flier Squad
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by melo


An all flier team using Spring Camilla to whittle down the armors, Hinoka as the anti-mage and 2 supports. Key skills are Hone Fliers, Drag Back or Hit and Run (inherited for Hinoka), Reposition (inherited for Caeda/support flier) and Ward Fliers (Minerva). No other skills except for Reposition and Drag Back are inherited. To make up for not using a dancer, Reposition is needed to keep pot-shooter Camilla safe. Any of your 2 support units should have this. Minerva's Ward will come in when you can't avoid a hit from the mages and the axe knight. Caeda and Hinoka should have no problem taking a mage hit while Minerva and Camilla have enough defense to survive a green knight brave attack. The opening move should be taking out the lance knight first to expose the mages on one lane. Once exposed, Hinoka should prioritize in take them out over buffing Camilla. Once they are gone, kiting the armors should be easy. Use Hinoka to take out Zephiel when he's on low enough health to save time.

Dancing Mages
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by tails512


Used Robin to bait and kill the Red Mage (Quick Riposte to get a double counter). After that just waited for the units to get in my range and a Ninian dance allowed doubles on the Wary Fighter armored units. Nino killed the Lance, Axe, and Blue Mage. Both Nino and Robin attacked Zephiel.

Exploiting an armor's weakness
Updated: 2017-04-20

Submitted by ExiledNations


This team is focused on ranged attacks, this team I crafted myself with the resources I had and most may not have this kind of team but this served me well. Your MAIN concern are the mages as they have AOE spells that can potentially knock out a unit if you don't take them down after the first round. When they're dealt with, use Julia and Sanaki to focus on one armor unit at a time, if they're positioned where you might end up getting hit while focusing an armor down, use your Dancers or Singers to pull your mages out of the way and start kiting the armor unit until Zephiel is left, then what I did was use my 17 true damage Jaffar with his deathly dagger and poison strike to drastically lower his HP, enough for both mages to finish him off together.

For the start of the battle, bait the red mage first if you know you cannot potentially kill him, he's positioned in a way that the armor cannot catch you if you place yourself in range of the red mage, once you kill the red mage, lure the blue mage out and you'll be good to go.